Chapter 90



Okay, this is the end. Umm, just to clear up something from the last chapter. No, they did not have sex. Sorry to disappoint, but no… though if you want to imagine that go for it.

Dear Diary,

A while ago, I wrote an entry asking who Artemis Fowl is. I still don't know exactly, but I'm getting closer and closer everyday. Here's what I do know for sure so far:

Artemis is a genius. He can solve any problem and plot any number of schemes as easily as others breathe. His brain is perhaps the most amazing organ ever created, and sadly he knows it.

Artemis is a polite gentleman. He's been raised to hold the door for women, speak kindly, and show respect at all times. The last thing that Arty would ever do if he could help it is be impolite. It used to bother me that he could never let loose, but now I find it to be a rare irredeemable quality that should never disappear completely. One that I would not mind raising my own children with one day.

Artemis is a teenager. As much as he'd hate to admit it, he sometimes behaves like an average teen. Sometimes his actions surprise even me. Though, I promised him that I wouldn't tell anyone exactly what I was talking about, and I suppose that has to include you too. Too bad…

Artemis is a son and a brother. Everyday, he tries his best to be a son that his parents can be proud of. He forges a strong relationship with his father and does what he can to please his mother. And as a brother, well he's amazing. He spends time with them, nurturing their fantasies and dreams, encouraging Beckett's painting while helping Myles with his experiments. Going above and beyond what most others consider enough.

And last but certainly not least, Arty is my boyfriend. At first, I had been a bit worried about feeling anything for him, and now I feel silly for that. Artemis really cares for me in ways that no one ever has. For the past few months that we've been together, I've learned so much about Arty, things that I've never even imagined.

He's a romantic in every sense of the word. And our nightly calls now last at least two hours per night. I don't know how, but at least once a week, he sends me a bouquet of stunning flowers with a note full of his own beautiful poetry that serves my heart.

But no one knows except for my great grandfather, No 1 and Arty's family. So, now when Foaly and the others tease, I just smile full of the joy of knowing something that they do not.

All of this is not to say that our relationship is perfect. No, we're still more sarcastic that lovey, and he still manages to frustrate me more than anyone else in the entire world, but this is all a part of the silly, little game that we play. A game that neither of us can win, and both of us are happy to call it a draw time and time again.

My biggest concern: his life cycle. It irks me to no end, but he and No 1 have been working hard to find a solution. From what Arty's tried to explain to me, they're pretty close to a break through. Not that it matters right now. After all, he's only eighteen, and I'm only in my twenties. We have time; I just hope they're really as close as they seem to be.

But as I sit here in the streaming sunlight, watching him climb the steps to the stage, his black robes made colorful by the various chords that adorn him as he accepts his diploma, I realize that he is something else. As of now, he is a high school graduate.

Like most high schoolers, he doesn't know what he's going to do with his life, and that's okay. Most parents make it a point to tell their children that they can do anything, but even they know that not everyone can be a doctor or lawyer or president. But Artemis is the rare exception. He can be anything that he wants to be. A doctor, a lawyer, scientist, an engineer, president, anything is possible and the sky is the limit. Right now he's unsure, but when he does decide, I'm certain it will be the best choice for him.

And no matter what it is, I'll be there for the ride, encouraging, advising, and just loving Artemis like he deserves to be loved.

So, yeah, life has really changed for me and I owe it all to Artemis. I won't lie, sometimes my feelings still scare me to death, but as Cupid says: "Love conquers all" And with Arty by my side I can do anything.

Love Forever and Always



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