Okay, I had to re-do this so I don't get it taken off, ya know? Okay, here's the re-vamped version of Resident Evil/BIOHAZARD Truth or Dare Show! Enjoy. I own only the BOWs Destiny owns, and Destiny herself.

The Resident Evil cast woke up on a wooden stage. They all looked around.

"Where the Hell are we this time?" Chris asked to no one in particular.

"OMG! Christopher Redfield!" A voice said in the dark.

"Who the [beep] was that?" Jill asked, the profanity being bleeped out.

The mysterious newcomer walked out of the shadows. She was wearing a black cloak, with the hood obscuring her face. She cleared their throat before saying, "I'm very sorry for my outburst. My name is Dragonclaw-Phoenixstar1017, and I am the author of this Truth or Dare."

The entire cast yelled out, "NOT ANOTHER ONE!" In response to the author.

DC-PS1017 rolled her eyes. "Shut up and get over yourselves," She told them. "Geez. Anyway, here's my newest OC, Destiny Wesker."

Wesker looked at the author with his mouth wide open. "You made a relative for me?" He asked in disbelief.

"Dude, she's been trying to drill holes into my head just to be givin a damn name! How do you think I feel?" The younger author said. She looked behind her and called out, "Yo, come on out, girl!" The blonde walked out of the shadows with a smile on her face. She has the same glowing red orange eyes like her brother. She was wearing a black T-Shirt with designs resembling blood seeping out of someone.

"Hihi," She happily said.

The entire cast said, "Oh Dear Lord help us."

"Hush or my pack of Cerberi and Lickers will kill you!" Destiny said almost angrily.

"WTF?" Chris asked. "You let her have BOWs?"

"Well, she is one like her brother," The young author said.

"Oh yay!" Destiny said. "Back story!"

"In a, hopefully, upcoming story, it revolves around Destiny and her infection into what she is," She said. "She pretty much has the virus her brother has, the T-Virus, and the DNA of different creatures."

"Are you insane?" Jill asked her.

"Very much. Thank you," DC-PS1017 said. "Like in my Kingdom Hearts Truth or Dare of Torture, I'm only here to give an intro to everything. So, bye guys!" She disappeared in a poof of blackish red smoke.

"Okay, here's the layout, guys!" Destiny said, folding her hands together. "You can either sleep in the basement with my pet BOWs, or you can have a giant room for you all to sleep in. You get a choice every chapter because it all depends on if you piss me off. So, your choice!"

The RE cast made audible "Gulp" noises.

"What else?" Destiny murmured to herself. "Oh yeah! No using your powers if you got any on the others unless dared. Because if you do, I'm ripping you and feeding you to Lickers."

"Another gulp," Everyone said.

"So, for all you people watching at home, please send in your calls/reviews and we'll do them!" Destiny said, facing the camera with a large smile, showing fangs. "Oh, and send in punishments, too, 'cause I know they won't do some of them. Bye bye!" She waved as the camera shut down. The cast could be seen shaking from zombies, Cerberi, and Lickers surrounding them. They were all huddled together, though it somehow went unnoticed by Destiny, as some of them were whimpering (coughcoughJosephcoughcough!).

Yeah, pretty much bordem. But please do call/review. Reviews will be called "calls". Thank you! And yep! I'm redoing all the chapters in story format! Just wait, too!