Two- Shot

Summary: Bella and Alice attend a night at an art gallery, while there Bella see's an unexpected person from her past.

Disclaimer: I own everything except for the characters, Smeyer own them.

Part 1

It was Friday, finally I thought, this week had been hectic with all the little munchkins in kindergarten that I taught and I was ready to go home, and take a nice long hot bath, to let this week's stress soothe right away.

It was the end of the day and I finally finished cleaning up the classroom of the stray toys that the children had left forgotten on the floor. Before leaving I grabbed my purse and my lesson plans for next coming week I had to plan and then turned the lights off and locked the classroom door.

Reaching my car, I pulled my phone out to call Alice to say I'm on my way back to our apartment. The reason being was because the last time I didn't call her I ended up walking in on her and Jasper that wasn't too pleasant for me to see.

After two short rings she picks up.

"Hey Bella, how was work?" she asked.

"It was okay, the children were better today, I'm just glad it's finally the weekend, so I can have a few days of rest." I told her.

"Well that's good, and I hope you didn't make plans for tonight, because I planned us to go out tonight." she told me.

"Ugh no, Alice" I wined. "I very much need a nice long relaxing bath, and a night to myself."

"Well, let's make a deal, if you come out tonight, you don't have to go out tomorrow night, and I can plan an evening with Jasper so you can have the apartment to yourself. How does that sound?"

I debated that over in my head awhile, I mostly never had peace and quiet at the apartment, and that would also mean if she went out with Jasper tomorrow night I would have quiet and then she probably would not be back till the next morning anyways. Yep that actually sounded pretty good.

"That sounds great, you have yourself a deal." I told her.

"Ok great!" she chirped. "Now get back quickly, because we still have to get you cleaned up, in an outfit and into makeup."

After the phone call was finished I made my way home. Arriving at the apartment, I made my way in through the front door and headed straight to my room to take a shower. I notice that Alice was also digging in my closet for my dress, so I had barley heard her muffled hello.

Alice loved going out on Friday nights and I should had known she would had planned something like this, and especially since I'm not in a relationship, she's been trying to find me a man.

Also Alice loved going to big events and there's an art show tonight that she wanted to see for weeks that I had forgotten about. So it was the same as always she would find me the perfect outfit while I was in the shower and get accessories and make up, set up that went perfectly with it.

Alice and I loved art shows, I loved see the emotions that one puts into their paintings, Alice loved them for the same reason but she also loved them so she could have a reason to dress me and her up.

I also loved the music they had that they mostly have perform there, each time they had different artists. This time Alice told me it was going to be a friend of the Artist. She also told me the pianist was very talented but she didn't know the name.

I was also obsessed with the music they played there; it somehow connected me to him. It connected me to the person who used to be my whole world, the person who was my light during the darkness. Classical music was all I had left of him since he left.

Him…..He had such beautiful eyes…..His voice was also like velvet….

It always hurt to think about him, it hurt to think of him now, I had loved him, and I still do. Alice has tried to get me to move on but I couldn't seem to and I probably never would. I still needed him. This is why she always tries to drag me out to the events.

Clearing up my thoughts quickly I finish up my shower, I dry myself and my hair, and put on the dress that Alice found for me it was a cute satin strapless cocktail dress with boned bodice, hem hits at mid-thigh, fitted drop waist, flattering poufy bubble skirt with pull-ups, fully lined, detachable ribbon tie and a matching satin scarf (picture on profile).

Next I put on black heels, and a matching jewelry set (on profile). After I was finished, Alice made me sit down and started working on my hair she left it down and had tight spiral curls that shaped with my face. After she did my makeup and put a tiny bit of blush on my check and then she put red eye shadow and black mascara on. I also had a little bit of lip gloss on.

After Alice finished with me she got ready quickly, wearing a short purple strapless cocktail dress with a matching set of jewelry (pic on profile).

We were both ready to go, we took Alice's car since my truck wouldn't be appropriate for this kind of occasion.

We didn't live to far from the gallery so it would take about ten minutes to get there, but with all the traffic it had taken twenty minutes. Alice gave the keys to the valet and we made our way into the gallery.

It was beautiful, it was set up unique, not in a way you would have expected it to be. There were tons of people, you could hear the chatter of everyone voices and hear the beautiful piano music in the back ground. The music was alluring, beautiful and sounded so familiar.

Alice and me then made our away around the paintings and sculptures, I exclaimed each and every one carefully. I took my time with each one. During that time Alice saw some people she knew, and she told me that we would meet up with each other later which was fine by me.

It was great to be able to come here, it connected me with him, we always, loved to go to gallery's on dates or when we just wanted to be together with something we loved to do.

But when he left it took months for me to come back and be able view the world of art again. Alice stuck with me, she knew how close we were and how much we loved each other, she under stood what I was going though, because she went through it once before to, but she was able to move on, she met Jasper her true soul mate.

I already knew I wouldn't move on he was my soul mate and I knew it, I just wish he had to.

A little while later I got finish with what I was looking at when I came to the middle of the gallery, there was a medium size crowd of people around the piano, listening to the pianist whoever it was, was playing. The music he was playing was extraordinary, it reminded me of his music, he was a beautiful pianist; he composed many of his own works, and mostly just played them for me and his family.

Coming closer I squeezed my way through to the front of the crowd to get a good look at the piano man, the man who was playing the music, as I finally made my way to the front, I heard the piece that he was playing come to an end. Everyone had then applauded, and as the man turned to nod to the crowd for thanks, I had then froze at the sight of emerald green eyes locking with my chocolate brown eyes.

No. I thought. It couldn't be him.

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