It was another ordinary morning Tristain Magic Academy.

The sun shown high above the facility, bathing the magical academy with it's golden light. And the grand
assortment of noblemen students, teachers, and faculty members awoke and prepared to go about their
daily routine in the name of education. Yes, it was just another ordinary day.

Except that it wasn't another ordinary morning Tristain Magic Academy.

And no one knew nor dreaded this fact more than one particular student as she woke up that day. As she
slowly awoke, Louise Franoise le Blanc de la Vallire allowed herself to glare at the sunlight that peeked
through her windows.

Today was the day she would not be defeated.

Her face set as she arose from her bed, removing her sleepwear and undergarments.

Today was the day she would shove those snide comments in all of her classmates faces.

Dressed in her uniform, which consisted of a black cloak, a white blouse, and a gray pleated skirt, Louise then washed
her face and brushed her teeth. When she finished she shoved open her bedroom doors, a confident smile adorning her
lovely face.

Today would be the day those jerks she had to call classmates would be witness to the greatest most beautiful thing
they ever saw.

Today was the last day she would be known as Louise the Zero.

Because today was the day she would summon her familiar.

Louise was fuming. Walking down the stairs to the open fields the knots in her stomach pulled ever tighter, causing her to
slowly be left behind as the others walked passed her.

"What's the matter, Zero?", someone piped up.

Louise turned to glare at a girl with flaming red hair. She was taller than Louise, and gave off a strongly flirtatious aura.
Her face was attractive, and she sported a captivating bust line. Her breasts were round and fully developed. Enough to
make any man bow in worship. The top two buttons of her blouse were undone, highlighting an impressive cleavage which
impulsively drew a man's eyes in. Her skin was tanned, giving her the look of healthy and natural beauty.

Her height, skin color, bearing, and breast size... It all made for a strong contrast with Louise, who was... well... lacking in
those areas to say the least.

"Good afternoon, Zero." The beauty properly greeted. A smug smirk adorning her captivating face.

Louise returned the greeting with a deep frown.

"Good afternoon... Kirche."

"Are we having doubts know that reality is soon coming up?", she teased.

The pinkette averted her gaze from the dark skinned beauty, "And what reality is that, Kirche?"

"That the Zero will prove herself once again".

Louise let out a long breath in an attempt to reign in her temper. It always came to this whenever the young noblewoman was
dealing with her top-heavy rival and she would be damned if she she gave her the satisfaction to get into her head and under her skin.
Not on this day!

Sure she might have accidentally blown up one of the teachers today trying to do that Ice spell, but that was just more proof that Ice
magic was not her forte. And it wasn't like she was unconscious for that long anyway. Louise turned back to Kirche, a confident
smirk on her face, "What are you talking about, Kirche? Such a derogatory nickname will be as good as dead in mere moments!
All you do is prove yourself to be a true fool."

Kirche put a hand to her mouth as she giggled at Louise's declaration, "At least you can still talk big even as you dance to the
gallows, eh Louise the Zero?"

"The truth is never 'Big Talk'", Louise declared and briskly walked passed Kirche, her steps becoming slightly more wooden as
she walked on.

Kirche gave a knowing smile as Louise grew all the more distant from her, "And the truth you fail to see, dear Louise is this.
Once a zero always a zero."

Louise slowed her pace as she continued to walk the hallowed halls of Tristain, her anger at her top heavy rival subsiding as the
sight of her fellow classmates bonding joyously with their familiars. She felt a stab of envy course through her body as she gazed
at the various familiars and summoners. One boy had a snake as his familiar and had allowed the reptilian creature to wrap itself
around his shoulders. A girl had a hawk for a familiar wand was feeding it various fruits, grinning all the while like a madwoman.

It was at that point that the noblewoman then realized that by walking away from her rival that she had lost her place in line.
And as such, just screwed herself out of getting her familiar. This was not how today was supposed to go. This was the day
that her magic would finally get on track! The day that her classmates would be witness to the greatest most beautiful thing
they ever saw! Today was supposed to be the death of Louise the Zero!

And now look at her, her magic still didn't work. She had allowed Kirche to get to her and screw herself out of her familiar, and
nothing had changed.

There was no way this day could get any worse.

"Hey guys, look! It's Louise the Zero!"

So of course it did.

"Where's her familiar?"

"Ha, you're joking right? She probably screwed up the summoning ritual."

"I bet she blew up the courtyard in the process."

"I'm surprised she hasn't blown up the school yet. What a worthless mage."

"Duh. Why else would she be called Louise the Zero?"

Louise shut her ears to the various catcalls and taunts. Normally this would not even faze her, she would bear the brunt of such
teasing and hazing as if it were whispers in a tunnel. But it stung just a little more today than normal. It pierced her heart a little
more than normal. And so it would be a little more understandable to a saintly soul her reaction.

As brave, brave Louise Franoise le Blanc de la Vallire...


Turned into a pink fire breathing dragon.

The young mage took her wand and pointed it at a non-descriptive student, causing him to wet his pants at the thought of being another
victim to the rage of Louise the Zero. "Oh god no! Get that thing away from me!"

"Be quiet," She muttered dangerously. She looked around at the various students, whom all took a slight step backwards as her gaze
reached them. "All of you listen up and listen up good! Today is the day... you will burn into your memories the greatest most beautiful
thing you ever saw! You will tell your children, your grandchildren and heck... even your great-grandchildren the place... the hour...the
second you laid witness... to the death of Louise the Zero!"

She turned and walked back to the courtyard, her cape fluttering behind her as she strode defiantly towards her destination. Leaving
various students stunned at her declaration. One student had recovered his whits quick enough after the Vallire noblewoman had
left to mutter one sentence that all of the students could agree on.

"We're all gonna die."

Louise stood ramrod straight in the middle of the courtyard, all her classmates behind her. Fighting a shiver she drew a quivering
breath and let it out. Turning to face her students and teacher, Professor Colbert, who was busy adjusting his classes she saw
that all of them stared at her. Some in anticipation, some in horror and at least two on their knees with their hands clasped in prayer.

She humphed at the last two. Jerks.

"Mrs. Vallire..."

She returned to her previous posture at the sound of her name, "Y-y-yes Professor Colbert?"

The middle aged professor favored the young noblewoman a comforting smile, "It's time."

"R-r-right..." she muttered. Letting out a breath she was unaware she was holding, the young mage walked up to the clearing nervously.
The moment of truth had finally arrived.

As her stomach was busy untangling itself form the knots it somehow got entangled into, Louise's mind became nothing short of a jumbled
mess. Calm down, calm down, calm down... she thought to herself as she rose her wand. Wasn't this the moment she had been waiting
for all day? To blow her fellow student's minds and ring the death knolls for Louise the Zero? Why was she getting cold feet now all of a

"You do remember the chant right?" Professor Colbert asked.

"O-of course I do Professor! Just give me a second.."

The professor smiled reassuringly at his young charge, "Take your time Mrs. Vallire. There's no need to rush."

"Yeah, we wouldn't want you to accidentally kill us or anything!" A heckler called from the crowd.

A vein popped on Louise's forehead.

"You shut up and watch! You're about to get your mind blown!" Louise cried out defiantly. A determined glint in her eyes, she rose her
wand into the air and began the ceremony.

"I, Louise Franoise Le Blanc de La Vallire, in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers, following my fate, summon a familiar!"

And that's when it happened.

All of the student's blinked as Louise finished the chant and yet nothing happened.

"We're still alive!"

"Louise the Zero didn't kill us all!"


Louise continued to grind her teeth at the snide comments, as she failed yet another spell. And while she managed to avoid hurting anyone, at the
same time her nickname was still alive and well.

And that's when everyone heard the thunder clap.

Followed by another one.

Several more thunderclaps caused the students to look up into the sky to see a golden cloud over the field where the summoned creatures
were supposed to appear, and as it grew all the larger, the thunderclaps grew all the louder. And as it grew all the louder, the reaction was
more or less what one would expect.

"Oh god, Louise the Zero has doomed us all!"


As the various professors huddled down to calm down the students from over reacting, Louise found herself ignoring the panicked cries and
various students overreactions as she continued to look to the sky. Mesmerized by the incredible events that continued on beyond her

"What... what is this," she whispered in awe.

As if to answer her question, the cloud swirled and parted slightly in a circular shape as a golden lighting rod crackled loud enough to
stop the student panic. All eyes transfixed to find there was a figure lying in the summon field. The clouds parted, and the sun returned
to shine down upon everyone. Louise's gaze turned from the sky to the strange figure before her. She gasped to find a young man, who
looked to be no older than her laying down in the field. His garb was.. very strange even for commoners. She had never before seen
anything like it.

He was wearing some strange gray garb adorned with lapels of some kind or another, her eyes cast towards his face and she found herself
blushing a bit involuntarily. He was a fine looking young man, with his wild unkempt hair adding to his looks and giving him a wild flair. Even
that cross shaped scar on his cheek did nothing to detract from his looks.


She took a step back as the boy began to stir. As his eyes opened, her pink eyes locked unto his dazed gray eyes, and one question
rose from her cherub lips.

"...Who are you?"

End prologue

Author's notes:

I have no idea where this is going...


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