Ness and Popo were both chasing the runaway mine cart that contained Waluigi, who was holding as tight as he could as the mine cart went downhill, with Popo and Ness tumbling down. The two young boy Smashers groaned weakly as they looked behind them, screaming as they got up running uphill the track, several more runaway mine carts chasing them within the abandoned gold mine.

"Don't you idiots know how to help?" Waluigi exclaimed as the mine cart titled right, nearly falling off the wooden tracks as it rammed a nearby mine cart into the deep abyss. "I can't hold on forever, man!"

"We're trying! We're trying!" Popo and Ness proclaimed as they jumped over the speeding mine carts that tried bulldozing them.

"You're not trying hard enough!" Waluigi shouted back as he ducked his head, sighing of relief as he avoiding having his head hit a wooden beam above, the mine cart tilting towards the right as it went around a wide bend, heading uphill.

Popo looked up, to see several large brownish boulders tumble down, towards Waluigi. Snapping his fingers, Popo fired some ice at the air, jumping on the newly formed icicle platforms as he grabbed Ness. Ness held on as much as he could as he fired several blasts of PK Fires at the incoming rocks that were hanging up in the ceiling, all of them burning as they turned towards the right.

"This may get ugly..." Ness muttered as he gulped, looking down from the last icicle platform.

Popo laughed as he patted Ness on the back, grabbing him as he extended his left arm, his wooden mallet in tow. "Hang on, Ness, because this is where the fun begins!" He screamed with joy as he jumped off, with Ness screaming his head off.

Luckily for the two boy Smashers, they successfully landed in the very mine cart that contained Waluigi. Waluigi gawked in shock as the mine cart soared over the wide gap ahead, making a sharp landing as it turned around the left bend.

"This is some rescue..." Waluigi muttered as he face palmed, shaking his head in dismay.

Popo and Ness glanced at each other, laughing as they hugged each other. The three male characters were then sent soaring into the air as the mine cart crashed into a wall, with Popo and Ness screaming in joy as Waluigi screamed in horror, flailing his lanky arms as they all fell down the deep, dark abyss.

"For the record, I blame you two!" Waluigi shouted as he folded his arms angrily, with Popo and Ness sheepishly shrugging as they continued falling, not knowing how their stupendous, outstanding, amazing fall would end.