Sorry I took awhile for chapter two despite them being so short. I wanted to wait until the anime was finished for certain reasons.

"Oh, Hinata! Sorry, but Yui's asleep right now. You can still come in, though. I'll make you some tea." Yui's mother opens the door for Hinata and leads him to the living room before heading off to the kitchen. Once she's left the room, he walks into Yui's room and sits down at her bedside. From the looks of her face when she's asleep, if Hinata didn't know any better he'd think she's a calm, polite girl. Getting bored with just looking at her, he pinches her nose to cut off her breathing.

Yui soon wakes up from lack of oxygen, and Hinata immediately lets go and hides his hand in his lap. "What just happened?" Yui asks. "My nose feels funny."

"No clue," Hinata responds, looking off to the side.

"Oh, Hinata. When did you get here. Wait, how long were you watching me sleep!" she asks, worried.

"Hm… three hours, maybe four?"

"That's impossible! I wasn't asleep that long!"

Yui's mother comes in soon. "Oh, Yui? You're awake? Why don't I make you something to eat?"

"Oh, I'll help," Hinata says. They both leave the room and head to the kitchen. Yui's mother gives Hinata some green onion to cut while she starts on the soup.

"You know, I think it's great that you've been stopping by here a lot. Yui's cheered up so much since you showed up. She rarely meets anyone, after all, in her condition…"

When they finish cooking, her mother brings the food to her and Hinata steps into the doorway. "So, Yui. Did you have fun at baseball practice last time?" Hinata asks.

"Yes!" She says happily after receiving the soup.

"Well, there's a whole baseball game going on today. Our team going against another. You can come if you want. I feel like I can do better with somebody watching me!"

Yui eyes widen with happiness, then she turns and looks out the window to hide her eagerness. "Well… if you just HAVE to have me there, then I guess I can come…" She mumbles.

"Nah, you aren't needed. Don't bother coming," Hinata responds, noticing her hiding that she actually wants to come.

"Then what did you JUST say!"

"Hm… I don't really remember…" he says playfully."Remember, damnit!"

"Come on, Yui," her mother says, cutting in. "You have to eat."

"Wait, I'm not done-" she's cut off by her mother spooning soup into her mouth.

The baseball game is different from when she went to watch Hinata practice. She isn't the only one watching, and it's the first time she's ever been surrounded by so many people. It's hot, and suffocating. All her life, it had only been her and her mother, and suddenly there are all these other people. It makes her uncomfortable/ She looks around at all the other people enjoying themselves, cheering, jumping up and down for Hinata's team, and wonders how much bigger his life must be compared to hers, how much bigger it's always been. To Yui, Hinata makes up a huge part of her tiny life. To Hinata, does Yui only make up a tiny part of his huge life? All these people are here for Hinata's team? No, here for Hinata? Cheering for Hinata? Then what does that make Yui? Something of an NPC?

Suddenly the crowd goes silent, and still Yui brings her eyes to the field, and sees a fly ball to second. Everyone expects him to catch it. It's something similar to a scene Yui abruptly remembers. At the time, it was a chance. Hinata let his guard down to catch the ball, and Yui took the opportunity to tackle him as payback. But to Hinata, it must have meant so much more. He's a baseball player after all.

Hinata catches the ball. The silence grows into a terribly loud cheer, and blur of jumping and screaming, and from where Yui is sitting, looking passed all the fans to Hinata, she makes eye contact. Despite all those other people there to cheer him on, he looks at her, and smiles immensely. Unexpectedly to herself, Yui smiles back. That Hinata looked to Yui out of everyone else in the crowd.. Yui means something.

After the ball game, Hinata goes to Yui and starts to take her home. "Did you see me catch that ball?" he asked, proud of himself.

"Hmm, who knows? I wasn't particularly watching you. There was a more handsome guy at third base…" She says condescendingly.

"Like I've said before, I'll leave you here."

"I'm sorry. I know what I said was wrong. Please take me home," she cries.

"Oh, welcome back!" Yui's mother calls from the kitchen when they get back. She comes to aid Hinata with getting Yui back into bed. "Did you have fun today, Yui?"

"It was hot and loud and full of people… but… it was fun!" Yui responds.

"I see," Yui's mother says. "I'm glad. Do you have any plans for tomorrow, you two?"

Yui looks to Hinata. "Oh, well, I don't have practice tomorrow," he says. Yui looks down, saddened. "Uh… but we could still go somewhere?"

Yui puffs her cheeks. "I don't really feel like going any where with you!" she says, sticking out her tongue.

"What'd I do?" he asks.

"Fine. Take me to the local shopping district," Yui says, averting eye contact.

"Huh? Why?""Don't ask why, just take me there tomorrow!"

"Fine, fine. I'll take you," Hinata says, leaving the room. "See you tomorrow," he says while waving his hand in the air.

The next day, Hinata does take Yui to the shopping center. Being the weekend, it's at it's busiest, and Yui is once again anxious to be surrounded by so many people. But at the same time she feels safe knowing Hinata is right behind her this time.

"So, what's the reason you wanted to come here?" he asks her. "Something you want to buy?"

Yui looks around for a store she's interested in going into. Really, she rarely gets to go out around a lot of people. Her mother takes her on walks sometimes, but never to such a lively place. "Ah, let's go there!" she said, spotting a music store.

"Do you like music?" Hinata asks her as he steers her into the store.

"Didn't I ever tell you? It's my dream to become the lead vocalist in a band!" she says.

"Wait, wasn't hitting a home run your dream! That's why you come to the baseball events, right?" he takes her through the isles while she looks around for something that catches her eye.

"I've got a lot of dreams. It's not like I can do everything I want all the time like you can."

"Sure you can. You wanted to come here, and here you are, right?" Hinata says.

And Hinata is right. As long as he is there, she'll be able to do a lot of things she wants to do. Whether it's going to baseball games, buying music, or what she really wants most out of anything else…He'll grant that for her.

"Oh! Let me see that album!" Yui says. Hinata shows her an album that caught her eye. "Girls Dead Monster? Weird… I've heard that name before…" And then it hits her.

A band called Girls Dead Monster. She was their manager once. Then the lead vocalist passed on, and she took her place. "Iwasawa…" She remembers Iwasawa singing her ballad, and then disappearing right before the eyes of all her fans. That was the way she left that world. And for Yui to also be gone from it… did Yui disappear the same way?

A world where Yui could do everything she'd ever dreamed of doing… She could move, play guitar, perform a German Suplex, score a goal in soccer… Why would she want to leave such a place? At any rate, she had to talk to Iwasawa. Because if she had been through what Yui had been through as well, then she might know something. "Hey, Hinata, do you remember her?"

Hinata takes a look at the CD. "Girls Dead Monster? Hm. I get the feeling I've been to one of their concerts before, but I don't actually recognize the name… This is weird…"

"That's because it happened in a different world, right? The one we first met in."

Hinata remembers how he was having visions of Yui before meeting her after hitting the ball into her bedroom. "A different world… Hey, you were the vocalist in this band! But you kind of stunk…"

"Hey! That's not what we're talking about. The point is, you do remember! Besides, I sang just as good as Iwasawa did! So… do you remember me leaving that world?""Uh… Oh! If you're getting at something here, sorry I'm not ready to get married so soon…""Huh! What are you talking about? Marriage?"

Yui's 1 wish. As long as Hinata was there, he'd be able to grant it. That's how she's felt from the start. Iwasawa left the world because she'd rid of regrets of her past, but if there Iwasawa had a past full of regrets, then there must have been a world even before the previous world. If that's the case, what is this world for?

Yui started out living a life. She died with regret, and moved on and met Hinata. He helped her let go of her regret, which brought her to this life. That's what she knows. But if that's the case, then what about Hinata? When Yui left that world, Hinata stayed, right? Then what was this Hinata?

"If you remember me passing," Yui says to Hinata, "Do you remember your own?"

Hinata thinks. "Um… no, I can't…""Then how about this: Can you tell me anything that happened you before you met me? Can you tell me something about yourself that I don't already know?" she asks.

"What's gotten into you?" he asks, startled.

"Can you even tell me the name of the members on your baseball team?" Yui asks, now positive of herself, and the conclusion she has come to.

"What…I…" Hinata grabs his head, confused.

"It's ok," Yui says. "It's ok if you don't know. Just don't think about it," she adds. "Hey, Hinata!" she says, suddenly putting on a happy face. "Do you know how to get tickets to see one of this band's concerts?"