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my vision for Puck's band 'Fuct Up' is a reflection of his band Jericho.
Rachel's girl group 'Restrictions' is a reflection of the girl group Girlicious (sorry if you don't like them. :S)

Puck is two years older than Rachel; Puck- 22 Rachel- 20.

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'Fuct Up Restrictions'


Chapter One

Puck's eyes fluttered open and he stared at the ceiling. He could feel the headache coming on and he could sense the warm body by his side. His throat was dry and his eyes were starting to hurt since he hadn't blinked recently.

"Mmm," The body beside him moaned, rolling over and cuddling up next to him.

Puck rolled his eyes, "I have a meeting."

"I do too," The girl stated, giggling at something.

"Like in an hour," Puck restated the hint, hoping she would get the idea she should leave.

"Mine's in half," The girl giggled again.

"I really have to get ready," He insisted.

"I'll shower with you."

"You have to go," Puck firmly stated.

Rachel breathed evenly through her nose and out of her mouth, wiping the back of her hand across her forehead.

"You're doing great, Rach," Her trainer grinned at her, "A few more minutes."

Rachel grinned at Mike as they both continued running on their treadmills. Mike smiled and hit the button to make the speed faster. Rachel groaned and did the same, taking a sip of her water bottle. She could feel her feet pounding against the traction of the exercise machine and relished in her morning routine. Once they were done on the treadmill, Mike motioned her over to the padded floor.

Rachel sighed, "Is it possible to have three minutes of a rest?"

"Three whole minutes?" Mike Chang mocked, "Have I taught you anything?"

"If I ever wondered what death felt like, your Monday and Friday work-outs give me the idea," Rachel huffed out, sitting on the exercise ball he gave her and placed her water down.

Mike grinned and checked his watch, "Give me 50 sit-ups and push-ups each and I'll let you end early."

"You're insane!" Rachel gawked, her breathing still a little off.

Mike smiled and shrugged, "You said you needed to get off early, I'm offering you it."

"For rehearsal!" Rachel scoffed, leaning back on the ball to start doing the sit-ups. Mike smiled and held his hand up at a certain height for Rachel to touch everytime she had come up, "I need to get off early for rehearsal; you should ease up on me."

"I don't think so," The trainer shook his head, "If I eased up, you'd be all fat."

"Excuse me?" The brunette stopped, her eyes narrowing, "Did you really just say that?"

Puck closed and locked the door after kicking 'last night' out the door. He showered quickly and checked the time, knowing he was to meet his agent in 40 minutes. He dressed in a pair of dark blue loose-fitting jeans and a black wife beater. He pulled on a light blue plaid button up shirt and rolled the sleeves up to his elbow.

He checked the time again and after brushing his teeth really quick, he pulled on a pair of chuck taylor's and grabbed his wallet and car keys, sliding on his black aviators. He walked out the door and unlocked his black escalade before getting in and starting the engine. He opened the garage door and pulled out, heading down the long driveway. At the end, he punched in the key to open the iron gate and pulled out after making sure it was going to close after five seconds. Puck pulled onto the highway and checked the time on the dash; 12:01.

Finn was going to kill him.

His cell phone started to go off and he lifted it from the empty cup holder, twitching his lip. He tapped the ignore button on his iPhone and put it back into its previous place. He switched lanes, driving in the carpool way since it was moving faster and glanced around quickly for any sign of highway patrol; none. He grinned and hit the gas a little more, shuffling in his seat to get comfy for the 45 minute ride ahead of him.

"And boom, cah, cah, head-down, snap, hair," Brittany counted, snapping her fingers as the three girls danced.

Rachel stared at the mirror as she danced along with the calls of the choreographer. She followed the steps and mouthed the words into a water bottle as the instrumental sounds of the song they were practicing came through the speakers mounted to the walls.

"Hand, hand, three-four, dah-dah-dah," Brittany continued.

Rachel let out a shallow breath as she sauntered around Santana Lopez, following the choreography and letting the Latina dance in the middle. She followed the dance moves and dipped down, winking at Quinn who did the same.

Tina Cohen-Chang, the creator and manager of 'Restrictions' had discovered Rachel in a small university in Ohio and had signed her for the lead of her new girl group. Soon, Rachel met Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez, and the three instantly clicked.

Santana Lopez had come from a rocky home life in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother had given her up for adoption when she got pregnant in her teens and Santana spent her childhood shifting around different foster homes. She had a tough exterior and stuck up for herself, even if it leads to her getting in deep trouble. She was sweet to her band-mates, manager, and choreographer, although she was sometimes sarcastic.

"And Quinn," Brittany motioned to the blonde; the Latina dipped down and finished her solo, strolling around Quinn who started her solo.

Quinn Fabray had gone to a community college in North Carolina, not having the money to afford university as she had planned in her earlier years of high school. But in her senior year, she had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend of two years. Her boyfriend had died shortly after the birth of their daughter Jaxen-Lynne, in a horrific car accident, leaving Quinn and Jaxen alone. Quinn believed that being signed to Restrictions was a God-send because she could do what she loved everyday- not to mention the amount it paid. After not having a positive support-system at home, she loved having Brittany, Tina, Rachel, and Santana always there for her.

"And bam, Rach," Brittany snapped and watched as Rachel flicked her hair to the right, stepping into the middle again and up passed Quinn and Santana, the sound of three pairs of stiletto's clicking against the hardwood floor, "Arm- lock me up, snap-up, up, around and down."

Rachel, Quinn, and Santana all bowed on queue. Rachel smiled and stood back up as Jaxen started clapping loudly. The little three-year old jumped down from the chair in front of the wall length mirror and ran to her mother, squealing as Quinn grinned and picked her up.

Jaxen had blonde hair that was pulled up into two, small pigtails; the hair sticking straight up since her hair was still short. She rested on Quinn's bare stomach since she was in a sports bra and a pair of running shorts, her heels making her 4 inches taller.

"What did you think, Jax?" Rachel kissed the little girls head as Santana spoke to Brittany.

Jaxen reached out to Rachel who lifted the little girl into her arms and let her rest on her pink tank-top clad hip, a sliver of toned, tanned skin peeking between the shirt and black leggings.

"Auntie Rachel, it was bam!"

"You're seriously stupid!"

Puck sighed and brought the phone away from his ear as Finn continued to yell into his ear. He stared at the traffic on the highway as it was dead stopped; he even put his SUV in park since he hadn't moved an inch in ten minutes.

"You should've been here half an hour ago!" Finn continued to yell and Puck rolled his eyes, "Puck, do you have any idea how big of an opportunity this is? They're one of the hottest groups out there and it would be great for you to do a duet with them!"

"We're completely different, Finn!" Puck called into the phone, looking around him to see if he could get into the now moving lane beside him.

"I don't really care right now, Puck!" Finn shouted again, "It'll expand your musical insight and let more fans come to you!"

"I'm sorry but I'm not into the whole 'look at me while I dance slutty telling you I'll give it up, oh &then not'!" Puck shouted back.

"Get your ass to my office right now!"

"Finn, what don't you understand?" Puck shouted, "I'm stuck! Traffic is being a bitch!"

There was a break in the lane and Puck accelerated to get ahead of the truck that was coming up quickly. He smirked as the guy in the truck flipped him the bird and pressed a little harder on the gas.

"You better get here in less than an hour!" Finn shouted back.

"Have a beer and calm the fuck down!" Puck laughed.

"It's 12:45PM, Puck."

"Isn't stopping me," Puck laughed again.

"You're fucking drunk?" Finn started shouting again, "You're an imbecile and you're fucking driving? Are you serious right now!"

"Chill," Puck rolled his eyes, "No, I'm not drinking and no I'm not drunk," He glanced down at the passenger side floor, seeing beer cans and bottles lying empty. No, he hadn't drank today, but he drank enough last night that he was still feeling a bit of a buzz.

"You're an idiot."

"You signed me," The brunette shrugged, shifting in his seat to get more comfortable.

"Because you're my best friend," Finn sighed, "Even though I sometimes question our friendship; like now for example."

"I'm fine, I'll be there in- oh shit!"

Puck slammed on the brakes but it wasn't good enough as he slid into the small car in front of him. The large truck behind him slammed into the back of his SUV and Puck lurched forward, hitting his head, knocking him unconscious.

"Noah Puckerman from Fuct Up?" Rachel gawked, "You can't be serious?"

"Finn's my boss, Rach," Tina shrugged, "He wants you guys to do a duet with him."

"Fuct Up is completely different from us," Santana rolled his eyes, "But he's hot… I say yes."

"Thanks," Tina smiled before turning to see a sweaty Rachel with a glare in her eyes, "Please Rach?"

"Why?" Rachel blinked, "Why do we have to collaborate with him? I met him once and he's so incredibly rude! He slapped my…" She glanced at Jaxen and then at Quinn who nodded and covered her daughter's ears, "He slapped my ass and he literally said, 'baby, what will it take for me to hit that?'"

Santana laughed, "I'd do it."

"Exactly why I wouldn't!" Rachel shot a look to her friend who stuck her tongue out at the brunette, "Tina, no. It'll ruin out rep."

Tina laughed, "I never thought I'd hear you say those words."

"Whatever, we're not doing it."

"I say yes," Quinn announced in a small voice, shrugging her shoulders. Rachel gawked at her best friend who shrugged again, "It'll be good to collaborate with other people instead of rappers and R&B boys; it would be interesting."

"Exactly my point!" Tina agreed, grinning at Rachel.


"Whatever, B- Tina, Quinn, and I all took a vote and your hot ass is out numbered," Santana grinned at Rachel and turned to her manager, lifting her fist up, "We're in."

Tina's blackberry started ringing and she held up a hand, clicking the green telephone before sliding out of the rehearsal room. Rachel crossed her arms and huffed, turning to face Santana and Quinn with a glare on her face.

"You guys are horrible."

"Oh, so what? You had one bad experience with the guy!" Santana rolled her eyes, "We're doing a duet with him- it's not like you have to live with him!"