A Secret Window Fanfiction

.-~^*[A/N: Quick note, this is in fact based off of a real person. I will not put their name, but their case and personality are specifically described truthfully.]*^~-.

I could hear faint screaming. It wasn't the familiar scream that Amy had let off. The gurgling from choking didn't sound anything like Ted when he came to his instant doom. It was faint, young, and innocent.

I turned for a second, away from my book in hand, towards the door. A small window was provided on it for the doctors to look through. It was my only key to reality. The whole room was white, including the bed and the suit I wore. The only color: The light from outside peering in, my hair, and this book. I sighed every time I thought about it. Sooner or later my hair would match the room. Pure insanity, that's what I knew would be next. Nothing was left for me, just a cabin at home with nothing to do but sleep and type.

It had been 3 months since the day of...It had been 3 months since Amy and Ted had disappeared. It was a relief, but in a way it created a void. Now that I was without a friend or relative in the world-I had nothing to fill the void.

Was it insanity that kept that void shut? ...Was that the only thing I had to hold onto? It was something that I woke up to and had to deal with for a very long time. But, was it worth it? Filled void vs. Freedom...

I could still hear the screaming. It started slowing and became moans and cries. Just out of curiosity: I stood up and walked up to the door. When I looked through the small open crack, I could see a doctor and a woman speaking.

"I'm just not sure if I can keep up with her anymore. I love her, I really do. But, she is too much to handle right now." The woman admitted slowly.

"I understand, it's okay." The doctor patted the woman's shoulder.

"Maybe I could give her up for a while and then...maybe once financial problems are out of the way-get her back possibly?" The woman shrugged.

The doctor stood for a moment and blinked, "You can't pawn children. She's already going through so much."

The woman nodded then looked back over at two other doctors. Across the hallway a little girl with wheat-colored curls cried and reached out. The two doctors held her back as she struggled.

What was a child doing here? Not that I haven't seen children around the institute, but this part of it? I moved away from the door and sat back down on my bed and faced the window. What a window. It was small and had metal bars to keep all the crazy in. I had to suffer only one more week of this shit.

The last thing I heard that night was the woman outside my door, "Goodbye, Anthea."

Anthea, I like that...