Forks or Juvie?: Chapter Four


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Renee & Bella's POV:

Ness is so brave. Ness is so brave. Ness is so brave. Ness is so brave…

Nessie's POV:

After I finished the story, I almost forgot about a previous conversation. "And about how Christian's group of friends found out is actually funny," I smiled at the memory.

"Hey, what's up, Ness?" Paul, one of Christian's friends called out towards me. I flinched just remembering about what happened the previous night when Christian finally broke up with me. The bruises were still forming.

"Oh, hey Paul. Nothing, what about you?" I said timidly, while readjusting the pillows around my back to keep it in place so no one could see that I was nine months pregnant. Just then, I felt a harsh kick. Then, a stream of water flowed down my leg. "Holy shit," I whispered. "my water just broke."

"What was that, Ness?" Anthony, another one of Christian's friends asked.

"My fucking water just broke!" I screamed at him. I scrambled to get all of the pillows off of me. I pushed down at the pillows and plop, plop, plop, one by one, all of the pillows came out.

"Holy shit, Ness! You're fucking pregnant!" Paul yelled out.

"No fucking shit, Sherlock!" I retorted.

"Ness. Baby. Baby. Ness." Alex, Christian's brother said while pointing to my stomach and back to me.

"Yes, Captain Smart-ass." I stated. "This is me, Ness," I then pointed to my stomach. "and this is my baby. A baby which I'm in labor with right now!" I yelled at him.

Paul finally came to his senses and grabbed my hand and slowly walked me to his car. "Breath slowly, Ness." He put me in the backseat. "Johnny, Anthony, stay with her in the back. Alex, in the front." He ordered the guys.

Anthony offered his hand out towards me, noticing the way I was clenching my hand every time a contraction came through. I grabbed it and squeezed it tight. He smiled. "Not. One. Fucking. Word." I grimaced at him.

"Okay, no words, but I can laugh." He chuckled.

I smiled at his silliness. Then it got serious as a contraction came through me.

"How far apart are the contractions, Ness?" Paul and Anthony asked simultaneously. They had both been through this with their previous girlfriends.

I let out a groan. "About ten minutes," I let out a breath as the current one finished.

"Shit," Paul let out a breath. "The nearest hospital is about thirty minutes away, I can speed and be there in fifteen, but what about the police?" He mused.

"Fuck the police, if they pull us over, let me handle the talking." I growled at them.

"Breath Ness," Johnny said. He started to do one of those stupid movie breathing techniques. You know, the 'hee hee hoo, hee hee hoo' one.

"Johnny, this isn't a fucking cheesy ass movie." I yelled at him. "I'm fucking pregnant, I'm about to give birth, and on top of it all, the father of the baby is a fucking manic who likes to fucking abuse and rape me, dammit!" I confessed.

"WHAT?" Paul, Anthony, Alex, and Johnny yelled. Paul hit the brakes and I almost flew through the windshield, but luckily Johnny and Anthony held me down.

Almost immediately, the sirens came behind us.

"Oh, fuck it all, really?" I scowled.

"What's going on here?" The officer ran to our window.

"Oh, nothing," I put on a fake smile. "just that my water just fucking broke, these idiots are in fucking shock after I told them my baby's father and ex-boyfriend raped and abused me, my family doesn't know a fucking thing, I've been hiding this for a while, and on top of it all, a fucking police officer wants to fucking stop us!" As I got deeper into my rant, I got louder and angrier and I moved to the driver's windshield where the officer was standing at. I grabbed his collar. "Now, unless if you want to make a pregnant woman madder, considering she is about to give birth any moment now, you'd better give us a fucking police escort to the fucking hospital!" I spat in his face.

The officer nodded quickly and ran to his car, keeping the sirens on and driving in front of us.

"You'd better fucking drive, Paul." I darkly said to him. He nodded quickly as well and stepped on the gas.

Bella and Renee were in hysterics when they heard that I scared a police officer. "Oh gosh, Ness. I love you!" Bella cried out.

"Well, he kept getting me mad," I sniffed.

"Doing what?" Bella and Renee laughed.

"He pulled us over." I said seriously. With that, they cackled harder. I rolled my eyes.

We burst into the emergency room, with me having contractions every minute now. The woman at the counter barely glanced at us. "Get a clipboard and fill it out with your symptoms," She sighed.

"I'll show you symptoms," I said as I tried to get up from the wheelchair that the boys put me in. I'm getting fed up with all of these people treating me like crap. I'm having a baby, damn it, and I'd better be treated nicely.

"No!" They cried and pushed me back in.

"Excuse me, miss?" Paul asked the woman. "My friend here is about to give birth any minute, could we get a room please?" He asked politely.

She sighed and got out of her chair. "Lets see if she's really pregnant." She said.

I looked at her in disbelief and anger. "Look lady," I grabbed her collar. "judging by my stomach and my contractions which are coming every thirty seconds, I can see that I'm fucking pregnant. Get me a fucking room, or I'll kill you!" I yelled at her.

She looked scared and wheeled me into a room. "I-I'll g-g-get-t the d-doc-doct-t-or." She stammered.

The boys took the liberty of changing my clothes and getting me into a hospital gown and on the bed quickly.

"Out of all the times I've wished to see Nessie naked, I didn't imagine it would be like this," All of the boys sighed. I gave them all a good smack in the head. Then they saw the bruises.

"Holy shit, Ness. My brother did this to you?" Alex blew out a breath.

I nodded and my eyes began to water.

The boys came and engulfed me in a hug. "He's never going to do this to you again," Anthony said darkly. "Never." He was always caring about me.

"Hello," The doctor came in, ready in his scrubs and put my legs on the stir-ups. "I see you are fully dilated, now lets give this baby a birthday." He said.

My throat tightened. "D-do we have to do it now? I mean, I can keep this baby in here longer, right? What's another week or two?" I stammered.

"Ness, you can't. You have to do it now." Paul said to me.

"O-okay," I closed my eyes.

"Alright, on your next contraction, give me a big push lasting for about ten seconds." The doctor instructed. The nurses piled in with all of the equipment for the baby.

Paul and Anthony came up to either side of me and each held one hand. Alex and Johnny held my legs in the stir-ups.

"Okay, ready?" The doctor asked. I nodded. "And…push!" I did what the doctor told me. I squeezed Anthony and Alex's hands as the pain shot through me. "Okay, good. I see the head, ready…push!" I pushed again with all of my might.

"Urg!" I grunted. I counted to ten. One. Two…Eight. Nine. Ten. I stopped pushing.

"Perfect, Delilah, hand me the suction," I heard squeezing noises, so I assumed he was squeezing the blood off of the baby's face. He looked to me. "Okay, the baby's head and shoulders are out. We just need about two big pushes." He smiled.

I grimaced. Once, I heard the doctor's instructions, I pushed again.

"Great! Now give me a little, tiny push,"

Moments after I gave the 'little, tiny push' I heard the most beautiful thing: My baby's cry.

"It's a girl!" The voices of my friends cried out.

"Who would like to cut the umbilical cord?" The doctor asked the boys.

None of the boys spoke up.

Then Anthony spoke up. "I will," He said. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. He went over to the doctor and the doctor instructed him how to cut the cord.

While Anthony was cutting the cord, Paul came over and whispered in my ear. "Y'know, he really likes you, Ness. He always has." My jaw dropped. Anthony couldn't like someone like me, I'm bruised all over my body, and I'm broken, and I just had a baby, and I'm ugly and fat and, and, and…I began to cry. And it wasn't happy tears over my new daughter.

Anthony looked up from the baby's bassinet and walked up to me. "Hey, are you okay, Ness?" He put his hands on my cheeks and used his thumbs to wipe away my tears.

I couldn't speak, so I just shook my head and kept crying.

Paul, Alex, and Johnny stood there, looking uncomfortable. Paul spoke up. "We're just gonna,…fill out the baby's birth certificate for you, we'll knock if we need something from you." After that, all three of the boys ran out of there.

The doctor left right after the umbilical cord was cut, and the nurses took the baby to the nursery to check its weight, height, and to check if the baby was healthy. Anthony and I were all alone.

He looked for something in my eyes, and whatever he found, he got it because he engulfed me into his big, strong arms. I cried into his chest. Anthony didn't say anything, he just held me and rocked us back and forth.

After I finished crying, he pulled back a bit and said, "So I take it Paul told you?" He smiled.

I couldn't resist, so I laughed, then nodded.

A knock on the door.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Come in!" Anthony and I said together before laughing again.

A nurse came in, rolling in the bassinet. The boys trailed in behind her, all staring at the baby.

"Would you like to see your baby?" The nurse asked.

I looked at Anthony and he nodded. "Yes," I said confidently.

She picked up the baby gently and handed her to me. "I'll be back in a little while, if you need me, just page me with the nurse's button, okay sweetie?" She smiled at me. I nodded at her.

I held my beautiful baby in my arms. "Que linda," I said in Spanish.

"Yeah, she is beautiful, just like her mother." Johnny said.

I blushed a bit and gazed at my baby. She fluttered her eyes, then opened them. They were the most beautiful brown I had ever seen. Her father's eyes. She had some of his features and I was glad. He was an abusive asshole, but he was a handsome abusive asshole.

"Okay, so we need just a little more information for the birth certificate, Ness," Paul said, holding up the almost finished paper. I nodded. "Name?"

"Carolina Belinda Swan," I looked down at my precious baby.

"Well, thank you for that, but I meant YOUR name?" Paul raised his eyebrows.

"You know it, smart-ass." I rolled my eyes. Boys could be so dense sometimes.

"Your full name." He said. "And you call me smart-ass…" He trailed off.

That previous thought I had? …Yeah, I take it back. "Oh," I mumbled my name.

"What was that?" Johnny joked, cupping his hand to his ear.

I mumbled it, only slightly louder.

"One more time?" He said, leaning in.

"Vanessa Rose Swan, dammit!" I screeched at him.

"Whoa," All of the boys breathed.

"Never expected Ness to have such a girly name," Alex snorted.

"Oh, shove off!" I whispered-yelled at him because Carolina had fell asleep.

"Looks like the baby has changed Ness already," Anthony said. "You didn't curse," He explained when he saw all of our curious faces.

"Meh," I stuck my tongue out at him.

"To make a long story short," I said. "I called Jane and asked her to keep Carolina with her and she reluctantly agreed. Anthony, Paul, Alex, and Johnny jumped Christian and ended up telling him that they knew what he did to me. Christian planned out something. He got a gun, found Anthony when he was vulnerable and he…he…," I gulped, trying to find the words. My throat felt like it was closing up. "he shot Anthony!" I sobbed. I felt Renee's and Bella's arms around me again. "And the worst part is, I saw it all. And I didn't do nothing! Nothing! I let Anthony get killed and its all my fault!" I cried. "I was in the alleyway, going to hang out with Anthony and I saw Christian with the gun. They were speaking in Spanish."

"Tú ... tú tienes mi mujer!" Christian yelled at Anthony.

"I heard Christian yelling 'You…you took my woman!' His face was all bruised and had cuts everywhere from when they jumped him."

"Su mujer? Actúas como si fuera su propiedad!" Anthony screamed at him. "Ella es un ser humano. No un pedazo de basura que puede tirar todo y batir!"

"Anthony yelled back at him. 'Your woman? You act as if she was your property! She is a human being. Not a piece of trash that you can throw around and beat!'"

"No me importa! Ella es mía y puedo hacer lo que quiera con ella!" Christian took out his gun. "Y tu…, usted tendrá NUNCA la oportunidad de tocarla, y mucho menos a VER de nuevo!"

"Christian told him that he didn't care. 'She is mine and I can do whatever I want with her! And you…, you will NEVER get the chance to touch her, let alone SEE her ever again!' Even from the corner of the alleyway, I could see the veins in Christian's neck pop out." I told them. "It was scary, seeing Christian like that." I shook my head, as if trying to shake away the memories. "Anthony saw me from the corner of his eye and walked towards me to protect me, Christian turned and saw me and raised his gun at me. And then all I remember is a loud bang that sounded like a firecracker and then I was falling. Anthony fell on top of me. He took the bullet for me. I started crying. He was still alive though,"

"Anthony!" I turned my body so I was holding him in my arms. "Por favor, no! No, please!" I screamed. I saw his eyes flutter. "Anthony, Anthony, listen to me, you have to keep your eyes open! Please, for me!" I smacked his cheek softly.

"Mhm, Ness…I have to go. Its my time." Anthony said softly.

"The hell it is!" I cried. "Please keep your eyes open!" I pleaded.

"Can I ask for one thing, Ness?" Anthony smiled a little bit.

"Anything," I gasped.

"Kiss me? So I can at least die happy," He looked at me.

I nodded and bent my head down. He got a burst of strength and put his hand on the back of my head and pressed our lips together. The kiss was soft and sweet. He pulled away and whispered, "I love you, Vanessa Rose Swan."

I sobbed. "I love you too, Anthony Dario Ortiz."

He smiled at me. "Can I go to sleep now?"

"Yes, you can, mi amor." I told him.

He nodded and smiled again at me. And then he closed his eyes for the last time.

I looked up and I saw Christian with a disgusted look on his face. "You fucking bastard!" I yelled at him. He ran up to me and hit my face with the gun. "You think that makes you a man…?" I gritted my teeth. "Well, it doesn't, it makes you pathetic," I sneered at him.

He pulled my hair and leaned down. "I'll get you, you worthless whore!" He threw my head back against the wall and kicked Anthony's lifeless body, then kicked mine. He spat at us, then finally left. I felt blackness seep through me and I slumped against the wall.

"When I came to," I said, coming back to the present. "I was in the hospital again. When I was discharged, I came home and told you guys that I slept over a friend's house. And you guys believed me so easily, I wanted nothing more then to shout at you to ask me questions, to interrogate me, but you guys never did. I was amazed at how much trust you guys had in me." I finished.

"We trusted you because you were always honest with us," Renee's soft voice spoke. "at least before you went to juvie." She wiped my tears. "This place gives you bad memories, huh?" I nodded slowly. "Then we'll take up your birth father's offer to move you both to Forks." My eyes widened.

"M-my birth father?" I gasped.

Renee nodded. "He wanted to find you, to have a real relationship with you. He wanted Bella to go too because he didn't want to separate you two. And since this place gives you bad memories, you and Bella are going. No exceptions. I don't want my baby girl living in the past. You've been through so much, Ness. You're braver than me." She smiled. "I am so proud of you." Silent tears of joy came down her cheek.

"For what?" I said. "I let Chr - him touch me and I never did anything." I was angry at myself.

"Well, you knew that if you told, Christian would have lied to the police, no matter what evidence they had." Bella said. "He would have bribed them. And then he would of killed you. You knew that, right?" She asked.

"In the back of my mind, I guess I did." I admitted.

Bella smiled and grasped my hand in hers. I smiled back at her.

"So now … let's get packing." Renee smiled.

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