Stealing Cinderella

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter Seven

September 2010

Derek waited in front of the restaurant. The team got home from New York the day before and tonight Derek and Penelope would have their first date. Sometime today she was supposed to have broken up with Lynch.

Derek hadn't heard from her all day. He resisted the urge to call her cell and check in with her. He didn't want to seem pathetic by asking if she had done it and was she going to show up. So instead he just got dressed up, made sure he smelled great and looked good, bought some flowers and paced the sidewalk waiting for his girl.

His head was going back and forth between worst and best case scenarios. Alternating between fantasies of being married to Penelope and her sticking it out with Lynch. He tried to convince himself he knew it would end up the first way but a part of him was still really fearful of that small little chance it would go the second.

She was supposed to be there at 8pm. By twenty after Derek was sweating bullets and rapidly losing his cool demeanor. People walking into the restaurant gave him sympathetic smiles.

Finally he pulled out his cell and pressed speed dial number one. Putting the phone to his ear he waited, heart pounding hard in his chest, and soon her voicemail came on.

"Baby girl, hey, um...I'm getting kinda worried about you. We said eight, right? Call me, if you can, and let me know that you're okay."

Just then a cab pulled up and Derek was relieved to see Penelope was inside. He had to smile because she was using a compact to fix her make-up, rather than picking up her cell and answering his ring tone. As soon as the cab stopped he started toward it with large steps.

She paid the driver and hurried out, dressed in a form fitting purple dress that flared out at the waist and showed up her cleavage so much that Derek wouldn't be surprised if a little bit of drool was dribbling out of the corner of his mouth right that second.

Penelope rushed toward Derek. As soon as they reached each other he took her in his arms and gave her a deep, long, wet kiss.

When they broke apart they were both breathless. He whispered, while staring into her eyes that were twinkling with love and happiness, "You're late, baby girl."

"I wanted to look perfect for you."

He moved back and looked her up and down. "Still the sexiest woman alive."

She chuckled with giving him a soft smile. "That makes us quite a couple since there is no man who is sexier than my man."

Giving her a tender look he reached for her hand. "Lets see if they gave our table away."

As they walked inside he laughed a little and handed her the flowers before saying "You distracted me so much I forgot, here you go, beautiful."

"Merci beaucoup," she said with a soft smile.

He growled at her and kissed her temple before opening the door for her, and letting her walk in before him. Once inside he wrapped his arm around her and they made their way to the maitr'd.

Derek said "Table for 2. The Morgans. We're a little late."

"Yes, sir. That's fine. We're running a little late tonight anyway. There will be a short wait, if you'd like to go to the bar."

So they made their way there, both smiling, and had some drinks while they waited for their table to be called. Sitting on a stool, Derek kept his hand on Penelope's knee as they chatted. They didn't talk at all about Kevin.

Lynch needed to stay in the past. They were all about their future now.


Dinner was magical but by the time they were eating dessert it was hard for Penelope to think about anything but seeing Derek naked. Her face felt extremely warm and every time she raised her eyes from her plate she would feel her blush deepen when she looked into his dark, shimmering with heat, eyes.

Finally she dropped her fork with a clatter. "I couldn't eat another bite."

"Would you like to go listen to some music? The night is still young, sweetheart."

"I really hope you're joking."

Derek chuckled. "Woman, don't we want a nice first date? Who knows, it might be our only date before I make you my wife."

She smiled sweetly at him. "This date has been phenomenal so far but I think the next phenomenal part of it should be at your place. Unless you're not in the mood for some sugar, sugar lips?"

"Mmm, hush, I'm over here going out of my head. That's how in the mood I am for your sugar."

"So get the waiter and pay the bill already before I crawl over this table and straddle you right there."

"Penelope, you are one, naughty, perfect, bad, bad girl."

"And don't you ever forget it, sug."

Thought it took only fourteen minutes before the bill was settled and they were inside of his SUV, it felt like hours to Penelope. As soon as Derek climbed in his side of the vehicle she was all over him.

Their mouths joined in a wild kiss as Derek pressed Penelope back against her window. Her hands massaged down his chest and then up and under his shirt, making him moan as her fingers found his abs. Then one hand slid down over the bulge in his jeans.

Derek broke their kiss. He sucked in a hissing breath as his head fell back. "So long. So damn long I wanted you to touch me like that, baby girl."

She kept rubbing against him. "Should have said so."

With a small smile he moved back. "Mmm, enough, lets get home and do this right."

"You mean you're not gonna ravish me right here and right now?" she teased "Talk about building me up just to let me down."

"Quiet, naughty girl. If I took you right here and right now the cops would get called on us for sure because of all the screaming."

"I'm sure anyone walking by would surely realize it was all in pleasure."

With a grin on his lips he started the SUV. "Buckle up. You've never seen me drive the way I'm gonna drive to get us home tonight."

Derek was just kidding though. He'd never drive like a he was chasing an unsub with his precious baby girl in the car.


They were kissing frantically while parked in his garage. Derek was dying to strip her dress off so he could look at, massage, lick, suck and nibble her gorgeous tits but he couldn't for the life of him get her dress off her. He felt like he was a fumbling teenager again.

The haze of his lust was making his brain fogged and his fingers feel like all thumbs. "How do you," he panted "get this off?" as he reached around her while sucking on her earlobe.

"There's a clasp," Penelope panted back, her hands working at removing his belt.

"Where?" he gritted out, in frustration.

The top of this purple silk dress went around her neck like a strap but it wasn't loose enough to just pull off over her head. The fabric hugged her breasts like a second skin and didn't flair till the waist. He was about ready to rip this beautiful dress right down the middle of it and leave it in two pieces if he didn't find that stupid clasp.

Penelope whipped his belt off. She grabbed one of his hands and moved it around his waist. "There, baby."

His fingers found it, undid it and pulled down a zipper. The dress finally had some give and he eased the top of it over her head, peeling it down to feast his eyes upon a strapless black bustier that pushed her breasts up in delicious, tempting fashion.

He dived in like a starving man and Penelope let out breathy moans, holding the back of his head as he kissed all over the swells of her breasts, his hands massaging her heavy, large tits.

He freed them from the bra and cupped them in his hands. "God, you're so beautiful." He started licking her breasts, slowly with long strokes, as Penelope moaned and ran her hand down his back.

"Derek, please, I want you right now. I'm serious. Make love to me, please. I want you inside of me now. Please, Derek. Ohhhhh."

Her words spurred him on. He reached over so he could move her seat all the way back. She wiggled out of her panties. He moved on top of her, lifted her legs so her feet were on the dashboard, and soon he was sunk inside of her with one slow, sinful thrust.

She grabbed his shoulders and cried "Oh, yes, Derek!"

He was completely out of his mind by that point. All he knew was he wanted to stay in her warm heat forever. Thrusting hard and fast, it wasn't long till he was filling her with his warm and sticky cum. Then they were both panting and in shock at how fast it happened and where.

Penelope chuckled. She kissed his throat. "Every anniversary lets have sex in our car."

He gave her a very tender kiss, with tears in his eyes. "Anything for you, baby girl."

And that's just what they ended up doing for years and years afterwards.