By: Karen B.

Summary: Season five warning. Episode related: Swan Song. A Poem. Rated: Tissue warning. What if Dean never breaks his promise to Sam?

Author's note: My muse, dabbling with the unthinkable. Ugly seaweed for hair old hag! Blah - hate that bitch.


Stumbling and staggering every which way.

From sunrise to sunset - the stories say.

Lost and beaten, broken to the core.

Of this world - a solider no more.

Living an existence of half-truths and lies.

Of love, of children - of apples and pies.

Silenced and bound by a promise made.

Life comes to its ending - a debt finally paid.

Bloody and battered, knees hitting the ground.

Four rings drop - not making a solitary sound.

Opening the gate and standing fast.

Arms spread wide - smiling at last.



…He tumbled…and fell…

The story is over, not much more to tell.

Brother now fights alongside brother.

Two soldiers in hell.