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Teaser for Inevitable Evening

Bella's POV

"My name is Esme, I'm Carlisle's wife," the woman wrapping a blanket around me said. I smiled a little and nodded to her.

"Thank you, so much. For this, and for having me. I hope my staying here won't be too much of an inconvenience," I said. A soft smile tilted her lips as she ran her hand over the back of my head. She shook her head.

"No, never..." she said, looking at me with the softest, most heart warming eyes I'd ever seen. As she backed away, Carlisle placed his hand on my back and urged me forward gently.

"And you know my children. That's Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett. And of course, Edward," Carlisle said, going from right to left. Alice smiled at me, warmly. I felt warm just looking at her. Jasper gave a short nod, indicating he knew I existed. Rosalie crossed her arms and glared, looking irritated at me, like always. I really wondered what her problem with me was. Emmett gave a small wave, hiding a smile in his eyes.

Then my eyes fell on Edward. Beautiful, dazzling, breath taking Edward. I was almost breathless. His eyes were so dark, so intense. It looked as if he too was grieving. I turned my eyes away, feeling guilty for imposing on them all. As the silence went on, I lowered my gaze to the ground, working the blanket's fabric between my fingers. Then I turned to Carlisle.

"Please, Dr. Cullen-"

"Carlisle. Please, call me Carlisle," he said. I swallowed at his warm gaze, trying to get the courage to say what I knew was right.

"Carlisle... I really do feel lie a burden here. I could call a friend and see if I can stay with them-"

"No," a sharp word came from behind me. I turned and looked at Edward, along with everyone else in the room. He got to his feet, increasing his frightening demeanor ten fold. His eyes bore straight into mine. I felt like he was boring into my soul. I took in a sharp breath.

"You can stay here. As you can see, we have more than enough room. This is no inconvenience after what's fallen in your home," he said. His eyes broke on his last word and so did my chest. I turned my eyes to the ceiling, then closed them, finding it easier to cope. I didn't want to think about Charlie right now.

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