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Edward's POV

I'm not sure how it happened. One minute Alice is happy and laughing, practically dancing around the house; the next minute she's almost in tears.

Emmett looks over at me with wide, scared eyes.

I look back with the very same expression.

I just can't figure out what in the world would make Alice upset to the point of crying. I thought we had come to a point where our lives had reached a new normal, a good one. It's been about a month since I brought Emmett home to meet Alice, and every single day since then has been like some sort of dream.

Emmett and I go to work together in the morning and while we spend most of the day in our own offices, we still get to have lunch together almost every day. The new building for McCarty Sporting Goods isn't the type of thing that I'm used to designing, but the work has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding. It doesn't hurt that at the end of the day I get to drive home with the CEO.

Emmett still travels on Tuesday nights to Seattle, and while I miss him, it gives Alice and me some time to hang out, just the two of us. I'm not at the point yet where I'm ready to ask Emmett to move in with us, but I can see us getting there eventually. More than anything, I want us all to be happy – together.

And we have been happy. Everything has been so incredibly good – I just didn't see this coming.

"What's wrong, Alice?" I ask, desperately trying to think of what has happened in the last ten minutes that would make her so upset. I'm clueless, completely out of my element. After all these years of living with Alice, dealing with every awkward girl situation that you can imagine, I've never experienced anything like this, ever.

I'm not sure anything could have prepared me for the prom.

"What do you mean, what's wrong?" She waves her arms, then points at her face. "I look like a vampire!"

Both Emmett and I lean in a little closer, and examine the makeup that Bella smeared all over her face. It does look a little white. Okay, very white. There is a clear line along her jaw where the color of her neck clashes with the color of the makeup. The more I look at it, the more obvious it is.

"Is that not your color or something?" Emmett asks, scratching his head and lifting random bottles off the counter.

"I don't own any makeup. This is Bella's and it's all wrong." Alice leans back against the wall and closes her eyes. I'm completely and totally stunned that Alice, of all people, is getting upset over makeup.

"I can't go. Not like this," Alice says and her lips quiver a little.

Bella runs into the bathroom wearing sweatpants and hair curlers. She frantically dumps her purse out on the floor, then searches through the mess. "Shit, Alice. I don't have anything in your shade. Shit."

I don't bother bugging Bella about her language. Apparently this situation calls for widespread panic.

"Okay, I'll take you to the store. We'll get you whatever you need, okay?" I pat my pockets and make sure that I have my keys.

"We don't have time!" Alice cries. "Jasper is going to be here in forty minutes and my hair isn't even done!" She points to her hair, as if she's pointing out an obvious problem, but I don't get it. I think Alice's hair looks just fine, but when I open my mouth to tell her so, Emmett stops me with a hand on my shoulder.

"I have an idea. You girls finish up with your hair, okay?" Emmett says as he drags me from the room. "I promise everything is going to be fine."

He shuts the door behind him, and before I can ask him exactly how the hell he can promise such a thing, he's has his phone up to his ear.

"Rose, it's me. You busy? We've got a girl emergency."

Seconds later he's hanging up the phone. We look at each other, then look at the clock. Thirty-eight minutes. To me it seems like all the time in the world to get ready for a night out, but after the mess we just experienced in the bathroom, I have no idea what to think.

Emmett and I don't say much while we wait. We just pace the living room floor, looking toward the front door whenever we hear a noise outside.

"How much longer do you think?" I ask, even though I know that Rose lives no less than twenty minutes from here. It's only been eleven.

Before he can answer, the front door slams open, and a tall, leggy blonde walks in, followed by a shorter woman with curly black hair.

"Where is she?" The girl who could only be Rose demands, looking around the room. When she spots me, she grins. "Edward!" she almost squeals, then races over and throws her arms around me.

"It's nice to meet you, Rose," I manage to say even though she's kind of squeezing the air out of me.

She takes a step back and looks me up and down approvingly. Before I know what's happening, I'm being pulled into another hug, this one even tighter than Rose's.

"Mom," Emmett whines, sounding a little embarrassed, but mostly pleased.

I hug her back, and it all feels very natural, not awkward at all. It feels good.

When she does pull away, she's all smiles, and I can see where Emmett got his dimples from.

"I am so happy to finally meet you, Edward," she says and looks between us, where Emmett has grabbed my hand. She smiles. "Call me Evelyn, all right?"

I wasn't expecting to meet Emmett's mother and best friend like this, but it's great. It might even be better because I didn't have a chance to be nervous and worry about it for days beforehand.

"This is so sweet," Rose says with a smile, but her expression quickly turns serious. "Now, where are the girls?"

"Down the hall to the right," I say, pointing them in the direction of Alice's bedroom.

Rose and Evelyn pick up the bags that they threw on the floor when they came in, and run down the hallway.

I sigh in relief. It's out of our incapable hands now. I'm more than happy to hand the task of helping the girls over. Emmett squeezes my hand and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"They like you, you know," he says quietly, grinning.

"You think? It feels like Rose broke a rib." We laugh together for a moment, enjoying the relief of the situation. Before long though, we both look at the clock.

Twenty-five minutes.

I start to pace the living room again, but Emmett pulls me down to sit next to him on the couch.

I try unsuccessfully not to fidget. My knee bounces without my permission, and just when I reach up to tug my hair Emmett's hand wraps around my own.

"Do you need a distraction?" He asks with a chuckle.

"Sorry, I know it's silly of me to worry –"

"Nah, I think it's sweet." Emmett smiles, then squeezes my hand. "Do you know what else I think is sweet?" He moves closer to me, so that we're right next to each other on the couch. "Your lips."

He kisses me softly, and I laugh against his mouth.

"That was really cheesy," I say, but then I kiss him back.

"You know you love it."

Before I know it, we've gone from quick kisses to making out. We shouldn't be doing this, we learned our lesson last time – sort of – but when we both whisper that we should stop we just begin kissing again.

When the doorbell rings, we both jump, then act like we were never even kissing in the first place. I'm laughing, but when I remember who is at the door, I frown.

"Be nice," Emmett whispers as he follows me to the front door.

I give him an innocent look. How could he possibly think I would be mean to Alice's date?

When I open the door, there Jasper is, standing on the porch, wearing a tuxedo, and clutching a corsage like it's a lifeline. Next to him is a monster of a teenager, probably close to Emmett in size.

"Hello, sir," Jasper says with a very serious look on his face. "I'm here to take Alice to the prom. I promise I will take care of her and be a perfect gentleman and get her home safe."

I think he may have practiced those lines.

"By midnight," I say firmly, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Edward…" Emmett whispers next to me. He nudges my side. I sigh loudly.

"Fine. One a.m. Have her home by one or I'm calling Chief Swan."

Jasper nods vigorously, and I step to the side to let him in.

"Hey, I'm Jake," the larger teenager says as he slaps me on the back and steps inside. "Is Bella ready yet?"

I narrow my eyes at him but Emmett just laughs, then answers for me.

"We'll go see if they're ready." He grabs my hand and leads me down the hallway. When we get to Alice's room, we both relax at the sound of giggling coming from inside. Giggling is good. It means that nobody's crying.

When I knock, Rose opens the door with a huge smile. "They're ready."

Emmett and I step into Alice's room, which is empty. The girls must be in the bathroom.

For some reason, I'm nervous. Seeing Alice upset earlier surprised me. I had no idea that the prom was so important to her. Now that I know that, it seems so much more important to me too. Again, Emmett reaches for my hand and squeezes.

A moment later, the bathroom door opens, and out steps Alice. She looks beautiful. Her dress is black with red trim, and she's wearing red Chucks instead of heels. Her hair looks different, more spiky instead of hanging straight around her face. Her eye shadow is simple, and the makeup on her face is just the right shade for her skin. She doesn't look like a vampire at all.

She looks just like our mother.

Next, Bella steps into the room, wearing the exact same dress except that it's red with black trim, and black Chucks instead.

The both look absolutely giddy, and take turns twirling around in their dresses as we all applaud.

They really do look great, but I can't help but laugh. "Alice, how did you get Bella to wear sneakers to the prom?'

Alice giggles. "We made a deal. If I wore makeup and let her pick the dress, she wouldn't make us wear heels."

Shaking my head, I smile some more. I'm so grateful that Alice and Bella have each other as friends.

"Now girls, your dates are here," Emmett's mom says, pushing them both toward the door.

Alice and Bella share an excited smile, then everyone walks toward the door. But before Alice can leave the room, I tug on her hand, pulling her back from the group. She turns around to face me, looking up at me with questioning eyes.

"You… you look beautiful, Alice. Just like mom." For a moment, it seems like she might cry again. Instead she throws her arms around me and squeezes.

"I love you, Edward," she whispers, and I place a kiss on top of her head.

When she pulls away, she puts a hand on her hip, then shakes a finger at me. "Now don't you and Emmett get into any trouble tonight."

I throw my hands up and put on an innocent expression. "I swear we won't."

"Good." She picks up her purse from a pile of stuff on the bed. "I'll be home by midnight, okay?"



"You can stay out until two. Just call to check in once you leave to go to Jessica's party, okay?" I press my lips together after I say it, trying to stop myself from taking it back. I stayed out past two plenty of times when I was a teenager, but it's a lot harder to tell Alice it's okay to do so.

"You're the best, Edward," she says with one last quick hug.

In the living room, Emmett's mother is busy taking pictures of Bella and Jake in front of the fireplace. Then Alice and Jasper take their place, posing together. I may take fifty or so pictures myself, until Alice and Bella complain that I'm overdoing it.

We all walk to the front door, chatting away, and I look over at Bella next to me. "Have fun tonight, okay, Bella?"

Bella doesn't even seem to know I'm there. She's still looking up at Jake with big eyes, going on and on about what kind of music she hopes they play at the prom.

"Um, Bella?" I place a hand on her shoulder and she finally looks over at me.

"Yes, Edward?" Bella asks, as if she's noticing me there for the first time.

Next to me, Emmett chuckles. Jake kind of smirks a little. I'm not sure if I like him or not. "I said to have fun tonight. And be safe, okay?"

"Oh, sure, Edward. Don't worry about us." Before she even finishes her sentence, she's already looking back at Jake, smiling.

We all watch as Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Jake walk to the car, then as the boys hold the doors open for the girls. Alice waves from the passenger, and we all wave back.

"How wonderful," Emmett's mother sighs and then leads us all inside. She and Rose head back to Alice's bedroom to gather their things, and from the size of the bags, I guess that it's going to take a little while.

I pull Emmett to the couch to get comfortable. "I hope they have fun. And are safe." I frown. "Jasper is growing on me, but that Jake kid seems like he might be trouble."

Emmett roars with laughter. "You're just saying that because you're jealous!"

"Jealous?" My jaw drops open, then shut again. "I'm not jealous of a sixteen-year-old kid, Emmett. And even if Bella was of age, I thought you would have noticed that she isn't exactly my type."

Emmett shifts so that he's sitting closer. "I'm just kidding, Edward. But it does look like her little crush on you is over."

I roll my eyes. "Now that I think about it, I kind of feel bad for Jake. Bella can be quite a handful."

"Suuure," Emmett says with a chuckle, then leans over and kisses me through his smile.

It doesn't take long for our kisses to go from innocent to heated, and before I know it, Emmett is half on top of me again.


We really have to stop doing this.

We both freeze, then scramble to right ourselves.

"Having fun boys?" Rose asks with a smirk, her hands on her hips.

Red-faced, we both look at the floor.

"Well, I guess we'll be going then," Emmett's mother says as she places a bag on the coffee table, then pulls out a large container that's holding half of a frosted chocolate cake.

"Sweet! Cake!" Emmett bounces in his seat a little.

I smile my thanks, still embarrassed from being caught practically mauling her son.

"You boys have a good night," Rose says with a wink as she head toward the door.

"Be good," Emmett's mother says with a quiet laugh as she shuts the door behind them.

All of a sudden it's quieter than it's been all day. There is no music from Alice's iPod, or giggling girls, or nervous teenage boys. It's just me and Emmett.

"So… What do you want to do?" Emmett asks with raised brows.

"Your mom told us to be good" I say, then lean forward and kiss him softly on lips.

"You mean like don't watch porn and stuff our faces with cake all night?" Emmett's hand snakes around my waist, pulling me toward him, and I swing my leg around so I can straddle him.

"Yeah, probably not. We probably shouldn't have really hot sex all night either," I say as I begin unbuttoning his shirt, then kiss his neck.

"Definitely not." He's a little breathless, and his hips begin rocking up into me slowly.

"We have to be responsible adults," I say against his skin, my hands in his shirt, fingers caressing his chest.

"Right. Responsible." His hands cover my ass, pulling me up against him hard.

I pull back quickly, looking him right in the eye. "I don't want to be responsible, Emmett."

He licks his lips, then runs his hands down my thighs. "Oh yeah?"

"I don't," I say with the wickedest smile I can manage. "I want you to fuck me as many times as you can before two in the morning."

Emmett grins, then stands up, taking me with him.

"I think I can handle that."