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Chapter 1: The Sneaky Flower

Lily was sitting in the middle of her room on the floor. She was playing with her doll; they were playing dress up and having tea. The door crept open to reveal two boys. They both stared at the little girl. She was a tiny thing who sat cross legged on the ground, holding her doll. Her long, reddish-brown hair cascaded in small coils down her back and down to her waist. Her green eyes were bright from across the room. She was dressed in the boy's old clothing, giving her a rugged look. She looked up at the intruders of her party.

"Albus, James, what are you guys doing?" Lily asked. The boys looked at each other and entered the room.

"Lily, how much do you love us?" asked the taller boy. He had deep red hair that fell down to his ears. His brown eyes swirled like chocolate with caramel. He looked down at Lily hopping it would work.

"I don't know." Lily answered. In her five years of life, no one had ever asked her that hard of a question.

"You don't love us!" cried the other boy. He was a little bit shorter than the boy he was standing next to. His black hair was thrown in every direction. His eyes danced in the light; the bright green was the same shade that he and his sister had inherit form their father.

"But I do!" Lily cried. She dropped her doll on the floor and jumped up. She ran over to the two boys, dragging each of them into a tight hug. Both the boys looked over at each other and smiled. It just might work.

"Lily, we need you to do something for us." James said. He lowered down to look Lily in the eyes. James and Albus had always towered over Lily.

"What is that?" Lily asked, ready to do anything to prove her feelings.

"We need you to steal…" James began.

"Get! We need you to get Daddy's broom for us." Albus cut in. He looked over at James and gave him a look.

"Why can't Daddy get it for you?" Lily asked. Daddy always took them for rides when he wasn't busy.

"Because Daddy not here, but if you get the broom then we can take you for a ride, just like how Daddy would." James said.

"But Daddy said I'm not to take what isn't mine." Lily said; she was feeling very confused.

"Please Lily, do this for us." James begged.

"We will teach you how to fly." Albus said. Lily face brightened up. She began to squeal and giggle. James and Albus tried to quiet her, not wanting to be disturbed.

"You promise?" Lily asked. Albus looked over at James who shrugged.

"We promise." They both said.

"Okay." Lily said. She ran out of the room and down the stairs. Lily looked in the kitchen and in the sitting room. No one was there. Lily inched forward little by little, walking towards her father's study. Lily opened the door slowly and peeked her head around the corner. The coast was clear. Lily walked in slowly. She looked around and saw the picture and clips along the wall. Daddy always said that they were for work. Lily crept faster to the closet. She reached her hand out hesitantly and opened it. There leaning against the wall was her father's broom. Lily's rapid movements to take the broom knocked some items over. Lily pulled the broom to her and slammed the door shut. She ran out of the room and towards the stairs. Running up, she tripped twice landing on her knees and hurting them. Lily reached her room and slammed the door behind her. Her brothers hopped off her bed and walked towards her.

"Good job, Lily." James said. He took the broom from Lily's hand and began to walk out of the room.

"Wait! Weren't you going to show me how to fly?" Lily asked. Her pout was spreading and her eyes glistening.

"Later!" Albus called after himself. Albus and James ran down the stairs. Lily ran after them. In her haste, she tripped down the stairs, scrapping her knee. She heard the back door slam. She ran after them.

"Won't Teddy hear?" Albus asked.

"He's upstairs taking a nap." James replied. James grasped the broom in his hands and mounted it. He gave a kick off the ground. He was hovering off the ground, slowly rising. The broom was so high that James began to feel himself tip this way and that. "Albus go get help!" James yelled, as the broom just missed running into their parent's window. Albus gave James one last look and ran into the house. Lily began to cry, scared for James. A few minutes later, Albus returned with their father. Harry Potter. James and the broom began a nose dive, straight for the shed. Harry took out his wand and pointed it at James. James and the broom flew away from the shed and collided in to Ginny's garden. James lifted himself off the ground and looked around.

"James Sirius Potter! What were you doing on my broom? I have told you a million times, not to go flying by yourself. You are too young. And now you have gone and gotten Albus stuck in his too!" Harry yelled.

"But Lily…" James began, but his voice died when he saw his father's face.

"Don't you go bringing Lily into his James. Now you and Albus are going to clean this up, and when your mother gets home we are going to come up with your punishment." Harry said. Lily reached over and tugged at Harry's pant leg. Harry looked down at Lily; his face softened up. "What is it Lily?" Harry asked. Lily pointed down at her knee.

"I got hurt!" Lily cried as tears began to trickle down her face. Harry looked down at his daughter and picked her up. He cradled her body to his.

"It's okay Lily. Let's go fix it." Harry soothed to the little girl. Lily nodded her head. James and Albus looked at each other dumb stricken.

"How is it she never gets in trouble?" Albus asked.

"Because she is as sneaky as a snake," James huffed, picking up one of the ruined flowers.

"Yeah that and she's a girl." Albus said. James nodded his head in agreement.

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