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Warnings: some blood-play, violence, and a bit of fluff.

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World Details: Undocumented world, post Post Nihon but pre-Clow (yes, I know there wasn't a world between those 2, but humor me).

Now, Enjoy. ;)

The Right Blood

Fai sagged against the wall, too weak to move.

"What's this? No more fight in you?" the hunter taunted. He strode close to Fai's sprawled form and knelt down before his prey.

A little closer. Just a little closer.

"You sure put up a fight. I'm impressed. You truly are an interesting vampire. Not once did you try to bite me." He leaned forward.

Now. The thought came calmly, matter-of-factly. Fai gathered his strength and struck. His fangs sank into the hunter's soft throat. His warm lifeblood pulsed out into Fai's mouth. It tasted wrong. He leaned on the hunter's body for support but the man's body gave way beneath them and they fell sideways onto the damp earth. Fai lay on top of the hunter still drinking, he could hardly bring himself to stop, even though it didn't taste right.


Fai froze and awareness returned. He saw the hunter staring at him and he realized what he had just done. He clapped a hand over his mouth and fell back breathing hard as the horror of what he'd just done struck him full hard. His throat burned, and his body was freezing. He shivered.


A calloused hand roughly spun him around shook him back to reality. It was Kurogane. "Hey, you alright? Oi! Fai!"

"…Kurgy…" Fai whispered. "I…I'm sorry, I…I dran-"

Kurogane's eyes hardened and he pressed Fai's head to his neck. "Take what you need. And hurry, the others are already waiting."

Fai drank gratefully. This blood tasted right. He felt soothed as Kurgy's strong hands held him protectively. He barely heard the exchange between Kurgy and the hunter through his need to satisfy. His eyelids were heavy and it was becoming harder and harder to keep them open.

"You'd give a vampire your own blood freely?" the hunter demanded as he rose.

Kurogane harrumphed. "I made him like this to keep him from dying. He can only drink my blood."

"He drank my blood!" the hunter reminded the warrior.

"Yeah, but he stopped. You could tell it was more of a last defense. A distraction. If you couldn't tell how much it hurt him to do that, you're a pathetic hunter."

The hunter stood motionless as the warrior rose with the unconscious vampire cradled protectively in his arms. The vampire's expression was strained, as if he was in pain.

"Now if you'll excuse us," the warrior words jerked the hunter back to reality. Still carrying the vampire in his arms the warrior turned his back to the hunter and walked away.

"Wait," the hunter called. The warrior stopped. "What's your name?"

"What's yours?" was the response.

"Sear. Ranger Sear of the country of Terra in the south."

There was a pause. "Kurogane. Personal shinobi of Nihon."

"Nihon, I've never heard of it."

"I'm not surprised."

"And your partner's name is Fai, correct?" the hunter pressed.

The warrior was silent.

"How can you help him? He's a vampire."

"As I've said, I made him this way. Even if that wasn't the case, if you think all there is to vampires is murder, blood, fear, and death than you're a fool. A blind fool."

With that, the warrior, Kurogane, walked away leaving Sear alone in the fading twilight.

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