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The winter war had finished Ichigo had raced to Soul Society and defeated Aizen but not without its costs he had to go full hollow again and when Aizen knew he was near defeat he sent gin to kill pre arranged targets. When Gin refused Aizen cut him down and he himself went to Ichigos home and killed his farther and 2 sisters as well as Kon. It was a sad moment for Ichigo as it signified and end of his human life however it managed to buy him time to finally defeat Aizen. It was over he relaxed and let his hollow form crumble. The remaining Captains cheered, Ichigo grinned before collapsing. When he came to he found himself in the arms of a beautiful raven haired girl sobbing on his face.

"Don't you dare die Ichigo. please"

"Would you keep it down Midget I'm trying to recover here"


"BAKA BAKA could you not see how worried I was about you"

"Rukia, I'm sorry."

Rukia was shocked the strawberry never said sorry. Never ever.

"I wasn't strong enough to saved them."

Just then a figure appeared behind the pair

"God you're so stupid Kurosaki-san"

Ichigo looked at the sandal wearing man

"What did you think only the males of the Kurosakis have massive amounts of Spirit Pressure once its unlocked. Your sisters have been training as Shinigami since you left my shop."

Ichigo sighed he wasn't happy with Karin and Yuzu becoming Shinigami but at least they were safe and they would now all live in Soul Society.

3 weeks later

"" Isshin screamed as he jumped to kick his son.

Ichigo ducked and countered with an uppercut

"How the hell you are a captain ill never know"

After the winter war the Gotei 13 suffered losses themselves with Ukitake, Mayuri and Soifon losing there life. On top of the already missing places of the Gotei 13 from Aizen there was 6 places left. Kiskue and Yourichi picked up there old positions and Gin after being discovered as Yama-ji's spy was returned to the 3rd leaving the 13th, 9th and 5th Isshin took the 13th as a request to honour his old friend Ukitake and to keep him busy while Karin and Yuzu were at the Shinigami Academy while Renji took the 9th.

"Aww don't be mean to daddy. any way i came to tell you something important"

Ichigo leaned up to listen

"At the last Captains meeting it was decided that you are to become the Captain of Squad 5"

Ichigo stared his shock the Gotei 13 had left him alone for a while to recover, but he knew they would be back he was extremely powerful and would be a great asset. It would also allow him to protect more people and more importantly he would get to see Rukia more.

"Okay dad ill do i..."

"Wait a minute Ichigo, there is one thing the commander wants you to do before you become Captain."

"what is it?"

"As a Shinigami you suck your Zanjutsu is off as well as your Haduka and don't even get me started on kido. So he has given me a list of the areas you need to improve on. Here is the list"

"Damn dad there is sure a lot there. what are they gaps by them all about."

"That is where you will write who you want to teach you it can be anyone of the Gotei 13 or Nel as she is the only remaining Espada left, you have 1 hour to give your list in to the Captain Commander and after that you will have 1 year to get the list complete."

"ok let's do this then"

1 hour later

Ichigo walked into the first division headquarters and up to the Commanders desk

"Here is my list Sir"

The commander ushered him to leave

The Captain Commander looked up from his desk and at the list he smiled, this was one of Isshin's best ideas yet not only would he become an incredibly strong Captain but it would also set the future foundations for Ichigo to take his own job at the head of the Gotei 13.

Ichigos List.

Zangestu- Urahara Kisuke

Haduka and Hoho-Yoruichi Shihōin

3. Master Kido-Byakuya Kuchiki

Level 80+ Kido-Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai

How to use Resurrección-Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

the History of Soul Society-Byakuya Kuchiki

How to become a noble-Byakuya Kuchiki

8. Learn Healing Kido-Retsu Unohana

9. Learn how to run a division-Gin Ichimaru

battle strategies-Urahara Kisuke

And finally being a captain can be a lonely job and it is important to have someone to love and care for so therefore you will need to find a wife or at the very least a girlfriend.

Ichigo was not looking forward to the final sentence of having to find a loved one although he did have one person in mind.

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