16. First Compromise

She had been tossing and turning for the past 10 minutes now. It didn't matter what she did – she just couldn't get comfy.

It didn't help that her ever growing baby bump was getting in the way too.

Usually it didn't matter, because Will would be here, either spooning her from behind of letting her lie on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat sending her to sleep as he kissed the top of her head whispering about how much he loves her.

She played with her wedding ring, twisting it around her finger as she looked at the clock.

It still astounds her how Will can say he will be up in 15 minutes and 2 hours later he still hasn't returned to her. Sighing she flung the duvet of her as she sat up, the cool air hitting her exposed skin. She reached for her dressing gown and slipped it over one of Will's old McKinley High T-Shirts and one of her new pair of shorts.

She knew it was going to happen eventually but she found it quite alarming when she had trouble tying the dressing gown around her bump "Another thing I will have to get when I next go shopping" She thought as she left the dark bedroom and followed the light that was coming from downstairs.

As she reached the last few steps she turned the corner to find her husband asleep on the couch, glasses askew on his face and his laptop still humming quite happily on his stomach.

She suspected as much.

There will always be a time in the year when Will would just find himself swarmed with paperwork whether it be from glee or his Spanish classes. It wasn't anything new, Emma found herself in the same position as her husband. It was always towards the end of the year when there was too many transcripts and so little time.

And they both shared a common fault:

They wouldn't let the other one help them.

Emma literally couldn't because it would break confidentiality; Will then takes that to mean that she can't help him take over some of the glee paperwork. It also doesn't help that she has just been so tired lately causing Will to send her to bed as soon as he can without getting himself into trouble.

Emma loves him dearly but is getting just a little bit sick of him treating her like a china doll now that she is carrying his child.

But then she would see him like this, and the iciness she may briefly feel towards him would just melt away.

Silently she walked towards him, sitting on the cube they have to rest their feet on as they are cuddling together either watching TV or just talking about their day.

Oh so carefully she removed the laptop from him stomach hoping not to wake him, he sighed and fidgeted a bit but didn't wake up. She saved any open documents he may have left open putting them in a new folder so he could find them later on. She was about to turn it off when she looked at his wallpaper – it was a picture of them taken recently, before they announced to the school that she was pregnant so you could see just the start of her baby bump. Smiling she turned off the computer wincing when it made its goodbye noise.

Luckily it didn't wake her husband up. Who adored her baby bump, she suspected it was a way to make sure this was actually happening to him, Terri never let him touch anywhere near the bump they know now that was because it wasn't a bump but a pregnancy pad. She knew she shouldn't but Emma couldn't help but be happy that she had done something in only a year when it took Terri 5 years not to do - and they weren't even trying to get pregnant. Really one of her praised memories was Terri's face as they bumped into her outside just after Emma's first OB-GYN appointment.

They had just seen their baby for the first time and were on top of the world; Will was kissing her passionately when they heard the obnoxious voice of his ex-wife. It did always seem that Terri would show up just to ruin their good moods – Emma wasn't going to let her do this time though, not with this. Emma loved the satisfaction she felt when she saw Terri's face drop as they told her their good news.

If it was anyone else Emma would have felt sorry for them, but not her, not Terri who would not leave them alone, who tried everything to win Will back when it was obvious he was madly in love with Emma.

It was safe to say they had not seen or heard of Terri ever since that day.

Emma went back to the present then leaving thoughts of ex-wives leave her head, now was not the time for them.

She gently took Will's glasses of his head, laying them gently on top of the laptop that she had put on the ground next to them.

She started to stroke his hair then, something she first started to do when they started to go out properly. He loved her messing with his hair; Terri never did it claiming that she didn't have the time but Emma?

Emma was thrilled to do it, knowing that it was just theirs – at first she was a little freaked out, her germophobe tendencies were still quite strong back then, but Sue was wrong when she said that he used a excess amount of hair product in his hair (he didn't Emma had been living with him long enough to know that he didn't) it was all naturally him.

Plus she loved his reaction to it.

Slowly she saw him open his eyes; he blinked a couple of times before turning his face to see his wife stroking his hair.

"Hey" He whispered

"Hey you" Emma whispered back "Come to bed Will"

"No" He shook his head sitting up causing Emma's hand to leave his hair "I've nearly finished... where did the laptop go?"

"It's down here" Emma gestured to the ground, but slapped his hand gently away when he reached for it.

"Will when I say come to bed, I don't mean honey please come to bed, I mean honey you're going to go to bed now." Emma explained softly but firmly.

"Em" he whined "I've nearly finished the glee paperwork"

"And you said that two hours ago, your exhausted, I'm exhausted – It's Friday, you have the whole weekend to sort it out if you want too but we both know that the glee paperwork isn't due until two weeks before the kids Regionals performance – which is two months away."

"It makes a good impression if I send it off as soon as I can"

"Well you can finish it in the morning then" Emma stated as she watched her husband yawn and struggle to keep his eyes open.

"Come on Will" Emma pleaded "Just come to bed, you know I can't sleep well without you" She knew it was a dirty trick, since if he can - he will do anything just to make her happy.

He still looked undecided though.

"OK" Emma thought of a compromise " Come to bed with me now, I will take the laptop with me and only when you wake up in the morning you can continue what you were doing, but it will be in a comfier place which is our bed.

Will nodded agreeing "Yes Mrs Schuester"

Rolling her eyes Emma leaned forward to give him a brief kiss "you know I'm only doing it for your own good, you're going to be Mr –grumpy- Schuester in the morning if you spend half the night here on the couch."

Will smiled as she used a nickname the glee kids gave to him a couple of years back, in the dark times where Emma was with 'the dentist', he had been called Mr –grumpy- Schuester a lot back then.

He kissed her softly on the lips before picking up the laptop and his glasses. "You coming to bed or not?"


"Isn't that why you feel in love with me?"

"No, I think it was you mad dancing skills" Emma smiled back causing him to laugh and use his free arm to wrap it around her shoulders.

He forgot how comfy their bed actually was as he slipped into the silk heaven; Emma got in bed before him so had the pleasure to watch Will sigh as his head hit the pillows. He opened his arms to her, she didn't need any other invitation then that to rest her head against his chest, his arm coming around her holding her close to him, the other arm placed a hand on her stomach, the baby might be moving around but he couldn't feel anything yet – the book said it would be any day now though.

"Goodnight Em, I love you so much" Will whispered as he watched his wife yawn and burrow deeper in his chest.

"Night Will, I love you more" He smiled at her answer and kissed the top of her head. Seeing his and Em's daughter for the first time will always be his best memory – but this one was up with it. Just watching Emma fall asleep in his arms. He watched her sleep before an idea popped in his head maybe if he got the laptop and finished what he was doing then he could spend the rest of the weekend with his wife... in bed...

"Don't even think about it." Emma whispered causing him to jump as he noticed her beautiful brown eyes were open – it always scared him how much his wife knew him. "Go to sleep."

Will did as he was told under the watchful eye of his wife – well before she went to sleep also.

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