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Epilogue: Leaves Fading

Two Years Later:

Lily franticly searched her bedroom. Today was the day. The day Scorpius and her had talked about. She threw her covalent off her bed; the sheets scattered across the floor. There it is. Lily slid on her left, silver slipper. She walked over to the window and looked out. The garden was in full bloom. Vibrant colors filled up the backyard. Guests began to take their seats, a little boy in robes chased after the flower girl, a laughing Kendra gave Sebastian a shove as he whispered something in her ear, and there in the middle of it all was Scorpius in black robes standing in front of the wedding alter.

Lily looked down at herself. Her long, white gown wrapped around her torso and slowly grew bigger around her legs; the dress reminded Lily of the one she had worn at the Ministry of Magic her fifth year. Her hair fell in soft curls around her face; her bangs were pulled back. Lily looked at the glass vase that sat on her bed stand. Within the vase were petals of every shape and size. Lily picked up the petal on top; as she lifted it out of the vase the petal transformed into the shape of a snap dragon flower. Lily could smell it's aroma before it had gotten close to her nose. Each and every single flower that she had received from her mysterious admirer was now inside the vase. Lily lowered the flower back to the vase. The stem disappeared, and the petals melted together so that they formed one in to one small petal. The petal dropped from Lily's grasp and into the vase. Lily was pulled away from her thought by a knock at the door. The door creaked open slowly to reveal Harry.

"Honey, are you ready?"

Lily turned around and gave her father a warm smile. She had been ready for this day for a very long time. She took her father's arm and walked with him down the stairs. She took a deep breath as she reached out to grasp the door handle. Scorpius is just on the other side.

"Lily," Harry whispered. Lily's hand dropped; she glanced at her father. The strong man that had been her rock when she had been growing up, look sad, but there was something in Lily's eyes that Lily didn't recognized. Harry reached over to Lily and placed a kiss on her temple.

"Lily Luna Potter, I will forever love you." Harry said.

"I love you, too, Dad." Lily said. And that's when she saw it. A tiny tear slid down Harry's cheek till it slid down and disappeared behind his gentle, warm smile. Harry gave Lily's hand a light squeeze; he reached over and plucked the bouquet of flowers out of Lily's hand and tossed it over his shoulder.

"Scorpius requested it." Harry chuckled at Lily's startled look. Lily was still looking at her empty hand as Harry opened the door. Walking down the aisle, Lily's gaze immediately fell on Scorpius; he looked handsome. Lily barely noticed as her father handed her off to Scorpius. She was completely and utterly lost in his eyes. Scorpius shook hands with Harry.

"Take good care of her, son." Harry said as he gave Scorpius' shoulder a squeeze.

"I will."

Harry placed one more kiss on Lily's temple, and then walked over to the crowd to sit next to Ginny. She gave Harry a light kiss as he sat down next to her. Lily returned her attention back to Scorpius; he was grinning down at her. Lily felt an object being pushed into her hand. Lily glanced down to see a single, white lily in her hand. Scorpius leaned down. His nose brushed gently against Lily's ear, his breath warm on her cheek. Lily felt her knees go weak.

"I hope that every year of our marriage is just as beautiful and exciting as the flowers I have given you over the years." Scorpius whispered. He pulled back and winked at Lily. Lily knew from that moment on she was where she belonged.

Ten Months after the Wedding

The room was finally quiet after seven hours of yelling, crying, and Healers running in and out of the room. It was quiet. The last Healer was moving in the corner of the room, completing her last task of the night.

"You did amazing, sweetheart." Scorpius whispered. He placed a kiss on her temple and pushed a few stray hairs off her forehead. She inched her head forward and gave him a soft kiss, pulling away she smiled.

"You didn't do too bad yourself."

Scorpius chuckled as he sat down on the bed facing her. He grabbed her hands and lifted them up to his face. He placed a kiss on the back of her hands and lowered them gently.

"Are you guys ready?" the Healer asked as she walked over. Lily braced her hands on both sides of her and pushed herself up a little. The nurse held out a little bundle that was wrapped in a blue blanket. The Healer placed the baby in Lily's outstretched hands.

Lily felt her heart flutter as her arms accept the heavy bundle that radiated a warm assurance. Scorpius adjusted the blanket to show more of his face. Reaching forward, Lily placed a kiss on his forehead.

"Mummy love you so much."

Scorpius's index finger was clutched in the young baby's fist.

"There's someone else who wants to meet you," Lily whispered. She raised the baby gently over Scorpius' hands. He helped to guide her as she laid her son gently in his father's arm. A look of pure bliss rippled across his features. He stroked his finger gently down his face.

"Hi Buddy," Scorpius whispered.

"I love you." Scorpius lifted his eyes to Lily's. His eyes shined with adoration and love. "I love you and your mummy so much." He kissed his son's forehead softly, "Daddy loves you so much Daniel."

Four Years after the Wedding

Scorpius skipped up the stairs to the front door. He had managed to get done with work forty five minutes early and was hoping to surprise Lily. He opened the front door to the last thing he expected.

"No…No…No…No…" Each time the word had gotten louder and more upset.



Scorpius could smell something that smelt a bit burnt. A little bit of smoke lead him in to the kitchen. Standing at the stove, Lily had her back to him as she checked on some food.


Her shoulders slumped at the sound of his voice. Placing down the spoon in her hand, she turned around slowly. Scorpius took a quick inventory of her appearance. She looked tired and frazzled. Her hair was split; one side was curled while the other was still sporting its natural waves. Her dress had some sauce stains by the waist. There were tears in her eyes.

"I can't do it."

Scorpius walked the last few steps towards her and gathered her in his arms. He felt some hot tears begin to seep through his shirt. He stroked her hair gently, while her gripped tightened around him.

"What's wrong?"

"I tried to mak—ke this n—night special. Daniel and Katherine are—are with your Mum and Dad. And I bought this new dress, and…and I was making dinner. And then I was doing my hair…and then the meat got too cooked…and," Lily gasped out between sobs.

"Wow, slow down," Scorpius whispered. He lowered himself to look her in the eye. "Everything is going to be fine."

"No, it's not. I wanted to make tonight special. We didn't even really celebrate last year with me being in the hospital with Katherine…"

"Lily, Lily, stop—"

"And then I go and burn dinner," Lily continued, not noticing Scorpius' attempt to calm her. He did the only thing that he knew would work. He reached forward and kissed her. She was caught off guard but reacted quickly. He lifted her lightly off her feet and pulled her up to his height, enjoying the kiss longer than what they would usually get now days. He pulled away when Lily began gasping for breath.

"First of all, last year, you gave me the beautiful gift of our precious, little girl. There is no party in the world that I would rather go to than be with her and her brother. Second of all, you are an amazing woman, Lily Malfoy. You wake up take care the children, you help people, and you don't yell when your husband forgets to put down the toilet seat—"

Lily let out a choked laugh. Scorpius reached down to place a kiss on her temple.

"You went through so much to make tonight amazing, and I while I appreciate it, the only thing that I wanted tonight was to come home and hold my wife. Does that sound okay to you?"

Lily nodded her head against his chest. He pulled away slowly to make sure that she was actually okay.

"Now, if I remember correctly, you are a witch, so that means that you can fix your dress and—"

"Ha, ha," Lily replied sarcastically but he could see the corners of her lips tug up. "Yes, I know that I overreacted. I just wanted tonight to be special."

"It is special, because I am with you." Lily looked up at him with adoration shining through her eyes. She pulled away from his embrace. Her only contact with him was her grasp on his hand.

"Are you absolutely hungry right now?" Lily asked.

"No." Scorpius answered, a little apprehensive.

"Good," she kissed him soundly until he was breathless. "Because you just earned yourself a night of whatever you want with that speech."

"Anything I want?"


Scorpius picked her and kissed her once more. Her hands slid up his chest, leaving a trail of fire under her finger tips. They gave him shivers as they tugged his hair at the base of his sculpt. Her tongue danced with his own until he needed air. He pulled away and sent a spell towards the stove. In an instant, the mess was gone, and the air no longer smelled of anything remotely burnt. Once he was satisfied that everything was clean, be headed for the stairs still dragging Lily with him by the hand.

"Thank you for a great birthday." Scorpius said as he placed a quick kiss on her lips before they went up the stairs. "And don't worry about the stains on your dress, you aren't going to need it for the rest of the night."

Six Years after the Wedding

"Mommy, Mommy hurry," Katherine cried as she pulled her mother's hand, tugging her towards the door. Lily smiled at the people she pasted by in the Department of Aurors. Daniel ran ahead of Katherine and Lily and into one of the doors. Katherine pulled harder on Lily's hand, not wanting to get left behind by Daniel. Lily and Katherine walked through the door Daniel had gone through to enter Scorpius' office. The room was bigger than one would think, looking at how close the doors were in the main lobby. Scorpius' desk stood to the left of the door, facing a wall of books. Lily looked at Scorpius' desk. Scorpius sat there talking to a man in Ministry dress robes. The man stated something to Scorpius in harsh tones. The man's face was a deep, scarlet red that reminded Lily of the time she had met her father's uncle, Uncle Vernon; Scorpius, on the other hand, looked very bored to be sitting there in his desk. Katherine dropped Lily's hand and ran towards Scorpius.

"Daddy," Katherine yelled; she jumped onto Scorpius' lap. He grunted when she made contact with him. Lily looked at Daniel; he stood directly behind the man and was trying to place an object in the man's pocket. Lily noticed that the wrapper indicated a Weasley Product. Daniel dropped the object and went over to the sofa in the room and sat down. He began to play with the chess set on the coffee table, picking up chess pieces and then smashing them together, like they would in a game. Lily looked back over at Katherine and Scorpius. Katherine was now lying against Scorpius, resting. Scorpius, still paying attention to the man, began stroking Katherine's long, red curls in a soothing manner.

"Mr. Malfoy, the Ministry would rather have the Aurors offer their help, instead of us forcing you to do something!" the man yelled, as he stood up. The chair flew back a ways; Daniel and Katherine looked startled by the outburst. Katherine clutched Scorpius' robes, hiding her face in his chest.

"Mr. Angamire, we, Aurors, would happily perform any duty that they wish us to do. However, we will not spend a week making sure that the Minister's nephew stays out of trouble. If the Minister would like to be re-elected, then he should try something new or learn to control the boy, not send five trained aurors to waste their time by watching him." Scorpius said; he remained seated, but he glared up at Mr. Angamire. Mr. Angamire looked frustrated; he opened his mouth to say something, but changed his mine. He walked away from Scorpius' desk and made his way towards the door. He looked surprise to see Lily, or rather Lily's stomach.

"Mrs. Malfoy," Mr. Angamire said, nodding his head as a greeting. He glanced back at Scorpius and then back at Lily. "I trust Mrs. Malfoy, considering that you are from a well respected and well educated family, that you will help your husband to see sense in what I am proposing to him, yes?" Mr. Angamire asked Lily.

"Actually, I rather agree with my husband, and so do my father and brothers. Have a good day, Mr. Angamire." Lily said her tone harsh. Lily step to the side, allowing him to leave. He closed the door loudly and firmly behind him. Scorpius let out a sigh. Daniel dropped the rook in this hand and ran over to Scorpius. Daniel tugged on his father's arm that was lying over Katherine's legs. He was jumping up and down, giggling with excitement.

"It's okay, Daddy. I put the candy in this bag. Now his day will be brighter." Daniel giggled; Scorpius smirked down at Daniel. Scorpius lifted his arm and patted Daniel's head, parting his blonde hair off his forehead. Daniel smiled back up at his father, showing off the gap where he had lost his front tooth last night.

"Did you now?" Scorpius asked; Daniel nodded his head. "And what candy would that be?"

"The one Uncle James gave him." Katherine laughed. Scorpius tickled Katherine which caused her to laugh more. Scorpius placed a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"And what would that piece of candy do?" Scorpius asked. Katherine opened her mouth to say, but Daniel jumped up to cover her mouth with his hand. Daniel ended up covering the corner of her upper lip and her nose; Katherine was laughing so hard she couldn't answer. Lily walked over to the coffee table and put her bag down on top of it. She opened the bag and began placing the containers on the table. She held the last one in her hand and looked back at the trio. Katherine finally regained control and answered her father.

"Yellow," was all Katherine said.

"And what happens with yellow?" Scorpius asked.

"His body turns yellow!" Daniel finally said. Katherine and Daniel began to laugh again; Scorpius joined them. Lily smiled at the sight of them. Lily waited till the three of them calmed down. Lily opened the container in her hand, holding it so that Daniel and Katherine could see the contents.

"After we spent all morning making these, you aren't going to give Grandpa, Uncle Albus, and Uncle Teddy their treats?" Lily asked. Daniel ran around Scorpius' desk and towards Lily. He held up his hands to take the container from Lily. Katherine lowered herself off Scorpius' lap; he held onto her middle until her feet hit the ground. Katherine ran over so that she stood next to Daniel. Lily handed Daniel the container; Daniel began walking towards the door.

"Wait for me," Katherine whined. Daniel stopped and waited by the door. Katherine ran over to him and took his out-stretched hand. He walked out of the room holding the container in one hand and holding Katherine's hand in the other. Lily turned back to the table and began opening the containers to reveal lunch, sandwiches and fruit. Lily felt two warm, strong arms wrap around her. Lily leaned back into Scorpius embrace. Scorpius place a light kiss on the crook of Lily's neck, then placing his chin on top of the same spot. Scorpius rubbed his hands up and down Lily's stomach. Lily felt a kick as he did it.

"How did it go to day?" Scorpius asked. He moved around the coffee table and sat down. He tugged on Lily's hand, pulling her down so that she sat on his lap. Scorpius wrapped his arms around her once more. Lily leaned back and rested her head against his shoulder. Scorpius rubbed circles and patterns on Lily's stomach with his hand.

"You know, Daniel wanted to go out on your broom instead of his. Katherine and Kreacher picked poison ivy when they went picking flowers. Midnight delivered a package from your grandmother and mother, and I fear it might be another present for the baby, and…"

"Lily," Scorpius said, cutting her off by placing a finger gently against her lips. "You know what I meant. How did it go with the baby?" Scorpius asked; he placed a kissed against Lily's temple as he waited for her answer. Lily looked up into Scorpius' eyes. The gray, stormy orbs that Katherine had inherited filled Lily with warmth and love; Lily took a deep breath. Two months back she was still working at St. Mungo's. Everyone one had been trying to get her to take maternity leave, but she had only been six months. Lily had been making her normal rounds in the children ward, when she noticed that one of the little boys, Anthony, had gone missing. The other children claim that they had been playing and that they couldn't find him. Lily searched all around St. Mungos for him. She had finally found him, on the fifth floor. Lily reached out to pick up the little boy, when something had hit her. Gilderoy Lockhart had thrown his tray of food away from him. The wooden tray flew through the air and had hit Lily. Lily had woken up three hours later. Scorpius had been there holding her hand. Daniel and Katherine sat on the sofa with Ginny and Astoria. Her father and brothers had been pacing the length of the hallway outside, and her father-in-law Draco Malfoy had been looking for a way to make sure that this would never happen again. Gilderoy Lockhart now received his food at a table, and Lily was on maternity leave.

"Healer Robinson said the baby was well, and that everything should go good during the delivery." Lily answered. Scorpius took a deep breath in relief and let his forehead fall against Lily's. "She also said that she would like to have a conversation with you about maybe lengthening the time between children so that I can return to work," Lily teased.

"But that would destroy my plan of having enough children to take over the Slytherin quidditch team."

"Mommy, Teddy, Alby, and Grandpa love it!" Katherine yelled as she entered the room. Lily looked over at the door to see Daniel walking in front of Albus who held Katherine. Albus placed Katherine on the floor; both Katherine and Daniel ran over and took a strawberry out of the container Lily had put out. They both sat down on the little chairs that Scorpius had brought in for them. They began eating their lunch.

"Thank you Lily, it was really good." Albus said; he turned to leave when he stopped abruptly and looked back around, smirking. "I was just wondering if maybe anyone would happen to know what happen to Mr. Angamire. Teddy and I returned from lunch to see that his skin is now yellow?" Lily felt a smile stretch across her face. Scorpius gasped dramatically.

"His skin turned yellow, how terrible." Scorpius said sarcastically. Daniel and Katherine giggled. "I hope he is all right?"

"I will let him know of your concern." Albus laughed as he left.

Twelve Years after the Wedding

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy, how are you doing this evening?" The Minister of Magic asked. Scorpius turned to see Kingsley walking up to him and Lily. Scorpius and Lily had just arrived at the ball, celebrating the end of the second war, and the death of Voldemort. Scorpius had one arm wrapped around Lily; the other held a champion glass. Lily held a fussing little bundle. Lily cooed down at the baby trying to calm him. Lily and Scorpius stood next to Albus, Katelyn, Teddy, Gwyn, James, Klare, Kendra, and Sebastian. Scorpius placed his glass on a tray that passed by; he reached out to Kingsley's outreached hand and shook it.

"I am good, Kinsley. And yourself?" Scorpius asked.

"Very good, I wanted to congratulate you on your work in Scotland. I thought the tension of bringing the Death Eaters from Russia to Azkaban could have been worst."

"Thank you, sir," Scorpius replied. The baby in Lily's hands let out a squeal of laughter. Scorpius reached over and rubbed the hair gently away from the forehead of the infant. The baby's eyes opened slowly. The green orbs that he had inherited from his mother glowed brightly.

"Ah, the newest little Malfoy, how are you Lily? How is the child doing?"

"I am very good, sir. Arthur is doing very well. He will be two months old tomorrow."

"He looks just like his namesake. It was very hard for me to hear of Arthur's passing. How is your grandmother doing?" Kingsley asked. Arthur Weasley had passed away six months ago. Lily remembered the last day she had saw him.

The family was over for dinner. Everyone was having a good time; the children were playing, the adults were talking, and Arthur sat in front of the window and watched the red and gold leaves fall from the trees. He had been diagnosed two years ago with Grimholes; a disease that slowly destroyed your organs. Lily had sat down next to him. She placed her hand gently on top of his. Without looking away from the window, he placed his other hand on top of hers.

"The years of your life are like the leaves on a tree. They are bright, bold and full of life until they know it is their time. They gather everything they know and getting ready for what they know will come. They turn red and yellow for they do not one to weep, but because they wish there to be only beauty and joy when they leave."

"Grandma wouldn't like to know you are talking like that again." Lily said.

"Your grandmother, my wife and love," Arthur sighed. "She is the only one I worry about when I am ready to leave. I fear she is not ready, yet."

"I think she is braver than you give her credit, Grandpa." Lily said.

"Yes, that is true." Arthur said; the tips of his lips turned up slightly. "But what about you my dear, are you braver than what we give you credit?"

Lily knew he was referring to the baby. Lily and Scorpius were nervous to have their next child. After Lily had given birth to Emma, there had been complications. The Healers had told them they probably could never get pregnant again. Then four years after Emma, Lily became pregnant again. Lily had been nervous to tell Scorpius, but she had been even more nervous to tell the children. Daniel and Katherine were just old enough to understand that something was going on, but Emma was oblivious to what was going on; she was long capable of saying that mommy had a baby in her tummy but would never say that she was going to be having a new brother. Lily's hand reached up and placed her hand on her stomach; she was five months along. Lily felt a light kick under her hand, and her heart began to beat normal again, a ritual that she now did quite regularly now.

"I am not the brave one. He is. To try and defy all the odds." Lily said.

The next morning, Lily woke up to knocking at the door. The door had revealed a tear stained Ginny. Arthur Weasley had died peacefully during the night. The next week had been a daze for Lily. Her grandmother moved in with her Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur. The funeral had been quiet and just the family and close friends. Lily remembered how she stood there. Scorpius had an arm wrapped around her; Katherine held tightly on to her around her middle. Katherine's tears soaked Lily's dress. Lily only held Katherine closer. Before closing the grave, Emma walked up to it; she was hesitant to get closer. Daniel had walked up to her, grabbed her hand, and walked the rest of the way to the casket with her. Emma pulled out a drawing she had drawn of the entire family; the Weasleys, the Potters, and the Malfoys, and put it in the casket. Daniel and Emma walked back, hand in hand, back to Scorpius side. Scorpius placed a hand on top of Daniel's shoulder. Lily looked back at the casket. A single red leaf fell from a nearby tree. It slowly fell until it rested on top of the casket.

"Goodbye," Lily whispered. The leaf was picked up gently by the breeze. Lily watched as the leaf blew in the wind until she lost it in the vast sky. Four months later, Lily gave birth to Arthur Malfoy.

"Grandma is well-"


Emma ran through the crowd; her blue dress swished back and forth around her tiny frame as she came closer. She latched her arms around Scorpius' legs, and hid her head between his right leg and his robes. Scorpius removed his arm from around Lily and reached down. His hands wrapped under Emma's arms and lifted her up. She wrapped her arms and legs around Scorpius. Her long, blonde hair was held back by a blue ribbon; the bow looked a little ragged despite it being brand new. She had a few tears rolling down her cheeks. Scorpius leaned towards her and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Lily asked. Emma held up her finger. Her pointer finger had a tiny cut on it. It looked red, but there was no blood. Scorpius took her finger between his and placed a kiss on it. Emma stopped crying, and a small smile slid across her lips. Katherine ran up to stand next to Lily; she looked relieved and slightly out of breath. She was dressed in a long, green dress. Scorpius bent down and placed Emma on the ground. Katherine reached out and grabbed Emma's hand.

"Emma, you can't run away like that." Katherine said. "Me and Daniel were worried about you. Remus thought you had gotten hurt."

"Daddy make it better." Emma said; she showed Katherine her finger. Katherine smiled down at her little sister. Lily looked away from her daughters and into the crowd and saw Isla. She was in the middle of the dance floor with Heath, a tall, muscular boy with light brown hair. Isla had written to Lily about him. She had said she didn't know what would make her grandfather madder: the fact that his eldest grandchild married a Potter, or the youngest wants to marry a muggle-born Gryffindor; Lily still smiled at the thought. Isla looked very happy with Heath. Lily knew it was going to be hard for Scorpius and Draco when Isla would announce her engagement.

"Dad, can we go play with Daniel and the others in the garden?" Katherine asked. Emma was already tugging on her sister's hand to leave, but Katherine stood there waiting for her father's permission.

"Make sure you stay near the house." Scorpius replied. Katherine and Emma had begun to run away before he could finish his sentence. Kingsley began talking to Harry and Ginny about old times. Scorpius talked to Albus about a new assignment that the Department might be starting soon. Kendra was in deep conversation with Klare, James' wife, about the upcoming end of the school year at Hogwarts. Katelyn, Albus' wife, had just helped Lily to calm Arthur down, when the night sky lit up. A dragon made out of red fire flew up into the sky. It flew straight up, till it reached the highest it could go. The dragon began to fall slowly down; it began to flip and twist. Everyone began to cheer. The dragon glided across the lake, over the hills, and then came back. Lily watched as it flew over her and the disappeared behind the hills. Everyone began to clap. Lily smiled; she looked back down at her family. Gwyn looked exhausted as she looked at Teddy; he was grinning like a mad fool.

"Do you want to punish them or shall I?" Gwyn asked, referring to Remus and Sirius. Remus and Sirius had had no trouble taking over George and Fred's old spots at being the pranksters of the family. Lily had yet to hear of a week that Teddy and Gwyn went without receiving a letter from Hogwarts. Teddy gave Gwyn a light kiss on her temple.

"I say we just pretend we didn't see it happen, and we won't have to worry about them trying to blow something up in their rooms."

Eighteen Years after the Wedding

Choo. Choo.

The train sounded off once more, giving the occupants a ten minute warning till departure. Trunks were loaded, and pets securely stored away. Children called off their last goodbyes as they began to file on to the train.

"Bye Mum, bye Dad," Daniel yelled as he boarded the train. He stood tall and built like his father had when he was in his sixth year. His strong jaw and sweet smile were part of the reason a small group of girls was following him on to the train much to Lily's chagrin.

"And you promise to be there for the first match?" Katherine asked.

Scorpius grinned as the shook his head. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Katherine grinned as she jumped up to hug her dad once last time, placing a kiss on his cheek, she reached for her mum.

"Be good…have fun…study hard…" Lily whispered her usual chant in to her daughter's year.

"I will, Mum. You know I will." Katherine pulled back and smiled. Lily smiled down at her as she fixed the hair that was sticking out of her ponytail. Lily glanced over at Scorpius to see that he was distracted by Emma momentarily, she leaned in to Katherine.

"And just remember, if you ever need to talk stuff out…about school…about boys…I can always 'censor' your letters when I read them to your father."

Katherine's face grew red but she looked great full at the same time. "Thanks Mum, I love you."

"Love you."

Emma was giving Scorpius one last hug before she reached her mum. There were soft tears in Emma's eyes, waiting to spill over.

"Mum, I don't want to go," Emma whispered.

"Oh, honey," Lily cried. She slid down so that she was even with Emma, looking in to her eyes. "You are going to have so much fun. You are going to learn magic, make new friends…You're not going to miss us one little bit."

"But I am going to miss you."

"And we are going to miss you too, but we can write every day. Daddy wrote Katherine every hour her first three days. And you are so lucky to have Katherine, Daniel, and your cousins. By the end of the week, you won't even notice."

"You promise?"

"I promise," Lily smiled. "And I promise that if that isn't true, Dad and I will find some reason to come visit you the second you ask us to. Okay?"

Emma launched herself in to her mother's arms, nodding her head. Lily inhaled deeply, trying to keep her own tears at bay. She placed a kiss on to the side of Emma's head and gave her one last squeeze.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Mum." Emma squeezed her back one last time before she let go. She gave her parents a smile as she turned around to grab Katherine's outreached hand.

"Ready?" Katherine asked. Emma looked up at her sister and smiled.

"Let's do it."

Twenty Years after the Wedding

"Sirius, I am going to kill you." Elizabeth, Rose's daughter, yelled. She chased a now grown and built Sirius up the stairs.

"Ah, it's always a true Christmas when someone threatens to kill someone." Daniel said. He sat on the couch; Arthur sat next to him reading his new Christmas gift from Rose, the new owner of Flourish and Blotts, Quidditch through the Ages. Daniel had just finished his Auror training; he was the youngest Auror in the Department at age eighteen. Katherine was sixteen and was in her sixth year at Hogwarts. Scorpius had begun to lose sleep two years ago, thinking about the day when she would bring a boy home. Emma would be celebrating her birthday in a month, thirteen and in her third year at Hogwarts. And finally Arthur, he was both Scorpius and Lily melted in one. He loved playing quidditch with Scorpius, but could spend an entire day talking to Lily about books.

Lily stood in the entry way from the sitting room to the dining room. All of the adults had gathered in the dining room; most of the children were gathered in the sitting room playing games and talking. Lily couldn't help but feel happy. Her father sat in his chair at the table, her mother was tucked into his side. Her brothers hadn't wrestled each other, yet. Her children were surrounded by family. It was too good to be true. Scorpius came up beside her and wrapped an arm around her. Lily leaned her body against his, and rested her head against his shoulder. He kissed the top of her head.

"This feels too good to be true." Lily whispered. Scorpius chuckled.

"I don't think anything could go wrong." Lily smiled internally. She couldn't wait to see Scorpius face in a little bit when Katherine made her announcement. Lily took a glance of the room; she caught Kendra's eye. They both shared a smile. Neither one of them could wait to see what would happen. Sebastian and Kendra had been married two years after Scorpius and Lily had gotten married. Kendra had been worried that her four month stomach would be visible through her wedding dress. Kendra and Sebastian had two healthy children together, William and Keira. William had just turned seventeen and was in his seventh year at Hogwarts. Keria was eight and would begin Hogwarts with Arthur.

Dominique and Daniel Connor had gotten married three years after they left Hogwarts. Daniel now played beater for Pumblemere United; they have won the Quidditch World Cup the past seven years. Ella became a reporter for the Daily Prophet and married her editor; they had two children together. Alice had married Luna and Charlie's youngest son, Willow, and they had a daughter named Dawn. Dawn and Katherine were best friends. Ella, Alice, Kendra, and Lily still got together every week in Diagon Alley.


One of the bedroom doors slammed shut upstairs, and footsteps began to run down the hallway and down the stairs.

"Keira wait!" More footsteps began to run upstairs.

"Keira get back here!"

Keira ran down the stairs; she stopped in the entryway to the dining room. She glanced around the room; she spotted Kendra and ran over to her. She leaned up to her mother on her tiptoes; she covered the distance between her mouth and Kendra's ear with her cupped hands. Kendra tried to cover her laugh by coughing. Two loud footsteps landed at the base of the stairs, William. Two lighter footsteps fell in behind him, Katherine crashed into William as she came down the stairs. He reached over and helped her steady herself. Katherine whispered a quiet thank you. They both stared into each other's eyes long, with a look Lily knew well. Scorpius recognized it as well. Lily felt Scorpius stiffen beneath her. Lily lifted her head off Scorpius chest. She turned her body around so that she was now standing in front of him; her hand laid gently, but firmly against his chest.

"Honey, hear them out first." Lily whispered to Scorpius. His eyes flashed to hers; he looked livid.

"You knew?" He uttered with narrowed eyes.

"Honey, if she didn't want you to know about them in the first place, what do you think she will do if you react badly? Just hear them out. That's all I'm asking." Lily begged. Scorpius' eyes slowly began to calm down; Lily had come to realize a long time ago that most of their conversations that took place between them were sometimes a simple glance they shared. Lily looked over at them. Both of theirs' shirts were rumpled. William's hair was sticking up wilder than its usual self. Katherine's face looked flushed; both of them had swollen looking lips. Around Katherine's neck was a necklace; something that Lily had yet to see yet. White-silver wrapped around a moonstone, Katherine's birthstone. William reached out and grabbed Katherine's hand. Their faces were etched in worry and guilt. William opened his mouth to speak; Scorpius cut him off.

"If you hurt her, things won't be very pleasant." Scorpius said. Daniel had come up behind Katherine; he stood shoulder to shoulder with her. He looked more shocked than Katherine and William.

"That's it! I was hoping Katie would finally get yelled at." Daniel said. Katherine reached over and hit him in the shoulder. They both laughed. Everyone slowly joined in. Lily fell against Scorpius. She felt warm and secure in his embrace. She wanted life to be like this forever. Her children were happy and safe. Her family was always there for each other. And Scorpius would always be at her side.

The End.

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