Ma and Pa told me the story of Pan Gu when I little. Pan Gu became lonely and created the first beings from his shadow. When they became corrupt and turned on one another, Pan Gu saved a select few by placing them in the sacred temple, Heaven's Tear. Then he proceeded to flood the world and its misguided inhabitants, thus ending the 'shadow beings'. Pan Gu felt remorseful for his mistakes and tried again to create a world where his loneliness would cease. He forged the ambitious, inventive humans from his spirit; the peaceful, harmonious Untamed of his body; and the pure, elegant Winged Elves were born from his blood. The final race that Pan Gu created, mentioned less often for their sudden disappearance: the calculating, stoic Tideborn created from Pan Gu's mind.

After this, Pan Gu left his creations to their own devices. He promised them free will and that he would never flood the world again.

For many years, the four races lived separately, but peacefully until the discovery of Heaven's Tear. The Humans and Elves began a war over the sacred temple in the sky. Many died over the decades, each fighting for the belief that their race had rights to use the temple of our elders. Sometime during the wars, the Tideborn disappeared from the world we knew into uncharted territory.

However, when the war looked to become its most fierce, Pan Gu's first creation returned with a vengeance. They had somehow survived the flood and grew in numbers, feeding their hatred with tales of their near extinction at their creator's hands. They planned on waging war against Pan Gu himself by destroying the other races and the world we lived in. They had become such foul, vile, dark beings that the races named them Wraith.

The Wraiths began their attack from what was renamed the Swamp of the Wraiths. It was once a beautiful chain of mini-islands surrounded by crystal clear waters but turned into a horrifying bog. The stench could be smelled for miles. The air was dull, seemingly weighing heavily on those that passed through and darkened by a thick wall of clouds overhead.

The Humans had nearby cities and towns and thus, were the first to be attacked by the Wraiths. Three entire Human towns and a single city were swallowed by the Wraiths. An elven village was claimed next. The pride of both Humans and Elves was thrown aside. An alliance was formed as the Wraiths began claiming more elven land and even extending into Untamed territory.

The three races came together in the human city, Archosaur. Contracts were signed, stating that any wars between the three races were, at the very least, postponed until the Wraiths had been dealt with. Humans and Elves ceased their attacks on one another, instead, opting to teach one another, train together, and fight side by side. Envoys from each race were sent out; messengers carried battle plans and news daily. Fighters were trained, recruited, and sent to the main city of Archosaur.

The war for our world had begun.