Disclaimer: I only own Destiny, her BOW army, and Lucas and his pack. And his cute little son! And Destiny and Chris's son! And Chris and Jill's unborn child! Please do enjoy this probably short episode. Also, if you don't pay your satilite bill and have a wii, you can watch TV on Netflix either way, and it's awsome. That is all. Thank you. Oh, yeah. HAPPY 2011! This will be my FIRST update in the new year! AWSOMENESS! WOOHOO!

Lucas: Okay, then, Jill, you are prego.


Chris: Uh, I'll be in Canada. (Runs off to Canada)

Destiny: Oh boy, Jill. Calm down a little, okay?

Jill: But he got me pregnate!

Destiny: Have you notseen my little stomach lump? (Points to slightly protruding stomach) He got me pregnate too, Valentine!

Jill: The point still stands!

Phone: Uh, I got trapped in the phone.

Everyone: Oh my God, is that Chris's voice?

Destiny: Chris, how?

Phone: I have no idea. Hey Lucas, can I go now?

Destiny: Calm down people. It's just a recording.

Everyoone: Okay.

Destiny: Hello? What's up?


Wesker - I dare you to dance like flippin moron whish mashed up bananas in your pants! while Justin beiber sings in the background!(you can kill him when he is of no further use)

Chris - DON'T THINK YOU CAN HIDE FOREVER! I dare you to take my pet Xenomorph Skittles out for a walk (your F*cked dude...)

Thats all I'm going to have for now since it's such short notice...but remember-NONE CAN HIDE FROM THE WRATH OF ME!

Destiny: Awsome dares! Also, the first dares of the new year for our show!

Everyone including BOWs: YAY!

Destiny: Okay, cool dares. Oh Albert.

Wesker: (Haning on rafters) HELL TO THE NO!

Destiny: (Turns into second form, which is slightly like the first, only differences are the she now has wing like protrusions coming out of her back, horns, and five tails) What? You thought I only had one form? I have more, trust me. GET DOWN ALBERT!


Destiny: No thanks, Chris already did.


Destiny: (Shoves mashed bananas into Wesker's underwear) Now dance! I have a CD. (Puts on CD)

Wesker: I hate you, Tyrant Wolf. (Dances)

Everyone: HAHAHAHA!

Chris: Wait, you mean one of those things from Alien?

Destiny: Aww! I think Skittles is cute! Go ahead Chris! (Shoves Chris and Skittles out the door)

/Five minutes later/


Ziri: Chris Redfield. Cause of Death: Xenomorph. See ya. (Revives Chris)

Chris: MOMMA! (Hides behind Wesker)

Destiny: I know nothing can hide from your great wrath, Tyrant Wolf. Nothing. Not even me! And I'm good at hiding.

Wesker: She is. I've been ambushed by her several times before.



Destiny: Don't ask. Yo?

TehAwesomeNinja: WOOHOO I LUV THIS SHOW! anyways

Wesker-I dare you to fight all the male Heros in RE(You can use your powers)Reward: Jill is you slave for the next 5 chapters.(also Chris,Steve,Leon,Luis,and Carlos can't use guns muhahaha!)

Alexia-I dare you to say power in front of Krauser and Mracus

(They love the power! x3)Reward: you get to torture Steve

Sherry-I dare u Go kick Claire's Ass for ditching you with Wesker

Also can i be in teh show? i wanna play with Junior!

Destiny: Thank you!

Wesker: Sweet.

/Afer several minutes/

Chris: We win!

Destiny:... H-How...?

Luis: Dunno, but we did.


Carlos: Sorry.

Alexia: Power.

Jack: WHERE! (Drools like a dog)

Lucas: Oh dude, that's just gross!

Marcus: THERE IS NO POWER HERE! (Falls into fetal postion)

Phillip: What the Hell?

Lucas: I don't know, man. I don't know.

Sherry: (Angrily attack Claire) Even thoughr Mister Wesker was nice to me, you still left me with him!

Claire: This doesn't hurt. It kinda tickles.

Destiny: Sure! Please welcome, TehAwesomeNinja!

TAN: Where's Junior?

Lucas: (Smirks)

Willam: Why are you smirking?

Lucas: You'll see, Birkin. Oh, Junior!

(A young, teenaged Cerberus come onto stage. He's a little smaller than Lucas)

Everyone: Who the Hell is that?

Junior: Don't you guys reconize me?


Junior: Uh huh.

Destiny: What happened?

Junior: I grew up, ya know? I look pretty cool, huh?

Flower: You look like your father, son.

Junior: So, I look awsome?

Lucas: Yep!

Female Cerberus: Hey, LJ.

Junior: O-oh, h-h-hey, Toxic.

Destiny: Wait, aren't you Beta's daughter?

Toxic: Yeah.

Beta: See, my real name is Acid.

Junior: Cool. So, uh, why're you here, Tox?

Toxic: I wanted to see the place. Alpha always talks about it, so I just wanted to see for myself. And I wanna stay.

Destiny: Cool by me.

TAN: That's the cute litte Cerberus pup I wanted to play with?

Junior: Yes. I still wanna play!

Toxic: (Flicks Junior's war) You're just a big pup.

Junior: Shut up. (Plays with TAN)

Destiny: Wow, only two calls. What a short one, huh?

Everyone: Oh yeah big time.

Destiny: Please call in. I'm sure that Toxic and Junior have something going on.

Junior: (Blushes) WE DO NOT!

Lucas: Let's see, next episode!

Toxic: Please call in! I've alway swanted to say that!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FANFICTION! My very first update of the new year! And yes, Junior grew up! He's now a young Cerberus! Everyone gets something cool this year! See ya next time! And do call in, for the new year has only begun! It only has, too.