Note- The title comes from a Chuck Wicks song. This is rated M but its not very steamy. The choice of words though pushes it a little pass T.

Stealing Cinderella

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

September 2010

He knew he had no business doing what he was doing. A case could be made that he was really in the wrong this time around.

Yesterday he would have said the same thing.

He decided long ago to keep his damn nose out of that relationship and, for the most part, he had managed to pull it off, keep his lips zipped (hell, he had went so far as to befriend that asshole at least on a superficial level) and he had played the role of supportive best friend to the hilt.

Not that he did it with a smile all of the time. But there was only so much that could be expected from him before he hit his limit. Before he said enough is enough.

This morning that moment came. And now, right or wrong, Derek Morgan was bound and determined to show Penelope Garcia she had another option other than that weak, spineless, frat boy mentality boyfriend of hers.

Kevin Lynch was an okay guy, sometimes, (meaning he was no unsub in the making) but he did not see the true beauty he had in Penelope. While he always bragged about her hacking skills and admired her talents in that field, he never drooled over her body or talked up her gorgeous looks. Today Derek found out why and he was more than pissed by this point over it.

He was absolutely fuming. Steam might shoot out of his ears at any moment. He felt offended on Penelope's behalf, ticked that she had been with Lynch for so damn long when he felt the way he did, and angry at himself for never telling her "You have a man right here who thinks you're perfect as is."

As he walked toward her office right now he knew he was going to get his point across today in such a way that even someone as hard headed as his baby girl could not mistake his meaning. And he was not leaving her office till she was sure everything he said and did was not a joke either.

Today he was going on the offensive against Lynch. That loser had no idea what was coming his way. After what he did this morning, Lynch deserved to lose Penelope. Even if she stayed with him for life, married that asshole, and had his kids, Derek still intended to make sure Penelope knew that the way Lynch viewed her is not the way Derek did.

No more holding back. No more playing it off as a jokes. No more pretending he didn't lust after her with ever fiber of his being still. No more acting like their friendship had grown to such a point that all the silly crush stuff was over now.

He'd have a silly crush on her till he died. More than that though, he loved her body, heart and soul and he did not want her thinking she was anything less than a beautiful Goddess just because her boyfriend had the damn nerve to say to her, in the break room earlier, "So you've gone off another diet, huh? Do you really think that's wise?"

Derek saw red. His hands clenched. And he wanted to drive Lynch's head into the nearby fridge. But he didn't. Instead Derek sat back in his chair, rubbed his hand over his head, and decided the gloves had just come off.

It was a few hours later now. He was still hopping mad at Lynch but he was also getting excited. Because Derek's plan was meant to not only make Penelope feel beautiful but also to make her see his love for her was pure, deep, real and abiding.

And if she did see that then there was a chance, at least, that all Lynch's days as Penelope's man were gonna come to a rapid end. About damn time too. That thought made Derek smile as he knocked on the door to Penelope's office.

"Enter and be acknowledged, mere mortal."

With a small smile on his lips, his heart beating fast, and his mind made up, Derek sauntered inside. He paused long enough to lock the door. He walked up to her chair, murmured "Working hard, baby girl?" and then placed his hands on her shoulders while bending close to her so every time he spoke his breath brushed her neck.

"Mama certainly is, my love. What brings you to my lair?"

"Can't I just miss you?"

She smiled softly. "Aw, be still my heart. You steal my breath away, Derek Morgan."

Moving his mouth nearer to her ear he murmured "I'd rather steal your heart."

Then he moved to lean against the desk, hands crossed over his chest, and looked down at her. By the looks of her she was only the tiniest bit affected by his words and more than anything she was blowing him off still.

Pursing her lips she said "Mmmm, why steal what I would give willingly if only you asked? And you wouldn't even have to use that loaded gun you keep in your jeans to convince me. Although if you want to whip it out, let me disable the cameras and then you feel free to show mama what you're working with."

Derek's face heated up a little. This was something he would have to work around today. She had the ability to throw him so completely off his game. She always had something to say back to him to distract him and make his mind go off track.

Their eyes locked on each others.

He had a moment where his gut clenched and he told himself he could pull back on this plan but he didn't want to. After what Lynch said- and thinking about how Lynch probably said worse when they were in private and said it every day for two years- Derek felt he shouldn't back down this time.

He said "I'm asking."

An easy smile curved her lips. "Okay, its yours." She obviously did not take him serious because a breath later she asked "Now where are we going for lunch today? I'm thinking Italian."

"Whatever you want, baby girl," he said easily. "You wanna hear something funny?"

"Sure, honey, what's that?"

"Reid said that he thinks the hottest woman alive is that chick that was on The Wonder Years."

"Winnie Cooper?" Penelope let out a laugh. "Well that's a kinda obscure choice but she's pretty."

"He likes her for her big brain."

Penelope laughed. "Most guys go for boobs but not our little genius. It makes me proud."

"I guess she got an advanced degree of some kind in mathematics and she proved some theorem and Reid thinks that's the sexiest thing he's ever heard." Derek and Reid had a conversation about this a while back but it only now was important for Derek to bring it up to Penelope. He knew he could use it to steer the conversation where he wanted it to go.

"Well if that's what does it for him then more power to him. Maybe she's single and they can have genius babies together. He bagged one Hollywood starlet. Why not two?" Penelope typed away, as she often did when they were chatting, and Derek knew she had no idea how serious this conversation was for him.

Derek chuckled. "I'm not sure Reid would know what to do with her if he did manage to get his hands on his dream girl."

"I bet he would surprise you with all he knows how to do. Looking innocent doesn't mean someone is. Just look at me." She gave him a very heated look.

"Baby, you don't look innocent."

She laughed throatily. "Maybe I'm not the best example. Look at JJ. She seems like a school marm slash soccer mom but the wild things she digs would blow your mind and make you never look at her the same, if I told you even half of it."

"Whoa!" He threw up his hands. "Please don't, woman."

She smirked. "Just saying. Looks can be deceiving and people lie about their amount of sexual experience lots of times. Some over exaggerate. Some under exaggerate. I've always suspected Reid of being the latter. I bet he's a stallion between the sheets. Winnie Cooper should be so lucky."

Derek laughed. "Okay, maybe. I doubt it. But maybe. I do love that kid but he thinks too much. Sometimes you just got to say to hell with what your head says and follow your heart."

"Heart? Or something in the lower regions?"

Once again his face got warm. "One don't exclude the other."

"That was almost romantic. And yet I found it incredibly dirty too. Of course, that could just be me. I often have that problem around you. Not that I think it's a bad problem to have. I love contemplating your lower regions. In fact, whenever I fill out surveys and it says hobbies I put down: Thinking of Derek Morgan naked."

He laughed again. "Anytime you want to do more than think you know where to find me."

"Ohhhhhh, yes, I do and if you keep teasing me I just may have to reach out and touch all your chocolate goodness. Running my hands over you slowly, from head to toe, concentrating on the lower regions until your eyes roll back in your head-"

"Garcia, behave," Derek growled out, feeling his pants tighten.

She smirked at him. "Crossing a line?"

"Totally inappropriate workplace behavior." He leaned closer to her. "But I ain't complaining. I just think if you wanna cross a line today we should go somewhere away from this building to do it."

"Oh, you're such a naughty boy today. What's gotten into you, sug?"

"That conversation with Reid, about the sexiest woman alive, its stuck on my mind. I googled that chick he mentioned. Her name is Danica. Anyway, she's cute. Nice face and hair. But her body, baby girl? Nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean? And Reid calls her the sexiest woman alive. Not in my book. Not by a long shot."

"I hope you didn't tease Reid too bad about his choice. He could have said Madeline Albright for her brain. At least he picked someone it wouldn't be too, too freaky if he got with."

"I just think his pick is uninspired. That chick has nothing on who I think the sexiest woman walking this planet is."

"And who is that, sug? I know you've always had a soft spot for Tyra. All long legs, boobs and butt. You can't really go wrong there, can you?"

"She'll do for a magazine cover."

"She'll do? Mmm-hmmm. Now who is downplaying things? You're so cute, sug. But I'd never get jealous of someone who's on TV."

"If you ask me she should get jealous of you. As far as I'm concerned you're the sexiest woman alive, bar none. There's no woman who has a body better than you. You're what men crave, baby girl, whether they admit it or not. I should know."