HEY GUYS! so i have gotten alot of requests for a sequel and i decided to do one.

i don't know when i'll have it posted, i have two stories i'm currently working on at the moment. one more than the other so if i do post the sequel to 'FUCT UP RESTRICTIONS', it'll most likely be a leisurely thing. kind of taking my time with it, very sporadic updating- but then if i'm working hard at it, you guys could have close to two chapters a week lol. it all depends on the time i am given and what not.

the sequel will be based on a story-line that will be presented in the first chapter/prologue. but it'll also deal with Rachel and Puck going through their pregnancy and planning their wedding- possibly be dealing with their newborn baby boy, Linkin.

i'm currently working out the timeline right now and i'm just trying to find out how many chapters i'll be aiming for. so i don't know when i'll have it up.

i just thought i should let you guys know, &in my profile, there is a link to a tumblr website for the teaser photos; with more to come! all clothing/polyvore sets will be posted on the tumblr site as far as i know, so i hope you guys check it out. i may even post teaser pictures for the chapters to come. :)

i hope that when i post this story, you guys will check it out and let me know what you think! that would be wonderful! thank you so much guys!

happy readings,