Number 1 (Loved):

She was a good car, she's handle vampire attacks, fighting off demons and outrunning love struck girls….the whole time raising two boys.

Dean can remember learning, it seemed, everything he needed to know about life from her.

When you're getting low, stop and refuel, it the only way to be stronger tomorrow.

So yeah, that was a point to her favor.

Number 2(Hated):

Ok, her seats were great. To sleep on. By yourself.

With another person? Hell no.

Dean loved his Sammy and his Impala, to bad his Impala was a jealous woman who seemed determined to never let him sleep comfortably with his other love.

Dean rolled off the back seat and watched his brother drive, "We almost there?" He muttered, his voice strained from an uncomfortable sleep.

Sam shot a smile over his shoulder, "Almost there," he smirked, "Don't you just wish we had a van sometimes?"

Number 3(Loved):

She was a tough car. There was no knocking her down, Dean liked that, he often thought that's were his tough, unrelenting mindset came from.

But, let's be honest, that doesn't count. Ok maybe it counts. But not as much as Number 4(HATERED):

THE DAMN seat belts.

Ok, Dean understood that not many people would understand this. But for those who do, the seat belts can be a nemesis to ….well…certain sexual positions.

Dean loved his car, but sometimes he thought it was out to get him….after all, thought damn seat belts did seem to ruin some of his best laid plans.