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Chapter 1: Prologue

'This is the worst job I've ever taken' was all that Aya could think as she bused the table at Joe's 24 hour dinner, the former after shift 5 AM diner / breakfast hangout for MIST operatives and beat cops just off the graveyard shift. 'Well' she thought, 'it could be worse, my co-workers could be turning into NMCs and my boss could be Number 9'. The light ring of the front door signaled the arrival of yet another blue collar patron to add to the half dozen that lined the counter. All of them 40 something truck drivers. 'No, at least that would be interesting'.

In the five years following the destruction of the Neo Arc, NMCs had become as rare as Bigfoot at a photography shoot and reached a similar status, gracing the covers of tabloids and the play bill of several B-movies. MIST remained active, even after it was downsized to a total of two people, her and Pierce, both at part-time and with reduced pay. The other two surviving agents move on with their lives and away from the crumbling organization.

Rupert had moved to Michigan, and with his credentials and references soon hooked a job as security consultant for some medical technology researching firm that was consulting the government in relation to the Ark waste disposal and resource salvage. Aya took the over bearing title as a way to glorify NMC janitorial services. Apparently mutant monster containment and government conspiracies made industrial sabotage look like a stroll in the park, and payed nearly double.

Jodie was re-assigned as the equipment and facility manager of the L.A. Branch office of the CIA. The job was actually in the same pay grade as her old one at the bureau, but had the benefit of far nicer toys. She was still know to drop by the office and play cat and clueless mouse with Pierce on her slow days. All that she would need to do for him to notice was hit him in the head with a sledge hammer till he forgot his name and she would have the man of her dreams.

Pierce was the only person who wanted to remain in MIST after the shambolic dismissal of the former director and restructuring of the organization. The last person one would expect to step up their game in the face of adversity did exactly that, showing a dedication to the cause nobody expected from him.

Aya was ordained too important an asset to the government to be allowed to fully quit. Besides, she needed to pay the rent, seeing as Kyle was now a real 'freelance' investigator without his old government paycheck and Eve was still in school, getting a real education and filling in the holes in her knowledge. The dinner paid the same as the part time Bureau, allowed her to work around the shifts at the office, and had some special benefits, including all you can eat burgers and desert. "God bless mitochondria" was Aya's standard prayer before gorging herself on junk food. One of the best moments of her life was learning that she could eat anything she wanted without gaining weight.

Eve on the other hand was normal in every sense of the word, spare the missing childhood. She put Aya's own grades to shame with her perfect scores and she was the most popular girl in her freshman class. And to think that only five year ago she was a lab rat for an insane organization for the humanity challenged. Add on to that the fact she has never had the expected psychological breakdown one might predict a clone to have in some science fiction movie. Although she may be without her original mitochondrial powers, she still seemed to have a few tricks up her sleeve in addition to a bright personality and amazing intuition. Must run in the gene pool.

"More coffee," shouted one of the more annoying patrons, pulling the super human waitress out of her thoughts and back to the present, "and make it fresh this time" he mumbled under his breath, so low he himself could barely hear it. "Coming up sir, nice and fresh" the man turning white as a sheet on the word fresh. 'That's right, I heard that prick. Well, maybe hear is the wrong word,' she thought, 'I read that'. All she needed to do was focus on something and any sound or movement was instantly recorded and analyzed. "There ought to be a law" Aya mumbled to herself while pouring a cup of the day old coffee they kept for just such customers. Unlike after the New York incident, her powers haven't faded at all since the Arc. If anything they seemed to be getting stronger.

Like the time Aya froze Kyle's hair with her breath while blowing him a raspberry or the nacho incident, which left Douglas and Flint emotionally scarred for life.

Besides, who thought nacho cheese could be forcibly evolved into a semi sentient and delicious jalapeño flavored NMC with a taste for diet soda and human hair.

Aya checked her watch after setting the cup of coffee down in front of mister fresh, and grimaced. 'Only ten minutes to go till I can take a nap on the tax payers' dime' she thought. After all, there had yet to be a real wild NMC sighted in the last two years, and ther hadn't been a need to deploy MIST in nearly four. It seemed that the new NMCs lacked the critical flare field of burning death that many of the original creatures had. What this meant was lost on the entire scientific community however. Their theories ranged from evolution of the mitchondrial archetype all the way to sun spots. Same as usual for crypto and xeno biology.

No sooner than she finished the thought than Pierce dashed into the dinner and ran to up to her. "Your phone… not on… its big… we gotta go, NOW" before the exhausted little man could even blink, Aya was out the door, still in her waitress uniform with her spare cloths in hand. She didn't need to hear anything else, his eyes said it all. They finally had to earn their government pay again.

"Murphy's law strikes back" was all she managed to say before she was in her car, not even waiting for Pierce to catch up before gunning the engine and heading to the office.

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