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Chapter 12-Running

*Kurt's POV*

It was several days later. I hadn't gone to school since I awoke to this new world. 'I don't know what's real and what's fake anymore.' I thought sighing in confusion. I was in the foyer sitting on the window seat with my arms around my legs and head on my knees as I stared out the window at Rahne and Jamie playing tag. I heard him walk up behind me, I knew it was him. I could never forget how his footsteps sounded. He sat on the bench next to me sighing slightly.

"Kurt," Charles started, placing his hand on my shoulder. I jerked at the contact and he dropped is hand onto his lap. "What's wrong? You haven't been yourself lately."

"No I haven't." I muttered bitterly, glaring out the window. 'My life was just turned upside down, how do you think I feel?' I thought to myself as I sighed slightly.

"You know I'm always here if you want to talk Kurt." He said softly before standing up and leaving the room. I sigh, holding myself tighter and wishing I had never left Charles' room before. If I hadn't, none of this would ever have happened, even if everything before was just a lie.


*Kurt's POV*

I was running through a solo Danger Room Session. As I was jumping over a pit of spikes, I saw a flash of red, which shouldn't be there. I watched it flash into view again, but forgot to watch where I was going and ran into a wall that popped suddenly from the floor.

"What are you doing, Kurt!" Charles called out from the control room. "Keep your eyes on your surroundings! If this was a real fight, you'd be dead now!" I rubbed my aching head as the machines disappeared and the room returned to normal. I sighed as I slowly rose to my feet and headed towards the door. By the time I exited the room, Charles was standing in front of me looking angry.

"You need to be more careful than that!" He told me, and gestured down the hall. "Let's go have dinner now." He said, striding quickly towards the dinning room. I followed slowly, rubbing my face and trying to remember the last time Charles was angry because of the outcome of a Danger Room Session. I couldn't remember any time he was. He was rarely angry or upset at all. Then again, did I imagine his behavior? Everyone elses as well?

I slid into the dining room and sat at a random chair. I leaned forward to grab a roll from the middle of the table when someone's foot stepped hard on my tail. I yelped, dropping the food quickly.

"Oops!" Scott said from behind me, then laughed as he headed to his spot. My tail slid around my waist and I frowned deeply. 'What's with everyone?' I felt tears well up, no one is the same here. I can't fit in anymore, they're all too different from me now. I stared around at all of them as they ate and talked. Their personalities were so different, more…evil. 'I…just don't get it.' Nobody noticed as I exited the room and headed to my own. I found myself packing my meager belongings into a backpack. I then teleported outside and made my way to the gate. I paused at the top of the fence and looked back. 'I just…can't stay here any longer. The memories I have…don't match what's real. I'll be better off elsewhere.' I took off down the road, teleporting as far as I could go as I headed to my destination.


The cloaked figure watched as Kurt left the mansion, laughing as he began to follow the blue teleporter. "Perfect," the figure muttered. "He's played right into our hands!" As the figure moved farther away from the mansion's gates, the building disappeared, being replaced with a not so abandoned warehouse, the trees dissolving into buildings and lamps.


Kurt finally made it to his destination and pushed open the doors of the warehouse. "H-hello?" he asked, looking around anxiously for someone.

"Hello, what brings you here?" A voice asked from behind him. Kurt spun around, heart leaping into his throat.

"W-well," He stuttered, taking a deep breath before continuing. "I…I want to join the Acolytes." He finally managed to say.

"Well, you've come to the right place, Kurt." Magneto said as he stepped into the light, smiling at his new recruit…


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