-An Unforgettable Meeting-

Chapter 2:

In the Middle of the Foyer

Hand in hand, Tony and Ziva stepped outside of the small café. Odd it may seem that they are holding hands already, when they have only just met a few hours ago. They had ordered another hazelnut latte and some tea. Falling into a comfortable silence, even with this sexual vibe hanging around them and yet they haven't act upon it. Found it easy to each other secrets that they have been hiding for decades, if not longer. Tony told Ziva about how he became an NCIS agent and Ziva told Tony about how she became a Mossad Officer. Two people from different worlds, experiencing different kinds of suffering and happiness, and yet they have told each other, in trust, stories that should stay hidden in a closet.

Their banter, their flirtation and the way they gaze into each others eyes feel more natural then nature itself. Both have felt the tension rising in the small café and that is half of the reasons why they have decided to leave.

Unconsciously their hands have found a way to take hold of the other, surprising each other by the way their hands fit together like no other has dared before.

"So my place or your place?" Tony breaks the silence as they watch all kinds of vehicles driving by.

"Well yours is right across the road. So why bother walking around to my place, which is just around the block by the way. That is if you have the energy to walk that distance?" Ziva walks around Tony so she could stand in front of him.

"There is the thing called a car," Tony throws a teasing smirk in Ziva's way.

"Your place it is then," Ziva then turns around sharply.

"Why is your place that scary?" Tony lets go of Ziva's hand, only to replace his hand at the small of her back and he almost laughed out loud when Tony felt a small shudder under his hands. "Do I excite you that much?"

"There is nothing about you that makes me that excited, Tony," Ziva follows Tony, as they both cross the road to Tony's apartment building complex.

"Are you sure about that, Miss David? I am an excitable person to hang around with-"

"In your dreams, DiNozzo," Ziva throws Tony a smirk as they enter the apartment block, stepping into the foyer. "I think this as far as I am going. I'll see you around Tony."

"Scared that I'll excite you that much, Ziva?" Tony asks, his smirk was hiding his fear of rejection. "We could always take things slow if you like, but you don't seem like the type of person who'll take such things slowly."

"Then what type of person am I then. If I do not strike you as the slow type of person, Tony?" Ziva asks, she had caught the look of fear twinkling in Tony's eyes for a brief moment and she doesn't have the heart to hurt his feelings.

"I am yet to figure that one out. So why don't we go and find out?" Tony dared himself to place both of his hands on Ziva's slim shoulders, daring Ziva to look him in the eye. "I have nothing better to do today. What about you?"

Ziva couldn't bring herself to look elsewhere, staring into those eyes of Tony's. Feeling emotions of which Ziva isn't accustomed to or never had felt rumbling inside her gut.

"There you are DiNozzo!" A mans voice pierces through, tearing the tension into tiny little pieces and regrettably they both turn to find a man, with silvery hair and he has the aura of someone who gets pretty pissed very quickly, but also he someone you could trust to watch your back without any fault.

"Boss, what are you doing here?" Tony asks the man.

"Rule number 3," Tony's boss answers briskly.

"My battery must have died, still haven't been able to find its charger yet," Tony smiles sheepishly at his boss. "Isn't today supposed to be our day off?"

"Not anymore," the man with the piercing blue eyes were now watching Ziva. "Say good-bye to your girlfriend then."

"She's not my girlfriend," Tony had missed the quick flash of hurt in Ziva's dark eyes. "I better go and get my we-"

Tony's boss raises his hands, one has Tony's Sig in it and the other has Tony's badge and also Tony's NCIS issue backpack is slung over his shoulder.

"Thank you, boss," Tony then places his Sig in his shoulder holster, which has been concealed behind his leather jacket and Ziva finds the man even more attractive, despite his hurtful words. "See you around then, Ziva?"

"We'll shall see," Ziva says in a reply to Tony's question. "So much for wanting to get to know each better, yes?"

Tony doesn't understand his reluctance to leave Ziva standing in the middle of the foyer, even if Gibbs, his boss, is standing right next to them. He may have a crimes scene to go to, but there is something holding him back. Wanting him to stay here, even though he knows he can't. Not with Gibbs watching him with that stare of his.

"Look after yourself then," and with that Tony turns to leave Ziva standing in the middle of the foyer.

She could feel her heart breaking into tiny little pieces as she watch Tony and his boss make an exit, through the same door which she had just entered through. With Tony by her side. For the first time in her life, Ziva feels torn and she has no clue as what she should do. There is no one around to give her a subtle hint, so she'll have to decide on her own. Nothing unusual there, seeing as she has been alone with her thoughts for a long time.

To be continued . . . . .