Hey, It's Agent Striker hereā€¦I'm still pretty new to fan fiction, even though I have 5 stories. (3 of them are one shots!) Anyway, I just came up with this idea lying outside last night watching the lighting bugs. I hope you'll like it and please review!

Nine year old Nancy Drew sat on her bed and stared longingly out the window. The bright blue sky was cloudless and she could hear the birds singing through the open window. There was only one reason the girl wasn't outside enjoying the perfect day. She wasn't allowed to go down the stairs. The week before Nancy and her two best friends, Bess and George, had been playing an intense game of wet tramp soccer (soccer on George's trampoline after the rain) when Bess had kicked the ball a little too high. Nancy dove for the ball and when she landed after heading the ball her foot had gotten caught between the edge of the trampoline (the area where you bounce) and the outer edge of the trampoline, when she started to remove her foot when her other foot had slipped on the damp trampoline and Nancy fell. The girl prided herself on her infrequent tears but her ankle hurt so much! Her father had been called and when he took her to the doctor, who made his prognosis, she had a sprained ankle. The worst part was that she had to stay off it for three entire weeks! That also meant she had to be carried up and down stairs. He father said that was going to stay in bed, for at least the first two weeks. After a few days of bed rest Nancy had been aloud to get up and move around. And being the Drew girl we all know and love she had over done it, landing her in bed again.

Nancy was still day dreaming when her father knocked on the door. "Come in." she said.

Her father entered and said with a smile, "How are you feeling today, sweetheart?"

"Well enough to go down stairs by myself." She answered with a grin.

Carson Drew shook his head at his red-haired, freckle-faced daughter, "Maybe, but I don't want you to overdo it again...anyway, guess what, I have something to tell you that might make you smile."

"What?" Nancy asked, intrigued.

"We're going to have some visitors tomorrow." Carson divulged.

"Who?" Nancy wanted to know.

"Mr. Hardy and-" Carson started.

"Are Frank and Joe coming?" Nancy asked. Aside from Bess and George, the Hardy brothers were two of Nancy's best friends.

"Yes they are. I'll bet they'll keep you from being board, right?" Carson asked with a smile.


Carson stood up and started toward the door, "They'll be here about 9 am. Is there anything I can get you?"

Nancy nodded and smiled sweetly, "Could you hand me a pencil and some paper from my desk?"

"Sure thing," Carson said as he handed the stuff to his daughter, "Well, Hannah will be bringing up dinner in about half an hour."

Nancy nodded and as soon as her father left the room, she got straight to work on her escape plan.

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