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Yuuri was lying in bed back in his castle thinking over everything that had gone on with his friends; he was slightly worried about Takahiro since he seemed a little too interested in Wolfram. Tomorrow was the fateful day. Yuuri already knew how Günter was going to act however the unknown would be Gwendal. *I feel bad for not telling Murata when this will be, But I think that he will show up any way.* Yuuri thought as he sighed softly.

"Babe? Are you going to sleep or just think so loudly I can hear you?" Wolfram asked before pulling the king onto his back so he could be cuddled with.

Yuuri smiled as Wolfram curled up on his chest. "Sorry, I just can't help but worry. Everything went sideways with my father for a couple of minutes there and it showed me how bad tomorrow can go. I just can't afford to lose you."

Wolfram pulled his self up and looked down at his lover. He studied the worried and sad look on Yuuri face for a few seconds before figuring the best way to take care of this issue. "Yuuri, you're not going to lose me no matter what happens tomorrow. The worst that can happen is Gwendal gets something up his ass for a few years and then gets over it when he sees how much he is needed. Nothing that is said or done tomorrow can make me leave you. The only way I would ever leave is by death or when you no longer want to be by my side."

Yuuri pulled Wolfram back to his chest and started stroking his hair. "Normally you just tell me to shut up and stop being a wimp. You know I love you right. I know I don't say it very often. I can't foresee myself wanting you to go away ever. I don't care what happens. I can't see this feeling fading. I have a best friend, a lover, a playmate, and a rival all in one person. What else could I ever need? If it helps I will stop worrying about it for tonight, but just in case anything should happen tomorrow. Please be with me again tonight."

"Your head is truly run by your hormones…" Wolfram chucked as he started to kiss the chest he was resting on. "Do you really think you need to ask?" Wolfram chuckled to himself.

Yuuri awoke the next morning with a slight twinge in his hips and an amazing memory of everything the night before. It had held a desperation that normally was lacking from their love making it was as if they would never be able to see each other again. Wolfram was still sprawled on top of him. Yuuri's eyes widened as he realized that the blond was still in him. It felt odd to be filled when he wasn't panting with lust yet somehow he seemed to feel really close to his lover.

"Wolfram, we need to wake up if we are going to do this thing." Yuuri said softly so as not to startle his lover.

"Hmmmm, don't want to move so comfortable." Came the muffled reply from the man on top of him.

"Wolfram, please brat we need to clean up and get ready." Yuuri pleaded softly not really wanting his lover to move either. However, now that he was awake he had a lot more pressure on his bladder.

Wolfram started to roll off in response to the pleading he heard in his lover voice. It was then that he felt himself start to slip out of the man under him. Wolframs eyes widened as he put the pieces together. "Yuuri I'm sorry I didn't mean to pass out right after, are you ok? Did I hurt you?"

"No, in fact I kind of liked waking up like that. But I really have to pee and now it is going to be harder since well…. Anyway. I didn't mind but we really have to get ready." Yuuri stated as he stood up to make his way to the rest room as quickly as he could.

It took the boys about an hour to get ready. It would have been much less however, they didn't help clean as much as grope and hinder. Soon they were standing in the room that in less than 10 minutes would be filled with those that lived in the castle.

Conrart was the next to arrive. "Good morning your magist… Yuuri, Good morning Wolfram. Are you both ready for this?"

"No but it seems to be now or never. This has to be done." Yuuri stated softly as he grabbed Wolframs hand in fear.

Gisela and Anissina entered and took their seats without a word to either boy. They were followed very quickly by Günter. Wolfram dropped Yuuri's hand quickly before they were spotted.

"Good morning your majesty, may I tell you how splendid you look this day?" Günter gushed in his normal way. However, he became quite when Gwendal entered the room.

"Good morning, May we get this going there is a lot of paperwork I need Yuuri to finish as well as he seems to be behind on his schooling again."

"Well I was hoping Murata would be here however, since I didn't tell him lets get this started. First thing I would like to say is that I want to let you all know how special each individual one of you is to me, and…" Yuuri was interrupted by Günter throwing himself on the king.

"Oh we all love you so much your majesty. You don't need to tell us how special we all are."

"Günter please take your seat and let Yuuri finish." Gwendal said as he rubbed between his eyes fighting the headache that came with being in the same room as the silver haired man.

"As I was saying your all special and so Wolfram and I would like to formally announce to you the fact that our accidental engagement has become a real one." Yuuri said with pride and love in his voice however wolfram could see that he was once again shaking.

Looking into the direction of Günter and Gwendal, Yuuri saw mixed reactions. Günter was sobbing to himself softly muttering something about how little lord brat could catch someone as amazing and perfect as his Majesty. Gwendal looked like stone.

"Ok, what do you wish us to do with this information Yuuri?" Gwendal said softly.

"I wish to Marry Wolfram as soon as it is feasible." Yuuri said

"That is understandable, as you are not of age it will be a little less than 7 years before you can Marry, however, that will give us all plenty of time to plan the wedding. That should be more than ample time for a royal union." Gwendal finished.

"I don't know why but I need to be wed to Wolfram much sooner than that. We don't have 7 years to wait."

"I know it feels like that, like the world will end if you don't wed now. But it shall not be all that long and then you two shall be Married."

"It has to be soon." Yuuri argued

"That is simply imposable. There are laws in place that don't allow people of your or Wolfram's age to wed this young." Gwendal stated

At these words Günter started to sob louder and the rest of the group watched on however Anissina stood.

"What Yuuri says is right; they don't have time to wait. Wolfram is right now carrying Yuuri's Child."

Yuuri felt the floor drop out from underneath him even though he didn't move. Wolfram's jaw seemed to hit his chin even Günter stopped sobbing to stare in shock.

"WHAT?" Gwendal and Yuuri yelled at the same time.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MY BROTHER!" Gwendal yelled his wrinkle very noticeable.

"I ummm, I… I… Well… How… Why…?" Yuuri stuttered looking at the red head who just turned his world upside down.

"I would suggest that you have Gisela examine him for a few minutes to confirm if you doubt me. It seems that this is a surprise to everyone." Anissina stated simply.

Gisela stood to move to Wolfram as the blond held a hand to his lower abdomen.

"I could really be carrying Yuuri's child?" He asked softly looking shocked and bewildered and slightly happy.

"But… I thought that… I was told that…" Yuuri started again but was stopped by Conrart.

"Yuuri, I think that we should let Gisela take a look at wolfram for a few seconds before more is said. Gisela if you would please. Wolfram please move your hand." Conrart ordered as he took charge of the situation.

Wolfram dropped his hand and let the green haired healer approach him. It took a few seconds as she examined him. Her powers going deeper than what the naked eye could see then she straightened and nodded to herself.

"Wolfram is in fact pregnant." The healer confirmed to the room.

"But I didn't take the mixture." Wolfram said in a small voice while at the same time walking over to grab Yuuri's hand. Wolfram was scared and excited all at the same time. However the horrified face that Yuuri had was making him nervous.

"Yuuri, do you want this, do you still want me?" Wolfram asked feeling very unsure at that moment.

For a second Yuuri couldn't answer but Günter did.

"Of Course, no child of our king is going to be born out of wedlock. Even if they are not fit for the thrown it has never been done and will never be done." Günter said with conviction.

These words seemed to snap Yuuri out of the void that was his mind at that moment. "I still love you Wolfram, I wouldn't give you up for anything and a child we created will be loved by both of us. This doesn't change the way I feel about you it just changes the time table. But how? No don't answer that I know how, but I though you had to take those herbs first."

"I can answer that Yuuri, Those herbs were mixed in with the pills I gave you. I was ordered to add them into the mixture in order to ensure the pregnancy happened."

"Who the hell would give you such an order?" Yuuri asked with a bite to his voice. He was scared, he wasn't ready to be a father. What did he know about children he hadn't even graduated high school yet. He was running a kingdom how could he possibly have time to deal with a child.

"I can answer that." Came a voice from the door.

Everyone in the room turned to watch the great sage enter with Shinou on his shoulder. "Please everyone sit down. Yuuri you look like you are going to faint please take a seat so we don't have to wait for you to wake up." Murata stated

Yuuri nodded and sat down. Wolfram sat down next to him and grabbed his hand again. Yuuri hadn't even realized he had dropped it. Yuuri gave a reassuring smile to wolfram and mouthed "I love you" before turning his attention back to the black haired sage and the old king.

"This all started during our monthly meeting with the Maoh, Ulrike was watching the waters and came back with a rather scary prophecy. It looks like in less than 50 years we are going to be attacked by an unknown. Something or someone that we haven't seen before. Without this child we were doomed. However, since there is a time limit we all figured that it was time to get on this as to give the child some time to grow up a little. The child in the prophesy had to come from Yuuri and Wolfram. Which was fine since Yuuri was already in love with Wolfram even if he didn't know it and Wolfram was openly in love with Yuuri. The biggest issue was how to get this to happen without making those two be together only to make a child, it would be seen as a duty and may kill the budding love between the two."

"Wait as second." Yuuri Interrupted "I don't have monthly meetings with you, Shinou and Ulrike"

"Well you do and you don't. Since your not ready for some of the stuff yet when I say the Maoh I don't mean you. As you get older the two of you will be the same thing. Until your ready for that occasional things are done in your body, but with your powers doing more of it and you asleep. As you already know your have much more control when you use your magic, you don't always go Maoh to access your powers anymore. This doesn't mean the other form has gone away."

"Ok so at these meeting you and Shinou came up with a plan to get Wolfram and I together, then ordered Anissina to give Wolfram that pill once we had started the relationship. In order to Keep Wolfram and I together and for us to have this Baby correct? Then Shinou used his power to make everything happen and ordered Anissina to give Wolfram that pill. Is the baby going to be a reincarnation of Shinou?" Yuuri asked

"No Yuuri, this child is not going to be my new body, I am still needed in this form for all of this to happen. This child is completely yours and Wolfram's. It will be it's own person and nothing of me in it." Shinou was quick to reassure.

Wolfram let out the tension that was in his shoulders after hearing that his child would not be a reincarnation of the great king.

"Yuuri you have the gist of everything however, your not getting the biggest piece of the picture. Neither Shinou nor I came up with this plan nor ordered Anissina to give wolfram that pill." Murata said with a smirk on his face.

"If you didn't do it then who could have?" Yuuri asked more confused than he was a few minutes ago.

"You did." Wolfram said softly as he understood everything. "You set all of this up."

"I didn't… I wouldn't… I don't remember any of this."

"Yuuri, with what they said about your not able to yet be a full king so you're still split, it makes sense. Not only that but your other side didn't seem to have any issues knowing how he felt and taking the best course of action. Not for me but for you. There was not too many other ways that would have made you understand that you loved me." Wolfram said softly to sooth the agitated king.

"Anissina, am I the one who ordered you to do this?" Yuuri asked hoping that he really wasn't so screwed up that was messing with his own life like this. At her nod he slumped into the chair. "So I could do anything and not know about it?" Yuuri said

"No, in the end everything is still you. If you were against being with Wolfram and having this child then none of this would have happened. The Maoh and Yuuri are the same even if they are not operating at the same time yet. If you couldn't love wolfram than we would had to try something else." Murata stated simply.

"Ok So I now know why all this happened. But could someone please tell the rest of the room everything that happened. How did my brother end up pregnant by a man that a few months ago I could have sworn wouldn't touch him." Gwendal asked as he understood how everything started but not what everything was.

Wolfram filled in Gwendal as well as the rest of the room that was unaware. He ended at the arcade and meeting Yuuri's friends.

"So it looks like we really don't have a choice on the wedding. I wish everyone could have waited those seven years. I'm not convinced that Yuuri and Wolfram are in love and should go through with this. However I am not going to fight fate in this instance. Yuuri you get your wedding as quickly as possible." Gwendal said with a resigned look on his face.

"Thank you big brother." Said wolfram as he gave a bemused Gwendal a quick kiss on the cheek then threw himself into the arms of his lover and the father of his child kissing him deeply before pulling back. "I love you Yuuri, I want to be with you and raise our child together."

"I love you too, I will love you forever." Yuuri said before kissing his soon to be husband again.

"Even with the wedding and the child are we going to be ready for the next threat?" Conrart asked what was on everyone's mind.

"I really don't know there is so much we have to do to get ready and a time limit even a long one can hinder things greatly." Shinou said with a small smile. It looks like we have our work cut out for us.

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I hope it was worth the wait. Some of it came to me part way through however, I hope it all tied in together for you.


Hey! Great story! I can't wait to find out who is behind all of this and what is awaiting Yuuri and Wolfram in their near future, or is it that Wolfram is already pregnant? The herbs could be in Anishinas pill... and that's why Yuuri feels they don't have much time... It's just my suggestion though=)

Half a digital cookie for you, You were right about the pregnancy. I hope the story was worth the wait.


Wow his friends took that quite easily and the question... 'is he as good looking with his clothes off' caught me off guard alot.

I was thinking about redoing the last chapter. That part was done on energy drinks and the very disappointed feeling one gets when half of your work is just gone. If I were to redo this chapter I would love input as to how it should have gone. Again I'm sorry for the crack in the last chapter.


Mastermind? ShinOu, who else?

Conrart is worried about something more going on eh? 8-)

Like maybe Anissina made one of her patented mistakes and that "white pill" she fed to Wolfram had just the right "herbs" in it... Gwendal might be in for a bigger shock than just the boys getting together... Like everybody suddenly finding out that poor Wolfram is already KNOCKED UP perhaps?

Several months later, the happy couple greet the birth of a black-hair'ed, green-eye'ed boy... (probably a reincarnation of ShinOu!)

Half a digital cookie for getting the part about the pregnancy correct. I really did think about having the child be a reincarnation but decided against it.


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Thank you. This is the end of this story for me. However there is a good background set up if someone else wants to take over. Just let me know before you do so.

Well it has been fun but this is the end of this story for me. It was a one shot that was split up due to size and then ended up with a lot more plot than originally intended. Next month I will be starting on a fruits basket fic with Yuki and Kyou. This plot bunny has been playing peekaboo in my head for the past few months and I think I have it all plotted out now. So If you would like check that out the first chapter or so will be up at the end of next month.