She was laying there, in an unfamiliar bed. She didn't know where she was and there was an unfamiliar arm wrapped around her waist. She felt like she was glued in place by the arm, but she was also surprisingly calm, though she didn't know why. The "glued" feeling finally subsided, so Josie Trent turned to face the company she had. She looked up and straight into the sleeping face of Noel Zachary.


It started off as any normal week, or as normal as Blake Holsey, A.K.A Blake Hole High, could be. It was Monday morning and Josie awoke to the sound of her roomate, Corrine, getting ready for the day. Josie looked at the clock, but realized that it was blinking. Stupid wormhole, causing everything to go outta wack. Josie thought. "Corrine, what time is it?" Josie mumbled. Corrine heard her and answered, " uhmmm...it's about 7:45. Better hurry or you'll be late for Z's class...again." Josie jumped up at that, a little too fast, and she got dizzy. She sat back down on her bed and held her head in her hands, then she saw Z's face in her mind and began getting ready. She was done and out the door in 5 minutes! She ran down the stairs and into the Science Lab. She even beat Corrine there! Professor Z was startled bythe sudden burst of a student through the door with 15 minutes to spare, but then he looked surprised at the fact that it was Josie bursting through the door. "Well, well, , so nice to have you to class on time today. Even better, you're early!" "Good to see you too, Z" Josie replied to Z's remark. Her teacher laughed at her response and Josie couldnt help but feel light-headed. Wait a minute. When did i start liking Z? Josie thought. She disregarded her thought and sat down in her normal spot, the lab-table that her and Corrine shared, and she sat and stared at the table-top until class started. Little did she know that Z loooked up at her every five seconds and smiled to himself each time...