After regaining her balance, Josie realized that she had gotten to where she wanted to be. Then another person came out of the wormhole and was standing right beside her. There he was, in his form-fitting night shirt and somewhat baggy shorts, staring down at her. Josie started to walk away, but he grabbed her before she could go anywhere. Then, he picked her up, and he kissed her. Josie felt like she was flying. But Josie was broken out of it when she remembered why she was in the wormhole in the first place. She broke free and wandered through the halls of the future Blake Holsey and saw on a plaque, where Durst's office used to be, that said "Headmaster Zachary." Weird Josie thought. She turned around and saw Z there, with a stunned look on his face. I guess he thinks it's weird, too. Josie thought. She started walking and he followed, but she didn't mind, because she wanted him to see what she saw. Then, they came upon a staircase connecting the school to the Pearson's house. They walked up the stairs and into the house and were surprised by what they saw. The house was completely transformed. There were pictures of Z and the future Josie everywhere. There were pictures of their children. Our children... Josie thought. She then broke down crying out of joy. Z saw and he hugged her. Then, they walked back to the wormhole and came out back at the current Blake Holsey. They remained in love with each other for the remainder of their lives and they became the owners of Black Hole High.