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All through the night, I felt so comfortable with the darkness of night. It was the morning light that disappointed me the very awakening. The room turned from dark blue to pure white. I loathed the color white.

I heard a knock on my door then keys jingling. I sat up and peered at the door. Every door had the resident's name, case, and allowance. By allowance I mean what we were allowed to do. For the lucky ones there were the outside privileges. I was one of the rare few who could get out of my room and be with the others. Now was the time for that. I stood up and greeted my doctor. He only smiled and waves his hand gesturing that I should walk. And, so I did.

Other patients, that too had just woken up, were trudging through the hallway. Three doctors surrounded us and kept a close eye on each of us. I looked to see plenty of familiar faces. Though, 2 were unfamiliar. One was a man that looked fresh from the outside world and the little girl I remember seeing from yesterday. She looked about 7 or 8. Her hair was curled and bunched around her shoulders. Her eyes were light blue, but red and puffy from apparent distress. I strolled next to her as we made it to the room.

Finally some color became visible ahead. When we finally made it to the room, many different activities sat around the tables or floor. I headed straight to the Book Shelf. I didn't have anything in mind to do, so a simple book would do.

The place became a lot more cheerier. People were laughing and having fun with one another. It relieved ever one of us to be out of our cramped prisons. When I looked up from my book for a minute, I saw a man folding paper. The little girl from before took interest in this and walked over to him and watched curiously.

The hour was almost over. I put down my book and watched everyone else. The little girl was alone now and trying to fold a white piece of construction paper. Every once in a while she would struggle and become angered. I stood up and walked to her. She looked up then back at her paper.

"Hello." I said to her in the nicest voice I could manage, which was pretty difficult.

"Hi." Her young voice replied as she stared up at me. I kneeled down and grabbed a piece of paper. She looked at me anxiously as I started folding it. After managing to remember how I use to make them, I had created a little white flower out of the paper. Her eyes lit up and I handed her the paper. "Can you teach me how to make one!" She smiled.

I nodded, "Sure."

"I wanna make one for my friend , Rose." She told me as she grabbed another piece of paper. But, before I could help her-a doctor announced it was time for us to go back to our rooms. The girl's eyes sunk disappointedly.

I stood up and patted her on the back, "I'll teach you how to make one, next time. Promise." She nodded, still disappointed. Everyone began walking back to their rooms and the girl stood by my side the whole time.

All through my time of being here, I had been a lot more friendly and easier to talk to. I don't know if it was from a sudden personality change-or my head trying to cooperate with my needs. Did I need a friend? I didn't think so. I made it to room #371. This was her room. The doctor let her in and I turned to go to mine. Before I did, I noticed the paper on her door that mentioned who she was.

Name: Anthea Avenir

Age: 7

(For Minors) Parents: Cyndie Avenir Orphan

Case: Schizophrenia