After reading many Riddick/Firefly crossovers I started thinking, what if it had been River on the Hunter Gratzner instead of Jack, but just River and no Simon in tow? River is going to be a little more lucid in this story due to the nature of how she ended up on the Hunter Gratzner [hint lol ;)] I also plan on making a lot of art/mythology/music references in River's thoughts and speech, so it may help to look them up to know what I mean. I own nothing of Firefly or the Riddick Verse, so please don't sue me.

Riddick POV

They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep. All but the primitive side, the animal side. No wonder I'm still awake. Transporting me with civilians, he should know better. Sounded like 40, 40-plus. Heard a silent prayer. Some holy man, probably on his way to New Mecca. But what route? What route? I smelt a woman. Sweat, boots, tool belt, leather. Prospector type. Free settlers. And they only take the back roads. And then there's Mr. Johns... the blue-eyed devil. Planning on taking me back to slam. But that isn't what I'm concerned with now. No, another scent, female, young, but there is something familiar about her, something that calls to that animal side of me…

It all happens before she can think; the female docking pilot falls to the floor, the reverberations of the explosion knocking the wind out of her. The co-pilot soon follows.

"Why did I just fall on you?" the co-pilot Owens asks, the cyro-sleep wearing off.

"He's dead, the Captain's dead…" Caroline Fry says, her breath coming in short pants from the shock and the added weight.

River's POV

As the next few minutes pass, the fear hangs in the air like a stench. The woman with the fake smile tries to dump the passengers to save her skin. But the man doesn't let her, and they begin to crash, fall from the sky in a blazing inferno, like Icarus when he tried to fly to high, and then flew into the icy depths of the ocean below.

One by one, the cryo-sleeps begin to shut down, the awareness coming off them in waves, they know they are going to crash, that they may not live, and the girl knows most of them won't. But that isn't what keeps her calm, keeps her breathing even. She is aware of him and the beast within him, she feels him pull at her mind, and she cannot help but be drawn to the swirling black depths of his mind. There is conflict, pain, confusion, blood, anger, but it makes sense to her. It is like the dance she has been taught. Like Verdi's Requiem. And the girl wants nothing more to be carried away by the symphony.

The next time she comes to there is light, and voices; lots of voices screaming at her mind and body. She cannot block them out, they scream at her with fury. She clutches her ears to try and dull the voices, but it does no good, they just find their way back in. And it is not only the voices of the dead that scream, but the things beneath her… and she shudders. She feels hands on her now, pulling her from the cryo-chamber, and she is being dragged from the wreckage.

"Got another one here…" the blue eyed man yells "Seems like she's in shock."

"The girl cannot stop the yelling, cannot block the screams," she says mournfully as she collapses in a heap once clear of the wreck.

"Yeah, definitely shock." As the blue eyed man looks on, a little confused as to what the girl is saying.

The woman with the fake smile comes over to the girl, her mock concern plastered for all to see, but oh pretty gilded butterfly, your secret is safe with me for now, even though it makes the girl's head ache, and she longs for the symphony again.

"Get her over to Shazza and the others and have her look after her, see if they can't calm her a bit."

She's aware now of the other voices, the one's not screaming red and like the furies. The cacophony is too much to bear and she loses her mind to it…

…An hour later…

"Is anybody else having trouble breathing?" The little whelp of a man Paris complains to no one in particular.

"Yeah. I feel one lung short." The female free-settler, Shazza replies.

After she awoke, from her blackout what passengers remain have converged on the little shade provided by the wreckage. The gilded butterfly, Caroline Fry, the 'pilot' has given instructions to all.

Johns, the 'law man,' the 'blue eyed devil' as she hears the in the swirling black of the symphony, is searching for survivors and supplies in the wreckage with gilded butterfly, the settler, and the Holy man. But you have to wonder what he is really looking for, because he seems intent on finding something beneath the garden of shards of twisted metal. The nervous twitch becoming more apparent as time ticks by. Tick, tick, another nervous tick, and it's harder to hide the tremor…

The whelp, Shazza, and the Holy man's three charges are sorting through the debris. Separating what is salvageable and what isn't. The bodies are being stacked to one side, for the funeral pyre to come.

"They-they talk to me, they want me-they want me to talk…" She says, staring at the bodies.

"Ta ma de, bi zui little girl! Go sit in the shade like you were told to and quit saying things like that." Paris shouts.

After she came to after her blackout, she had tried to tell them, tried to make them understand what the voices were telling her of, the ones above and below the earth. She tried to tell them the girl was not little, that she knew things, but they paid no mind to the little girl in shock.

Their minds screamed at her all their rage and fear. She began to look for solace in the symphony again and found herself walking towards the music.

Riddick's POV

Fucking John's, caught me before I had a chance to find out more about the scent calling to me. Ripped the damn goggles off my head before I could even loosen the cuffs around my wrists. Fucker knew what I would have done too. Gone straight for his sweet spot, the one that still has the reminder I left him with last time…But I can still smell her, despite the smell of burned flesh; the lavender scent of hers lingers in the air. Swirls around my nostrils so much I can taste it. It's getting stronger now too, and laced with curiosity, which means she is coming to see what the monster they caged up looks like up close…

"Know you're there girl, doesn't matter you move like a mouse, can smell you…" which earns a giggle from her.

"The girl knows this, but the implication does not startle her," and she giggles again as she takes another step forward.

"Most would be afraid to get this close to a killer little girl…" the growl that accompanies my threat would have sent a chill down most men's spines, but it just earns another giggle from the girl which irritates me to no end.

"Orpheus will have to try harder to make the girl dance away. His mind is a tempo which pulls the dancer to him." She easily replied now not more than a meter away.

I scoff at this, "What the fuck do you know about my mind little girl?"

After this, the scent in the air changes swiftly, the lavender is consumed by something stronger, something that makes my blood boil, and calls to the animal side again. She's now behind me, whispering in my ear…

"The girl knows more about Richard B. Riddick than you know yourself," she practically hisses. The use of my full name not going unnoticed and my muscles instinctively stiffen, from the use of the name as well as her proximity.

"The girl knows what he truly is, the animal that is within him. The girl knows because there is an animal in the girl as well. One that they created when they took away the parts and left the girl broken. But they could not cage the girl, like they cannot cage the man. The girl knows this, and knows that the symphony he provides calms her, and will help her weather this storm…"

I growl at this, comprehending some of the twisted riddles she has just said… "Strong survival instinct. I admire that in a woman. …"

Author's Note: Okay so this is my first fanfic ever and I would really appreciate feedback, good or bad =) If enough people like where I am going with this I will continue.