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Sora's POV

I walk around looking for my "Dad". I kept thinking about those boys. "They must think I'm a freak." I said to myself

Edward's POV

"What was she?" I yelled at ROy slamming my hands on his desk." How can arms just fall off?"
"Edward." It was Havoc. "She is the only one left out of family hates her. Her mother was the only one who loved her." He said as he start to lit his smoke. What? Her family didn't love her? I thought to myself.
Hey! Everyone look at my picture of my Elica!" Hues said as he walk in with a picture."Hues...your daught walk in and her arm fall off."
ROu said as he finally talk. "Oh okay. DId you help help her put it back?" He ask.

"Of course we did!" HAvoc said. "Her arm fall off in front of the Elric brothers." Roy said as he look at me then at Al.

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