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"Is that true?" asked Louise, looking at Sousuke with an expression of disbelief. They were back in Louise's room.
Sousuke standing in front of the young noblewoman as she sat on her bed. A solemn look upon his face as he nodded
in the affirmative to Louise's question.

"Indeed it is, ma'am. I am not familiar with your ways or customs because I am not of this world."

Louise sighed as she folded her arms and looked as Sousuke, her eyes as easy to read for the displace mercenary
as if she was a coloring book. She didn't believe him. But then again it was no surprise to the sergeant. He wouldn't
have come to this conclusion himself without the irrefutable evidence before him. If there were a nation with people
who had access to things that could make people float in the air at their whim, even only a few, he certainly hadn't
learned about it. And even supposing that was the case, what about those huge moons floating in the sky?
Could the moon have multiplied into two without him noticing?

The answer was... no. No it could not. True there was the possibility that the girl before him had drugged him before
she attempted to interrogate him. But from what he had seen of this place and their use of what they called magic
made it doubtful at best. All in all, Sousuke had to accept that he was no where near where he should be.

"I can't believe it," Louise spoke, shaking Sousuke out of his thoughts. He nodded in understanding as Louise
continued, "By another world, what do you mean?"

"The world I come from is called Earth. And as for an example," He pointed out the window towards the twin moons.
Louise turned around to see what he was pointing at as he continued, "Where I come from I only have one moon.
And it is nowhere near as large as your moons."

"There's such a world like that?" she asked in astonishment.

Sousuke nodded, "Affirmative."

She turned turned back to him and narrowed her gaze at him, "Show me some proof."

"Of course," Sousuke agreed as he took a small step towards his bag and opened it. Pulling out an item that peaked
the young noblewoman's curiosity.

"What is this?"

"This," Sousuke began as he held the handgun carefully, " Is the Beretta 96. A series of semi-automatic pistols used by
some law enforcement agencies in my world. It's a weapon."

"I've certainly never seen anything like this. What kind of magic artifact is it?"

Sousuke blinked in confusion, "Magic artifact?"

The pinkette nodded, "Yes, what element does it use?"

"It uses no element. Magic does not exist in my world."

Louise looked at Sousuke as if he had grown a second head, "Impossible! A world that has no magic? Now you're
asking me to believe in the absurd."

Sousuke nodded to himself, "I suppose a demonstration is in order then. Might I ask you to cover your ears?"

Louise eyed Sousuke oddly, but complied and covered her dainty ears . Sousuke reached into his pocket and pulled out
a small pair of earplugs. With that, the sergeant stood beside the young Vallière heir's bed and aimed at the noblewoman's


"AAH!" Louise cried out as the gun fired off a round.

Sousuke nodded again and turned to Louise, "There, do you see? That was a simple application of physics and technology.
No magic at all." Louise was hiding on the other side of her bed after the shot was fired. She peaked over the edge of her bed
as Sousuke removed his earplugs, eying the military man as if he had grown a second head.

"What was that sound?"

"Is something the matter?"

"I've never heard such a loud noise in my life!"

"What do you think it was?"

"Whatever it was, I hope they fix it! I was just about to fall asleep!"

Louise let out a sigh of relief as the chatter outside began to die down. She then turned to Sousuke, and fixed him a harsh
glare, "What kind of trinket is that?"

Sousuke walked back to his bag unaffected by the noblewoman's harsh gaze, "I told you already. It is a weapon from my world."

"And what are you doing with such a thing anyway?" She asked.

"I was on a mission of great importance when I was sent here."

Louise blinked, "Mission?"

"Affirmative." He packed away the gun, making sure the safety was on before standing straight in front of Louise, "I am a
Sergeant within the paramilitary counter-terrorist force Mithril."

Louise blinked in confusion, her eyes becoming tiny dots, "Huh?"

"And I serve as a member of the Special Response Team- "

"Special what the wha?"

"-of the Western Pacific Battle Group Tuatha de Danaan."

He eyed Louise oddly as he finished. She seemed to have gotten the many meanings of his words confused and was
struggling just to make sense of what he said. He cleared his throat to regain the noblewoman's attention, "To put it simply,
I am a soldier."

Louise gasped, "A soldier? You?"

Sousuke nodded, "Affirmative. And as I mentioned, I was about to begin an important mission when I was sent
here... therefore I have a request to make of you. I need you to send me back."

Crossing her arms, Louise just shook her head. "I can't. It's impossible."

Sousuke frowned, "And why is that impossible?"

Louise's face was etched with discomfort as she answered him. "That's because there's no spell that can connect this
world to your world."

"Then how did I end up here?"

"I wish I knew!" she huffed out. "Listen, I'm being completely honest when I say there's no such spell. Nobody's even heard
of another world."

Sousuke's frown deepened at that, "Then how am I here? And what Spell did you use?"

"The spell I used is called Summon Servant. 'Summon Servant' is used to call living beings from within Halkeginia.
Normally, only animals or magical beasts are summoned. This is actually the first instance that I've seen it work on a

"I see. In that case, cast that spell on me one more time."


"It might return me to my world."

Louise tilted her head to one side, "...That won't work. 'Summon Servant' is a strictly one-way spell. No incantation of
any kind exists to return a summoned familiar back to where it was brought from."

"So you're saying I am stuck here?"

"I suppose I am. And even if it could send you back home I can't cast it now."

Sousuke blinked, "And why is that?"

She hesitated for a moment before answering, "...Using 'Summon Servant' again is...Completely ineffective unless the
familiar you first summoned has died."

"I see..." His eyes trailed down to the runes that had been inscribed on his left hand.

"Do you want to know what that is?"

He nodded, prompting the noblewoman to continue, "That's like a stamp that says you're my familiar."

"And what exactly is a familiar?" Sousuke asked.

She smiled haughtily, "A familiar exists to protect its master. The task of protecting them from any and all enemies is
a duty of the highest priority!"

"So I'm your bodyguard?"

Louise nodded, "Essentially. Along with various other things."

"Such as?"

"Laundry, cleaning, and other miscellaneous tasks."

Sousuke rose an eyebrow at this but said nothing as she let out a great yawn, "Right then, all this talking has made
me sleepy."

"Where do I sleep?"

Louise pointed to the floor.

Sousuke followed her finger and looked back to her as she began to unbutton her blouse, "There's only one bed.
And it's better than nothing right?"

One by one, the buttons came undone. The displaced sergeant coughed into his hands and averted his eyes, "Excuse me."

She was almost down to her underwear as she responded, "Hmm?"

"Why are you undressing before me?"

Louise answered as if it was the most obvious thing. "I'm going to sleep, so I'm getting changed."

"So you do not mind That I'm watching you undress?"

She blinked in confusion as she finished undressing, "Why? I don't need to think anything of being watched by my familiar."

Sousuke blinked in surprise at the noblewoman's words. "Is that so?"

"Of course. Oh, and these. Wash them for me tomorrow." Several items came flying over to land softly beside him.
He picked them up, wondering what they were. A lacy camisole and matching panties. He looked back to see
Louise pulling a large nightgown over her head. And in the dim light thrown off by the lamp, he could see the outline
of her figure. While he couldn't make out any other details, it didn't seem as though she was the slightest bit

Louise snapped her fingers as she laid down in her bed, and the glow of the lamp died out.

Sousuke frowned slightly at her silhouette in the moonlight. What an odd little girl, he thought as he sat down upon
the stone floor, The weariness of the day catching up to him. Here he was stranded from his unit, torn away from
his mission in a strange land. And of all the people he had to rely on, this girl was it. But until he could find a way
back,she was all he had in this world.

He looked up at the cracked window, at the moonlit sky and the twin moons glowing softly down upon him. Alright
then... I'll play along with this for now. I'll protect this girl... and in the meantime I will find a way back to the Danan.
Just because this girl doesn't know of a way to do it does not mean it's impossible after all. I have to at least try to
see if she is correct.

With that, Sousuke reached into his bag and pulled out a rolled up sleeping bag that he had packed just in case a
situation had come up and he would need one. Unrolling and unzipping the makeshift bed, he made himself as
comfortable as he could and fell asleep.

And so began Sousuke's life as a familiar.

Ghostface211 presents...?

A Godforsaken Full Metal Panic/The Familiar of Zero Crossover

Summoned Sergeant Chronicles

Operation Two: My Familiar Is A Sergeant

When Sousuke awoke, the first sight to greet his eyes was the Victorian bed he had slept beside. He rubbed his neck
slightly as he sat up, looking around at his surroundings and reconfirming that yesterday had not been a strange dream.
Bringing his hand away from his neck, the inscription on his hand was another mark of validation of this strange place.
Rising now his vision came across the young girl in the bed, breathing so softly you had to watch her rising and falling
chest to confirm she was alive. His master, from what the words on his hand meant, if the girl, Louise, was to be believed.

The markings on his hand brought another concerning thought to his mind as he continued to look at his left hand. As long
as he was here, he was to protect this girl. As far as she knew. But he had been summoned before a mission. And he
had no idea if his disappearance had jeopardized it or if he had completed whatever this girl wanted him to do if he would return
home just as soon as he left. He frowned as he realized he was lacking information. Critical information that could end up
being the difference between being suck on this strange world or being able to go home. Information that could mean life or

And such a lack of information had to be rectified.

Nodding to himself, he let his hand fall to the side and quietly left Louise's bed chambers. There had to be a place where
he could look for such information and understand his position better. Even if he could only find a little information, It was
better than nothing. When he left the noblewoman's bedchambers, he saw three identical wooden doors along the wall.
One of them opened, and from inside appeared a girl with flaming red hair. When she saw Sousuke, she grinned broadly.

"My, my what do we have here?" Kirche asked.

Ah, perfect, Sousuke thought. He turned to the bronzed beauty, "Excuse me miss, but do you think you could direct me
to your nearest library?"

"It's down that way," Kirche pointed. Giving the sergeant a curious glance, "So you're Zero's familiar huh?"

Sousuke gave a curious glance back at Kirche, "Zero?"

A wave of heat hit Sousuke before Kirche could respond. From her room, a large, dark-red lizard slithered out. Sousuke
grabbed Kirche's arm and pulled her towards him, "Wha-?"

"Get behind me miss," Sousuke said, pulling out his gun. "This could get messy."

The creature was as long as a lizard, it was also as big as a tiger. It's tail was tipped with flame, and its mouth emitted
sparks and embers as it fully stepped out of the noblewoman's bedroom. Kirche pushed Sousuke from behind and let out
a disgusted sigh, "Get away, I don't need protection from my own familiar!"

Sousuke lowered his weapon as Kirche knelled down beside her familiar, "Your familiar?"

Kirche nodded as she petted the head of her protector, "Yes, he's my familiar! My dearest Flamme. Don't tell me this
is your first time seeing a fire lizard?"

"To be quite honest, no I have not seen a fire lizard before," Sousuke confirmed as he pocketed his gun.

"Don't worry. As long as I order it not to, it won't attack."

Sousuke nodded, "Good to know." He knelt beside the creature, " It's odd. It looks kind of like a Komodo Dragon."

Kirche blinked, "A Komodo Dragon? I've never heard of such a dragon."

"I would be surprised if you did. It is a large species of lizard from my home world. The largest in fact."

"Your... home world?"

He nodded, "A friend of mine was rather...vocal about an encounter with one on a mission-" Before Sousuke could
further elaborate, the door to Louise's room flew open. Sousuke blinked as a still drowsy Louise stood before the two
dressed in her nightwear.

"So... this is *YAWN* you were," Louise let out, still half asleep.

Sousuke nodded as he stood, "My apologies if I woke you to soon, Louise. I did not wish to disturb you."

Louise let off a glare that looked more tired than angry, "You stupid familiar, don't you know you're supposed to wake
me when you wake up?"

"No I did not, ma'am. Otherwise I would have done so."

Kirche let out a laugh at Sousuke's response, bringing Louise's attention to her. "Good morning, Zerbst. So how
many men DID you get through before you got up this morning?"

"Pardon me, Louise the ZERO," Kirche condescendingly spoke, "But I'm Kirche the Ardent. Not Kirche the Easy.
Just because everywhere I go, I have boys falling for me does not make me a loose woman." Kirche puffed her chest
out proudly. "After all it's not my fault that that Brimir blessed me with everything men want and you as... a permanent

Louise puffed her chest out proudly as well. In spite of difference in volume, "That's because he knows that I don't
have the time to go around flirting and screwing with everything I see, unlike you."

"Alas, you'll never know as men will forever mistake you as a child needing to be tucked in."

"H-h-h-h-how dare you Zerbst?" Louise squawked.

Kirche simply smirked, "Aww, what's the matter? Did I hit a nerve, Vallire?"

Louise simply grounded her teeth in frustration.

"Excuse me."

Louise turned to Sousuke, her face full of fire and spite, "WHAT, YOU STUPID FAMILIAR?"

"I was wondering if you two were done so I could go to the library now."

Kirche turned to the sergeant and pointed to her left. "Outside the dorms, and the tower to the left."

Sousuke stood and nodded to the tanned redhead, "Thank you miss. Now if you two will excuse me."

Sousuke's departure was stopped as he felt Louise grab onto his arm suddenly, "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To the library," Sousuke responded simply.

"And just who gave you permission?" Louise almost grounded out.

He turned to Kirche, "I need permission?"

"Why are you talking to her?"

"Because she answered my question last time."

"That's not the point!" Louise almost shrieked.

"...I'm not following you."

"Just get in here, you stupid familiar!" Louise cried out as she pulled Sousuke back into her room. Slamming the door as
they entered.

Kirche blinked before letting off a few giggles, "Well isn't this interesting?"

"Ooh, that girl gets on my nerves!" Louise growled out as she paced angrily in her room. "Just because she summoned a
salamander for her familiar she thinks she's the end all be all!"

"Is that a big deal?" Sousuke asked as he studied the girl's chaotic behavior.

She turned to Sousuke and glared, "Yes, it's a big deal. You can determine a mage's true power just by looking at his or her
familiar! Why did that harlot get a salamander, while I got you?"

Sousuke nodded as he filed that bit of information away. "That girl in the hall, do you have some issue with her?"

Her glare turned murderous at his question. "That... that harlot...," her voice was quivering with her boiling rage. "Kirche isn't
a Tristainian; shes a noble from neighboring Germania. Just that makes her completely unacceptable. I hate Germanians!"

Sousuke hummed at that. A family feud? "Why?"

My house, Vallière, has estates on Germania's borders, so were the first on the field against Germanians the moment any
war starts. Even worse, right opposite to us on that border is Kirche's birthplace. Louise bit down hard on her teeth. So
basically, the Zerbst family is our sworn enemy. To think that floozy has the nerve to call themselves a passionate family!
Just a low, unworthy family. Kirche's great-great-grandfather stole away my great-great-grandfathers lover two-hundred years

Sousuke nodded again. A generational blood feud. "So basically this is all because your family lost a lover to Kirche's family?

She glared at Sousuke's question, It's more than that. We've lost count on how many family members we've lost from the wars.
And as long as I live as a will not let Kirche steal so much as a single bird form the Vallière house. Ill bring unimaginable shame
to my ancestors if that happens. With that, Louise poured a glass of water, and downed it in one gulp. " And as long as you eat
from the Vallière family, you are to stay away from the Zerbst house at any cost. Any other questions?"

Sousuke nodded, "Just one. She just called you 'Louise the Zero', but, what does the 'Zero' stand for? Is it your codename?"

"No way! My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière! 'Zero' is just a nickname."

"A nickname, huh? I can understand why she's called 'Ardent,' but why are you 'Zero?'"

"You don't need to know," Louise answered uncomfortably. "In any case, what were you doing up so early in the morning anyway?"

"I was looking for more information about this world when I ran into your blood rival." Sousuke said bluntly. "She was accompanied
by her familiar and we were discussing that it looked similar to a creature from my world when you came."

Louise frowned but nodded, "Is that all?"


She rose an eyebrow at his confirmation, but nodded again as she poured herself another glass of water, "Since you were unaware
of the history of our families, I suppose I can let it slide that you were talking to that... vile woman. Just don't make a habit out of it."

He nodded, "It will not be a problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be off now."

She waived him off, "Yes, yes. Go on, get out of here." As Sousuke nodded and left for the library, Louise took another sip of water.
The cold liquid calmed her temper, cooling her until her anger was a mere afterthought. It was right around that time that she realized
that her familiar had yet to perform one of his sacred duties. Namely, acting as her servant. Her teeth grinned together as she got up
and began to dress herself for her school day.

It seemed her stupid familiar would have to have some discipline beat into him soon.

Sousuke found himself leaving the gigantic library having found himself at a dead end. It seemed that whatever had happened to make
him understand the language of the people here on this world did not extend to their written language. The very first book he opened
had looked to be nothing more than scribbles to his eyes. The second and third books had done nothing more than confirm that he
was unable to read the language of this world. So just as quickly as he began did he find himself back at square one in his current

"Oh Guiche... we shouldn't do such things this early!"

"Ah, dearest Montmorency! Have you yet to realize that my passion for you knows no limit? Nor can be held down by simple notions
such as time or place?"

Sousuke rose an eyebrow as he caught sight of Guiche with a young girl that was not the one he spotted him with last night during his
attempted escape. He tuned out the conversation as he continued to focus on the problem at hand. He needed to figure out what his
next step was going to be, and he needed to find that answer as soon as he could, else his mission and the young girl's life could be forfeit.
So distracted in his thoughts, he was caught in a rare situation of being unaware of his surroundings. As such, he was startled out of his
brainstorming session when he bumped into someone, sending the person to the ground.

"Oooww..." came a feminine voice from the ground.

Sousuke looked down to see a normal-looking girl in a maid's outfit, a large silver tray on the floor beside her. Her black hair was neatly
adorned with a headband, and her freckles made her look adorable. He offered the girl a hand, "I'm sorry miss. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," She confirmed as she took his hand. Sousuke pulled her up to her feet, and the girl blushed lightly across the bridge of her
nose as she took in his features. "I'm very fine..."

Sousuke nodded, "Good to hear." He knelt ant picked up the silver tray and handed it to the girl, "Here you are. Looks like nothing's
damaged fortunately."

She nodded as the blush faded from her face, "Yes. It's rather fortunate that." Her eyes cast downward as she took the tray back from
the displaced sergeant, and blinked in surprise as she caught sight of the runes inscribed upon his left hand, "Pardon me, but are you
by any chance the one who became Miss Vallière's familiar...?"

His eyes widened in surprise, "You know me?"

"A little. It's become quite a rumor, you know, that a commoner was called by the summoning magic." The girl replied as she smiled
sweetly. "I'm a commoner, just like you. I serve the nobility here by doing domestic duties."

"I see... Well, I'm Sagara Sousuke. Nice to meet you."

"That's quite a strange name... I'm Siesta."

He nodded, " I seem to be getting a bit of that."

She bowed slightly ,"Well if you'll excuse me Mr. Sagara, I still have work to do so..."

He stepped aside, "I understand. Please be on your way, miss."

She bowed again as she passed him and continued on her duties. Sousuke watched her leave before he continued on back to
Louise's room.


Sousuke turned as Louise ran up to him panting slightly, "Did you need something from me Louise?"

He gave the girl a calm look as she paused to regain her breath. When composure returned, she glared at the sergeant, "What I need from
you is an explanation."

"An... explanation?"

"That's right," She rose and pointed at Sousuke, "When the heck did I give you permission to go to the library?"

A small frown appeared on Sousuke's face, "Just before I left. You shooed me off, do you not remember?"

Louise's calm composure nearly cracked as her mind replayed back to mere minutes ago. Remembering that she did, in fact shoo him off
while she had been distracted with the memories of the Zerbst rivalry. She managed to regain her regal air as she leveled a cool gaze at
Sousuke, "Yes, I remember. But I was distracted at that point in time. So, no I did not truly give you permission to access the library."

Sousuke nodded in understanding, "I see. My apologies."

Louise nodded, "Remember this above all else... as your master you need to heed all of my instructions and commands at all times!"

Sousuke's eyebrow rose slightly, "I thought as your 'familiar' the only thing required of me was to protect you."

"That is but one of the many responsibilities of a familiar, and in order for you to be able to do so you need to stay with me until I tell you
what to do and when", she declared imperiously. "I have never heard of a familiar as disobedient as you have been...", she mumbled, pushing
down a wave of embarrassment.

"Is that so? I'm sorry, but this experience is rather new to me."

Louise let out a huff at Sousuke's words, "Well, what's done is done. Now come along, I have yet to eat breakfast. As punishment
for your behavior, you get no breakfast today."

Sousuke's eyebrow raised slightly but he nodded, having had experience where rations were not in surplus.

"And tomorrow, when you wake up be cure to wake me up as well. Understand?"

"Ma'am", Sousuke nodded firmly.

"And you will dress me tomorrow as well, understand?"

"Ma'am", Sousuke nodded again with another nod, standing at attention now.

"And after class, you will do my laundry and clean my room."

Another sharp nod with response of "Ma'am".

"Keep these things in mind, and we'll get along just fine."


Louise nodded at Sousuke's response and the two continued to walk towards dining hall in relative silence. What's with this familiar?
Louise thought as they continued to walk in silence. He's disobedient one second and then acting like a proper familiar the next.
He doesn't make any sense, and he wants me to believe he comes from another world because he has an odd musket?

She sighed mentally, What did I do to deserve such an odd familiar?

There would have been an answer coming, but that would be spoiling.

Sousuke frowned as he helped Louise clean up the classroom Louise had just made a mess of.

It had begun innocently enough, Sousuke had followed the noblewoman into the classroom shortly after their discussion. The displaced
sergeant was sightly interested in the lesson. If for no other reason than to integrate as much of the educational experience as he could.
While there was no guarantee that it would be exactly the same, Sousuke reasoned that there would be some similarities to the learning
experience back in his world. And the more normal he seemed when he resumed the mission, the more he could work towards ensuring
it's success.

As with many things in his life, the peace wouldn't last.

The middle aged teacher named Chevreuse the Red Clay had picked on Louise to demonstrate basic magics of the Earth element.
Catching the girl slightly off guard. At this, the majority of the classroom had warned, with a few even pleading with the woman not
to call on the youngest Vallière daughter. The teacher paid no mind to their warnings as he encouraged Louise to change the rocks
into the metals of her choice.

Suffice to say, this didn't end well.

The good news was that Mrs. Chevreuse was still alive and would return to teaching soon.

The bad news was that Louise's attempts at magic had cost the Academy yet another classroom, and had traumatized yet another

It was just before lunchtime when they finally finished tidying up the classroom that Louise had made a mess of. As punishment, using
magic to clean up had been forbidden, so it had taken considerable time to finish. But then again, Louise couldn't really use most spells
anyway, so it hadn't affected her much. Sousuke turned to the noblewoman as he put the finishing touches on cleaning the destroyed
room, "Am I to assume that is why you are referred to as 'Zero'?"

Louise paused in her work and turned to her familiar with glint in her eye. "What"?

"Well, If your rate of success is zero, would that be why you are called Louise the Zero?" After a moment of silence he again spoke.
"Or am I mistaken?", he asked.

Louise's grip on her room tightened. Her knuckles turning white as she rounded on Sousuke, "T-T-T-There are just some things a
familiar should never ask it's master!"

"Is that so", Sousuke said, now finished on his end. "I do not wish to offend you," Sousuke responded. "I just wish to understand
you all the more."

Louise grumbled at what he said. "Yes, it is", she said curtly. "Now never bring it up again".

He nodded. "Understood Ma'am. Not a problem."

Louise frowned, but so long as her familiar complied there was no reason to dwell on it. Her stomach rumbled as she finished her task.
"It's a good thing that the luncheon is taking place for the rest of the day."

Sousuke rose an eyebrow at Louise's comment, "Luncheon?"

The noblewoman nodded, "Yes. After the Springtime Familiar Summoning there is a luncheon for the second year students so that we
can get better acquainted with our familiars. As well as show them off to our classmates."

"I don't suppose you will be wishing to show me off then?" Sousuke asked.

"I think I've had enough attention for the day," Louise admitted. "Right now I just wish to get through the rest of the day without incident."

Sousuke nodded at her statement, "Shall we be off then?"

Louise nodded as she looked around the classroom, satisfied that it was as clean as it could be. She then left the room, Sousuke trailing
her silently as they went to join the other students for the luncheon.

When they arrived at the luncheon, the displaced sergeant's eyes widened slightly at all the creatures before him in the grand courtyard.
The familiars that everyone had brought along were a varied bunch. Kirche's salamander was curled asleep under her chair. There were
students with owls resting on their shoulders. But what drew Sousuke's attention the most were the creatures that would've been
considered fantastic monsters back in his world. He spotted a lizard with six legs. A physical impossibility was on full display before him
as if it were no major consequence.

The more I look at this world, the less sense it makes, Sousuke thought as he followed Louise.

The girl was busy doing her best to remain as invisible as possible. She was finding that very hard to achieve as the moment Sousuke and
Louise entered, every student in the area simultaneously turned their heads towards them. She scowled as the snickering and laughter began.
Suck it up Louise, let's just get through this with as much class as you can muster. She could rally and cry about the injustice of her
lackluster familiar later.

Quickly the noblewoman found an empty table and rushed towards it. Sousuke pulled out a chair for Louise, who took the seat wordlessly.
She frowned as Sousuke prepared to sit opposite of her, "Hey."

Sousuke paused and looked at her saying nothing.

"I'm thirsty. Bring me some tea."

Sousuke rose an eyebrow, causing the noblewoman to twitch, "What's with that look? Don't forget who your master is you damned familiar!"

"Very well, do you want it any particular way?"

"Just with cream and a bit of sugar. Don't be to long, understand."

Sousuke nodded, "Understood, Ma'am."

He turned and walked off towards the drink table. Louise rubbed her temples as he walked off, "I need to relax."

Back with Sousuke, the sergeant frowned as he approached the table. It was adorned with various coffees and teas, all in a language Sousuke
could not make heads or tails of. This again, he grumbled in his thoughts. He needed to find someone who could read the language of this
world. He realized that he was surrounded by noble who could read it, but he reasoned that they would probably not assist him in this regard.

It was frustrating, but there was little he could do about it.

And that's when he spotted a familiar face walking towards him. It's that girl from this morning, he thought as he walked towards Siesta.
While he knew her as well as he did the other nobles at this point, at least he was sure that she would help him unlike the other students
at this point.

"Siesta," he called out.

The girl jumped slightly at the voice that called out to her. She turned to find Sousuke walking towards her, "Oh it's you, Mr. Sagara."

He nodded as he closed the distance between them, "Sorry if I startled you, ma'am."

She shook her head, "Don't worry about it Mr. Sagara. Did your master send you to fetch something."

"Affirmative. But I need your help to retrieve it."

She blinked, "You need my help?"

"Affirmative. You see, I can't read the language of this place. I was hoping that you could assist me in that capacity."

"You can't read? That is surprising."

"The script your people use is unfamiliar to me. Where I come from, I had no need to learn it."

Siesta nodded, "I see. Well then Mr. Sagara, I'd be happy to assist you."

Sousuke nodded, "I appreciate this, Siesta."

It was at this point that a group of nobles walked passed the pair. One mage in particular stood out, to Sousuke. He was the boy who
had captured him last night. His friends around him were poking all kinds of fun at him as he had one of his lady friends on his arm.

"Look at you, Guiche! Stealing the darling of the first-years won't make you a lot of friends with your juniors!"

"How do you do it, Guiche?"

He gently raised a finger to his lips, "A gentleman never kisses and tells, my friends. The thrill is in the hunt it's self and the pleasure in
the capture."

As he continued to walk with his ensemble entourage, something fell out of Guiche's pocket. It was a small glass bottle with a purple liquid
swirling inside it. It rolled to Sousuke's feet and the sergeant picked the bottle up, looking at the liquid curiously. "What is this?"

"It's perfume." she said, as Sousuke held it up to the light. The maid looked at the vial in his hands, and to the group of young nobles.
Spotting the young girl with Guiche, it seemed quite obvious who had that perfume. "That noblewoman must have dropped it."

Sousuke found the young girl Siesta mention and nodded as he walked towards the group, "Pardon me, ma'am... but did you drop this?"

Katie, the young noblewoman in question, looked at the vial curiously before shaking her head. "No, that isn't mine."

Sousuke nodded, "Then does this belong to one of you gentleman?"

The boys shook their head. All save one.

Guiche looked disinterested in the whole ordeal until he saw the perfume phial. His look tightened, then he turned away.

Sousuke, naturally, noticed this.

He held the vial out to Guiche, "So this would be yours then."

Guiche laughed uncomfortably, "That is not mine. What are you talking about, you fool commoner?"

Guiche's friends then realized where the bottle came from and smirked to themselves.

Sousuke frowned slightly, "You're lying."

Guiche heard wiped around to glare at Sousuke, "How dare you! You, a lowly commoner, dare to accuse a nobleman of lying?
Commoners have died for such transgressions!"

Sousuke's eyebrow simply rose at Guiche words, "Is that so? And how many of them were correct?"

"You still continue this farce?"

He looked down on the vial and back at Guiche, "I do not understand your reaction. First you were were not interested in this owner of
this vial until you saw it. Then the moment you say it, you turned your head away as if you were trying to hide something."

Katie looked up at Guiche, her eyes watering, "Lord Guiche...that perfume, it belongs to Lady Montmorency doesn't it?"

Guiche turned to the young girl who looked ready to cry, "My dearest Katie... you can't honestly BELIEVE this commoner's foul
words, do you?"

Sousuke frowned and turned to Katie, "Excuse me miss, you say this belongs to a Montmorency, correct?"

The young girl nodded. And Sousuke nodded to himself, "Alright then wait here. Allow me to confirm this."

Siesta blinked as Sousuke walked past her, "Mr. Sagara what are you doing?"

"Resolving a lover's quarrel." Sousuke responded as he looked around to find Montmorency. "Are you familiar with a Lady

"A bit," Siesta acknowledged. "She's a girl with gorgeous curly blond hair and freckles on her face with a wide forehead."

Sousuke nodded as he quickly scanned the crowd of nobles. His search ended quickly as he spotted a girl that matched
Siesta's description. He quickly walked up to her, "Pardon me, but are you Lady Montmorency?"

Montmorency turned as she heard Sousuke's question, "Yes that would be me... oh you're Louise the Zero's familiar."

"There is a matter that I need your assistance with. It is something only you can do, Lady Montmorency. Will you please come
with me?"

Montmorency eyed Sousuke oddly, but nodded as she stood from her seat and followed Sousuke to Guiche and his entourage.
Guiche paled as Montmorency's curiosity turned to anger, "What is the meaning of this?"

"It's simple," Sousuke answered. He pulled the vile of perfume out of his pocket and presented it to Montmorency.

"This... this is my personal fragrance! How did you get this?"

"I found it on the ground. You gave this to this boy did you not?" Sousuke asked as he pointed to Guiche.

The boy had released Katie's arm and put his hands in a warding gesture against Montmorency, "Calm down
Montmorency... I can explain!"

"Lord Guiche..." And with that, Katie started crying uncontrollably. "I knew it, you and Lady Montmorency are..."

"They're misunderstanding. Katie, listen. The only person I hold in my heart is you..."

"You dirty dog!" Montmorency cried.

"M-M-M-Montmorency! Please don't get the wrong idea!"

"Wrong idea? But are you not you intimately involved with both of them? Considering the way you were talking with this
young woman the other night I would assumed both of you were in some sort of relationship."

Montmorency's teeth threatened to ground into a fine powder at that comment. Guiche gulped as panic began to set
in, "N-N-Now now Montmorency my sweet rose... that is not a look that should stain your lovely features."

"I agree," Montmorency growled. Guiche gulped again as the noblewoman glared into his eyes as if to dare him to prove
her wrong, "So why are you making me look like this you perverted jackal?"

"How could you, Lord Guiche?" asked the first year girl. Her voice cracking as betrayal began settling into her heart, "You
said I was your one and only!"

"I can explain if you two would only calm down!" Guiche cried desperately.

"Explain this!" Montmorency cried as she slapped Guiche's face so hard it sent the young nobleman flat on his bottom. She
shook her hand irritably to rid herself of the stinging sensation and stormed off in an angry huff. The first year girl let off a wail
of hurt as she ran from Guiche. Guiche rubbed his stinging cheek to the laughter of various students, feeling a growing sense
of rage and embarrassment build in his soul. His eyes rose to meet the one person responsible for these feelings and prideful
blue eyes locked onto stoic gray ones.

"This is your fault, you lowly peasant," Guiche growled at Sousuke.

Or at least that is what he envisioned...

Instead, what he got was this...

"Hey, it's your fault for two-timing and getting caught Guiche!"

Guiche's friends laughing at his faults and the foul peasant who had caused his shame no where to be found. Guiche growled and
grabbed the nearest of his faceless flunkies, "Where is Louise's familiar? Where did he go?"

The boy pointed behind Guiche, "Somewhere over there with that servant girl."

Guiche released the boy's shoulders and marched in the direction the boy had pointed, "It seems that boy needs to learn the proper
respect for his betters. Rest assured, commoner... I shall teach you a lesson about respect. A painful lesson indeed."

"Here you are."

Louise frowned as she looked up at Sousuke, "What took you so long?"

"A minor disturbance I had to help clear up," Sousuke replied as he took a seat across from Louise. "Although it did take a bit longer
than I thought. My apologies."

Louise frowned at him but dismissed it as he did follow her instructions, though a bit late. "That's fine, just don't take too long next
time", she said, taking a sip.

"I will keep it in mind."


Louise blinked in confusion as she spotted Guiche walking up to her familiar, looking to be frothing at the bit. "Guiche? What is the
matter with you?"

"Please pardon me Louise but I have no quarrel with you," Guiche turned to Sousuke as his glare intensified, "You... do you have any
idea what you've done?"

Sousuke raised an eyebrow but remained infuriatingly silent.

"Guiche," Louise began. The blond nobleman ceased his glaring at the displaced sergeant and turned to the noblewoman, "What exactly
has my familiar done?"

"He got Guiche dumped, that's what!" cried a heckler from the crowd. Sending the gathered students into a laugh.

Guiche growled once more, "That was a simple misunderstanding! One that you," he pointed at Sousuke, "made all the worse!"

Sousuke took a step forward. "Were you not with the younger girl the night prior?"

Guiche blinked, surprised that the familiar knew of his meeting with Katie. "Y-yes... but-!"

"And were you not involved with that blond haired girl as well? Did she not give you that vile of perfume?"

"Yes but-!"

"Oh I get it," Louise sighed as the pieces began fitting together.

"Then we can conclude that there was no misunderstanding whatsoever", Sousuke finished.

"Damn it, you peasant!" Guiche cried out as he brandished his wand and pointed it at the sergeant. "It's becoming all the more clear
to me that you need to be reminded of your position in this world! I challenge you to a duel!"

"A duel?" Sousuke repeated.

"Guiche! I cannot allow this! You cannot fight with my familiar! Besides, dueling is forbidden!", Louise shouted.

Guiche shook his head negatively at the girl, "Miss Louise I cannot believe you would get that rule mistaken! While it is true that
nobleman are forbidden from dueling, there is no rule that forbids a noble and a commoner from dueling is there?"

Louise blanched, "N-no... But that's because-"

"Therefore I must ask you to stay out of this! It's for his own good!" He turned back to Sousuke, a damning smirk on his face,
"Do you accept?"

"What are the rules?", Sousuke asked.

"Sousuke!", Louise shouted at him.

"No killing or grievous injury. Other than that, anything goes." Guiche answered.

"Anything goes?" Sousuke asked

"Damn it, you stupid familiar! Listen to your master," Louise cried out.

Sousuke looked at her briefly and turned back to Guiche. "Would there be any negative repercussions should I not accept?"

"Besides allowing everyone here to see what a coward you are, I suppose not. Actually, I'd commend you for showing so much
incite as to not fight someone who is so clearly your better," Guiche replied condescendingly.

"My better", Sousuke repeated, confused.

"Superior, greater being, what have you."

"Sousuke, just apologize and be done with it," Louise commanded.

After a second Sousuke responded. "My apologies, then." He then turned back to Louise.

Guiche's eye twitched, "So... you refuse to duel me?"

Sousuke nodded, "I suppose I do. All things considered, I do not wish to take an innocent life accidentally."

"W-w-w-w-w-w-what?" Guiche cried out.

"Perhaps I shouldn't be so judgmental," Sousuke continued, "But as I look at you I believe that if I went out even half way on you I
would probably break a good deal of your bones. If not out and outright accidentally paralyze you. So, if my words earlier caused
you any more confusion between your two lady friends I apologize."

Louise nodded approvingly at Sousuke and then turned to Guiche who was stewing in the juices of his ever growing anger, "There
Guiche. Are you satisfied now?"

"HOW COULD I BE SATISFIED WITH BEING SO HUMILIATED?" Guiche roared, "And by you... you of all people... I'll never forgive
your words peasant!"

Sousuke sighed in resignation, "So there is no other alternative then?"

"No! We duel right now!"

Sousuke sighed once more and put his hand in his side pocket, "All right then."

"Sousuke!" Louise cried again.

"I tried to resolve this matter peacefully, Louise," Sousuke reminded her. "But if he is so set on this, there's nothing more either
of us can do."

Louise sighed in defeat, "Fine then." She turned to Guiche, "Just don't hurt him too badly, Guiche. I still have chores for him to
do tonight."

"I can assure you that I will not be the one hurt", Sousuke affirmed.

"So you say," Louise said dismissively as she re-took her seat. As much as she didn't like this, it would get into Sousuke's head
how vastly superior a nobleman was to a familiar.


"What was that sound?" asked a faceless voice in the crowd.

Guiche smirked confidently at Sousuke, "I must apologize to you Louise, for the state of mind I am in now... I am uncertain that
my rage will allow me to ensure that he is not hurt to bad-"


Guiche fell over backwards as a noticeable dent in his forehead began forming from the impact of the shot. A rubber bullet landed
solidly upon his chest as he was noticeably out cold from Sousuke's surprise attack. Sousuke sighed as he put his gun away, "I win."

The silence from the crowd of students was defining.

Louise broke it as she rose from her seat and rounded on Sousuke angrily, "What the hell was that?"

"That was the end of the duel," Sousuke replied bluntly.

"That's not how you duel!"

"No? There were no restrictions other than no killing or grievous injuries."

"But he wasn't ready!"

"And that is why I didn't want to fight him." Sousuke replied. "On top of looking to be weak, he looked as if he had never been in a
fight a single day in his life. In a real fight there is no such thing as 'being ready'. You either react or you are dead."

Louise frowned at Sousuke's words, "Be that as it may..."

"Ah!" cried a voice from the crowd. "That's the sound I heard last night!"

"What kind of musket is that?"

"He beat Guiche in mere moments! What kind of commoner is he?"

"That's it?"

"Affirmative," Sousuke nodded.

"No blood?"

"That's a negative," Sousuke replied again.

"Well," began a slightly pudgy, blond haired boy with an owl on his shoulder, "Congratulations good sir. You won the duel, although I
should warn you that this won't be the end of it."

"Why would that be? I did defeat him per the rules," Sousuke asked in confusion.

"Because Sousuke... what Louise failed to mention is that there is a certain code to these duels. Guiche won't be satisfied with things
ending like this."

"He won't?"

"Of course not," Louise sighed. "All you did was delay the inevitable."

"I see..." Sousuke sighed out. "Fine then... if that is the case then anytime he is ready I will accept his challenge."

"Ah good," the blond boy let out. "And do be sure to let us know when that is. We wouldn't want to miss this rematch."

"And don't forget the blood next time," cried out a voice from the crowd.

Louise grabbed Sousuke by his arm and began dragging him off, "Let's go, familiar. You've done enough damage for the day." Sousuke
frowned in thought as he allowed himself to be taken away from the gathering. Replaying the events that had just transpired in his head
and coming to one reasonable conclusion.

No matter what it took, he had to get home as soon as possible. Before this world started making even less sense.

End ch. 2

Author's notes: Wait... wut?