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Chapter one:

Shinou was sitting at the temple watching those two fight again and sighing *can't they just admit how they feel and get on with it?* he thought to himself as he turned his attention back to the black haired king and his fiancé. Then a smile formed on his face as he got a plan.

Murata got nervous as he saw the smile on Shinou's face. "What do you have planned this time?" he asked the former king.

Shinou's smile just widened as he said nothing and continued watching.

At the castle it was business as normal.

"STOP, you cheating wimp" Wolfram yelled as Yuuri was running away.

"Wolfram, it was not what you think. I will stop running if you give me a chance to explain." Yuuri said as he started to run faster, since wolfram didn't look convinced. Yuuri saw a ray of hope in the form of a tall brown haired man.

"Conrad, help me" Yuuri said while panting.

"Your magi… Yuuri, what are you and wolfram fighting over now?" Conrart asked while stepping between the two.

"That cheating wimp had one of the maids all over him." Wolfram yelled.

"She tripped over one of Gwendal's knitted monstrosities and spilled juice all over me; she was just trying to clean it up. I was not flirting with anyone!" Yuuri yelled back stepping out from behind Conrart. "Would you stop accusing me of cheating!"

Wolfram stopped and stepped up to Yuuri until they were face to face. "Fine if that is the case then we better get you cleaned up.

Yuuri blinked as he watched the red color fade away from Wolfram's face. *That was way too easy* Yuuri thought "Ok, you may have a point." He said to no one in particular, remembering that he was covered in juice. *Don't say anything to antagonize the boy.* Yuuri thought to himself. *take this and move quickly before he changes his mind.* "I'm going to go take a bath and get changed before I have my lessons." Yuuri shuddered as the thought about being locked up for hours with Günter. He could just picture those hours now, maybe he will take a really long bath.

Conrart smiled as Yuuri walked away with a look of disgust on his face. *He is thinking about the lessons that he has to have, and a way to avoid them again.* he thought to himself.

Wolfram watched Yuuri walk away and smirked *I think I will give him about 20 minutes or so before I join him.* Then he frowned to himself as he thought *I better be quicker than that if I don't want someone else to try something first.*

Yuuri was walking into the royal baths passing Cecilie in the hall. He didn't say anything and continued on his way in not giving the woman any thought.

Yuuri undressed himself and climbed into the water thinking about how to handle the Blond man he found himself engaged to. *I should break it off with him* he thought and sighed to himself. *Now how to do it without getting myself fried.*

"You're thinking to yourself. Anything I can help with? Wait your not thinking about someone else are you?" A voice said from the other side of the bath. Yuuri looked up to see the object of his thoughts. Wolfram was nude and getting into the water. Yuuri sighed again. *Now is as good a time as any.* He thought to himself. *We are in the baths so the chance of getting fried is less.*

"Wolfram, we need to talk!" The man in question flinched as he heard those words. Wolfram looked at Yuuri with wondering eyes.

"This whole thing about being my fiancé, it was a mistake; two boys can't be together like that." Yuuri started the normal speech as wolfram looked on with a look of death in his eyes.

"So you are going to be a true wimp and dishonor me, is that it Yuuri." The blond spat out.

Yuuri found himself backing away from the blond.

"No, I don't mean it like that, you're a great friend but I am not really sure how this can work. I only see you as a friend. I can't be what you want me to be." Yuuri stuttered as a sweat dropped formed on the side of his face.

"Yuuri, you WIMP! What do you know about anything?" The Blond advanced on the king faster causing Yuuri to bump up against the side of the bath. Oil poured over the shoulder double black from the side of the bath, coating Yuuri's front.

"What the…" Yuuri started, when the bath water slowly began to churn.

Wolfram noticed the change in the water and his eyes got wide. *Not now.* he thought as he lunged for Yuuri.

"You WILL finish this conversation WIMP!" Wolfram yelled as he wrapped his arms and legs around Yuuri's front so as to not be left behind.

The bathwater slowly calmed down. Now minus the two boys, all that looked out of place was a now empty overturned bottle of Cecilie's oil where the boys used to be.

Chapter 2:

Murata watched in horror as the boy's were taken from one world and thrust into the other. He glanced over at the once King who was looking smug.

"What do you think your doing?" He asked with a deadly calm. "With that oil on Yuuri you could make things much worse not better."

Shinou shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. "I am sick of waiting for them to fix things by themselves. This time they do it on my time table. Also, the oil is now on Wolfram too. This should be interesting." The image of the royal baths changed to one of Yuuri's bathtub in his house on earth.