A/N; Fluffy, kind of (:

By: Princess Yori
Summary: Reno and Amalia enter the bar in a strange fashion.
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairing: RenoxOC
Setting: AU
Rating: K+
Status: Complete
Type: Drabble-y

Disclaimer: All related Final Fantasy names and characters are copyrighted © by the almighty Square Enix. This story and the possible OCs involved are all me, however. Enjoy.

Amalia trudged up to the usual bar full of Turks, she frowned, it was boring just walking through doors. It was no wonder Reno always leapt through them in some kind of spectacular way. Aside from the fact he was annoying and attention craving, at least he had fun. Maybe she could do the same. But how? Reno didn't plan, she reminded herself, but then taking after Reno was a bad idea.

"You can do this, just burst in there!" Amalia clenched her fist and glanced down, not hearing the footsteps behind her.

"You always pep talk yourself?"

"Reno!" She swore at him. "You scared me!"

"And you call yourself a Turk."

She crossed her arms and stared into the eyes of the fiery Turk. He was always picking on her, eventually she was going to snap and tear him limb from limb. Eventually, she felt, everyone was going to snap. She wondered how anyone put up with him on a daily basis like Rude did, but then Rude seemed like just the person to put up with Reno. Exact opposites, it kind of evened out, she thought.

"I'm tired of you getting all the attention Reno! It's my turn!"

"Fine, go ahead," He smirked, lighting up a putrid cigarette and taking a drag off of it. "The spot light's all yours."

She froze, not quite sure what to do yet. She also wasn't quite sure she wanted the spotlight; she just didn't want to look a fool in front of Reno. Not that it mattered; Reno was the biggest fool around, taking his word for something automatically made you disappointing. But he very nearly challenged her, and she wasn't going to step down. She kept her gaze as she hesitated, hoping he wouldn't notice her lack of plan, or motivation. He of course, did. And just to annoy her, he smirked again and blew the smoke of his cigarette into her face.

"Reno!" She coughed, sliding her eyes shut to protect them from the burn. Her hand waved in front of her until it was caught in another.

Her eyes snapped back open right as Reno kissed her, they both unsteadily fell against the bar door. She wanted to smack him, to do anything but kiss him, but her hand wouldn't move. She instead began to kiss him back, as if it was some sort of relief that she no longer had to worry about what she did next, because Reno started it. The familiar creak of the bar door swinging open caused them both to tense as they spilled onto the floor of the bar.
She stared up, feeling a faint blush across her face, at Reno, who seemed to be eyeing the rest of the bar, and Tseng, who she noticed, opened the door.

"So how was that for an entrance?" Reno remarked, as she reached up and slapped him.