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Chapter 3:

There was one thing, one tactic, one insidious stratagem that could over power the determination of Aya Brea on a regular basis. Yes, this one thing is so feared that it has been given a name. It was the notorious and deadly skill know only as... the puppy dog eyes. True, the occasional witty debate with Kyle would result in a change of plan, or the chaotic antics of a certain co-worker would trick her into saying something she would later regret. However, these were rare turns of fate, and becoming rarer with each passing week. This was not the case with a child doggedly pursueing something that they wanted. With but a tear, a quivering lip, and a downtrodden stare, the superhuman will of Aya Brea collapsed.

There were few people in Brea's life that would dare to even try that look when in an argument, debate, discussion, or shouting match with her. And only one of them was in the room with her at the moment, staring her down from the opposite side of the kitchen table.

"But why can't I come with you?" was the plaintiff statement that accompanied the use a highly enhanced and weaponized PDE in this particular case. However, in truly dire situations, even the cornered rat can surprise the cat, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

"Because Eve, this is not a vacation, this is a serious matter, that could even escalate to a life-or-death situation." At the flash of inspiration in the teen's eye, Aya quickly added "And no, I will not tell you what is going on there or why I have to go. You seeing the ticket 'just laying on the counter' could be considered spying on an FBI investigation". Ok, Aya thought, a bit overboard, but it might keep her away. She is a clone of the second Eve, if there is some creature out there like me, it would rip her to pieces. And suddenly, a worse thought entered her mind. If she were to reawaken...

In the time Aya had been thinking of apocalypse-like, life-destroying scenarios, Eve had changed tactics. Now instead of using the puppy dog eyes, which was her ace in the hole, she had switched to the ever necessary, but slower acting backup plan.


"OK, go have your fun in New York, the largest, most amazing city on the East coast without ME!" After shouting the last remark, Eve began slowly walking around the kitchen table, heading toward the door to her room. "I can just stay here, completely alone, without any way to protect myself from crazy scientists that want to dissect a clone!" having reached the exit to the kitchen by the time she shouted clone, Eve had her hand on the door to her room as she started her next verbal assualt. "Or mabye a rogue genetisist will try to unlock the secret of suppressing mitochodrial mutation by breaking in and stealing some DNA samples, Again!" Spinning on her heal and talking into the door in a heart wrenching monotone, Eve said "Have fun, and make sure to bring me a souvenir for my casket." And, finally, to complete the act, a quick and over embellished slam of the door punctuated her exit from the conversation.

And so the count down began


Aya was disappointed in Eve, even if she didn't behave like it some times, the girl was not so easy to shake.


Besides, there was no way that someone would make an attempt on Eve. The UN had a resolution banning any non-consenting medical or scientific procedures from being performed on any mitochondrial beings with self awareness and language skills. They even promised military intervention on both of their behalves...


Ok, Aya thought as she analyzed the protective measure the UN had taken. The clunky emergency satellite phone on the counter was very wimpy looking, unless you wanted it as a bludgeon. first tidbits of doubt showing themselves.


there was only one attempt on Eve, and that was years ago. The madmen who tried were in jail serving five year sentences in Australia


Wait, does the UN release people early for good behavior?


And Kyle would be out of town for at least three more days... Shit.


But New York is more dangerous, mad scientists will only hurt her, the Big Apple might make her less than human. And make me do something I won't be able to live down...


(count down aborted. Launch averted.)

"Sorry Eve, its not going to work this time!" Aya shouted as she finished packing. "I'm leaving in a few minutes and there is money on the table and the spare credit card in the bill folder if that doesn't last you, just call me before you use it, OK?" A sudden thought occurred to Aya that may just buy here the goodwill to escape an angry glare-off after this was over. "Treat yourself to some of that Thai tofu stuff while I'm gone... and take the emergency phone with you. For protection." I raise and call.

"Damn" Eve whispered under her breath, I thought I had her there for a minute. But, as losses go, however, this is a pretty good one so far... Hoping that her plan might still work, with a little more finesse, the teen started her stereo up and put her most depressing Alanis Morissette CD in. The minutes passed, and eventually the front door opened and closed. "Damn it!"

After about two minutes, Eve came out to see what she had to work with as far as cash was concerned. Three fifties... and less than a heartbeat later, the light bulb went off. With my mattress hoard, that makes $436 on hand. A smirk threatened to overtake her entire face as she pulled out a phone book.

"Lets see if there are any more flights to New York this evening..."

As Aya boarded the 747 bound for New York through Washington, she could only wounder how this whole situation would play out. The last time she had been in the Big Apple, she had been wading though the sewers less than a week after the formation of mist, hunting down a pack of mutant sewer rats that had eaten some of the ultimate lifeforms remain. Rats with fire power were bad enough, but hovering rats with laser breath were the worst thing she had ever faced... in a sewer...in New York.

The fact that I needed that many qualifiers to make that thought true only prove how weird my life is. Aya lamented as she squeezed into her seat between some overweight businessman and a sickly looking old man.

And to top it off, the gun she had been modifying and upgrading with every piece of scrap she found had died a beam related death in the mouth of the last damn rat in the pack. Just like that, the gun that had saved her life so many time, the gun that had slain giant invertebrates and returned dinosaurs to extinction, had been reduce to a smoking heap of metal. She still missed that gun in her weaker moments. I even had my name engraved in it for crying out loud!

This was all not intended to belittle her current armament, the assault rifle Pierce was getting permits to move out of California was a good gun, it too had saved her life countless times before, during, and after the ARK, but it was just not the same thing. Any M-16 with a bayonet and grenade attachment, sighted to 500 yards and reinforced with carbon steel frame was just as good as it.

It wasn't unique, like her old shotgun was.

She had spent nearly three months trying to figure out how some of the upgrades on that thing worked, and she still didn't know. Probably something highly illegal filched from the evidence locker by an over devoted gun tech.

As the plane rolled into the cue for takeoff, Aya could only hope that she wouldn't need to miss her guns in the next few days.

Dr. Maeda let out a deep breath as he slumped into the break room's cleanest looking recliner at the station. After a day of making report after report to every politician and authority within the city and without, including his old friend the Anti-Eve herself, he needed to rest. Not that rest would come easy to him, as the threat facing the city was far worse than anyone aside from him and possibly Aya could guess.

He could only reflect on the look in Aya's eyes after she heard the news about the creature they had discovered.


It took Aya nearly a minute to stop staring at Maeda's mouth, expecting some form of tell, a smirk or twitch, to let her know it was a joke, that they had planned this in advance, SOMETHING other than it being the truth. The tell never came.

After Aya had gotten over her shock, Maeda continued "While the external mutations fall in line with what we have seen produced in the second Eve, the internal cellular activities are similar to your own, making this shape possibly similar to the Liberation form you assumed during your battle with Eve II." pausing to adjust his glasses, Maeda seemed almost reluctant to continue his explanation. "I this is the case, it is possible that any other creature affected by the mutation could remain outwardly normal until provoked. If this is the case, then we will need to develop a way to detect them in their unchanged state."

"And that is the least of our worries," the still chief of police broke in, drawing the focus to himself as he stepped towards the camera, and slightly away from the beast-in-a-box on his desk. "this creature did change." he continued, "Meaning that something threatened it, killed it, and left its remains undisturbed. From this we can conclude that what ever it was was able to single out the little monster, overpower the rat-thing in close combat, and did not feed from it afterward." Letting his breath out in a slow sigh, Daniel locked eyes with Aya, conveying all the seriousness of the situation he could. "these facts taken together all point towards an intelligent predator of some kind, killing for reasons other than food. You were a cop long enough to know what this might mean.

Aya's voice was little more than a whisper as she put the pieces together "It might be human..."

(end flashback)

Another human, turned into a monster, something both Aya and Maeda had seen far too many times before. The meeting had ended relatively soon after that, the agents of MIST wanting to move out immediately. It was actually Daniel that had recommended traveling in two groups, Aya leading the charge in case of an escalation in MC activity and Pierce heading up the rear while carting around the heavy artillery.

Even with this countries obsession with guns, it still amazed the Maeda how hard transporting legal arms across state lines could be. After all, couldn't they just jump on a military plane or something?

At the very moment that thought crossed Maeda's mind, on the other side of the country, Pierce sneezed, scattering the weapons and ordinances transfer forms he was filling out across the office. A few even fell into the automated shredder.

"Damn it, not again!"

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