If you're reading this story for a second time, or just beginning it, I've re-done this chapter, because I've gotten a lot of feedback about what could be changed.

Just keep moving. Keep going. Don't give up. You can do this. You remind yourself of this over and over again, though you're guts telling you that you will fail and that this will turn out badly for everyone.

But nobody will die because of you ever again. You can promise that.

All for him, You repeat under your breath. All for him.

The sky is darkening, and the drakon is coming closer and your getting more and more terrified, because this is it. This is it.

You silently pray for forgiveness, though you know you don't deserve it.

So many lives will be saved.

That was a lie. It was a lie from the start and you should have known it, but you were stupid and petty, and couldn't think strait, you stupid daughter of Aphrodite. You hear someone scream at you, but you're a bit preoccupied, because the drakon just spit.

Not saliva, but acid.

It hurts. Gods it hurts but it's worth it, because you deserve this, and at least you tried in the end, that's what matters, isn't it? And you think that this is it and you'll just fall and die but people scream and run towards you and they think 'Oh gods, Clarisse is dead!'

But it's not Clarisse. The helmets lifted off your scarred and burned face and you felt the cool breeze hit your searing and burned and charred face and you sigh because it feels wonderful.

Some one is crying and you know it is Clarisse because she is your closest friend, because she doesn't think you're some stupid daughter of Aphrodite. To her, you're just Silena, he stupid girl that helped her get a boyfriend. Percy and Annabeth are there too, and you feel even worse.

It hurts to talk but they need to know.

You know their hurt. You were their friend and you betrayed them but it's too late to hold grudges and you were brave enough to go up against a drakon- a daughter of Aphrodite no less. You feel good, because you were brave and strong and obviously stupid but the bravery overcomes that.

And the last thing you remember is feeling calm and warm.

Then you die.

All for him, all for him.