Through Elven Eyes
by SkyFire

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Through Elven Eyes
by SkyFire

Part 4

"Legolas! Gimli!" Aragorn greeted as the two joined their companions for breakfast. "We were
beginning to wonder if you would be joining us at all. What kept you?"

Legolas shrugged slightly. "'Twas nothing much, Aragorn. Friend Gimli merely needed the minutes
to... adjust to Elven perceptions."

"Ah?" Aragorn said curiously.

Gimli frowned slightly. "Aye," he said at last. He turned a brief grin to the blond Elf beside
him. "Now I know why Elves are so flighty, so easily distracted. Their eyes can see so far and
in so much detail; it is very hard for them to focus on any one given thing. I, of course, being
such a practical dwarf, am not bothered by... such..." he trailed off, staring in mute wonder in
one direction, completely forgetting about the discussion he had been having.

The others in the Company snickered quietly upon seeing the self-claimed undistractable one so
focused on something they could not see.

Legolas turned, stared off in the direction that held Gimli's attention. A delighted smile
brightened his face.

"Legolas?" Aragorn asked. "What is it?"

It was Gimli who answered vaguely. "It's so cute."

/'Cute'?/ Aragorn thought to himself, perplexed. /Gimli called something 'cute'?/

"Legolas?" he asked again.

"About twenty feet away there is a tree," Legolas answered, still staring. "On one of its leaves
is this caterpillar. It is green, with large shiny black eyes. Its body is all folded as if it
had been pressed, and there is a small tuft of hair on its head, standing straight up." He
looked to the Ranger, shrugged. "Like Gimli said, it is cute."

"A caterpillar," Aragorn repeated, smiling in amusement.

Legolas nodded. Then he turned back to Gimli. "Come, Gimli," he siad. "Let's to breakfast
before Merry and Pippin eat their way through our portions!"

Gimli reluctantly shook off the caterpillar-inspired daze, then nodded. He went and took a place
at the table with the others, filled a plate with the breakfast food there.

The mere sight and smell of the food was enough to send shivers of anticipation through him. His
other senses had been enhanced so much; surely his sense of taste would be likewise augmented.

Then he took his first bite of breakfast and was lost. All thoughts flew from his mind; his
entire being was focused on the experience of eating.

It was as if he'd never eaten before in his life, as if it were a completely new experience.
Never before had the tastes been so clear, so vibrant, so... delicious.

"Mmmm," Gimli moaned as he ate, an expression of pure bliss on his new Elven face. He took
another bite, was again overwhelmed.

The others smirked in amusement as Gimli moaned his appreciation throughout the duration of the
meal. They made no effort to engage him in conversation, instead letting him enjoy his breakfast


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