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Gus didn't understand why everyone was suddenly quiet. The almost four year old looked up into the faces of his family, and wondered if he got some of his chocolate syrup on his nose.

He swiped at it, and looked at his hand.

Nope, no chocolate.

He looked back up as his mommy cleared her throat, and tucked a piece of her pretty yellow hair behind her ear. "What—uhm, what did you say?"

Gus furrowed his eyebrows like a caterpillar, and then stared up at his mommy, then around at the others around the table at his Nana's diner. "I asked where Daddy Jus'sin was."

He looked at his Daddy for an answer, but his Daddy was just looking at him. Gus didn't think he really liked that look.

And then he really didn't like when his Uncle Michael snorted like a piggy and moved his menu to cover his face.

But he did like when Auntie Em glared at him, and his Nana hit him on the head. Good. Gus didn't see what was so funny.

Auntie Em leaned near him and asked, "'Daddy Justin', sweetie?"

Gus nodded. That was what he said, wasn't it? "Yes. Where is he?"

All the grown ups looked at his Daddy who was taking a drink of his icky coffee. He set the cup down and looked at his Momma who was laughing—what was so funny?—before looking at Gus.

His Daddy smiled at him and said, "Daddy Justin said he would go have breakfast with his Mom, but he'll come see you before you leave."

Gus nodded, happy he could see his Daddy Jus'sin. He looked around, wondering why everyone was looking at his Daddy all weird. Gus looked closely at his Daddy. He didn't see any boogers.

His Daddy saw him staring, and winked at him before reading his paper, covering his face to any booger spies.

Gus ignored it and finished his super-chocolate-syruped-pancakes, and strawberry milk. He looked up to see his Mom's whispering to each other, and his Nana and Auntie Em trying to get his Daddy to talk to them. He was still hiding behind the news paper. Uncle Ben and Michael had moved to a different table and were talking to Uncle Ted.

Gus squirmed in his seat and scrunched up his nose. "Mommy, I have to go potty."

His Mom's stopped whispering and let him go to the employee's bathroom in the back of the diner.

As soon as he was done, he washed his hands, climbing on the stool under the sink his Nana put there, and started to walk back to their table.

Gus wanted to be sneaky when he heard his family talking though, and hid behind the counter across from their table.

"What the fuck was all that about?" Uncle Michael. Gus had to remember to make him put a quarter in the money jar.

"What was what about, Mikey?" His daddy asked. He sounded like he wanted to laugh.

Uncle Michael snorted again. "The whole 'Daddy Justin' shit—" two quarters "you didn't even bother correcting him!"

Gus peeked around the corner and saw his Mom's look at each other, then at his Daddy. His Mom's nodded and Daddy turned away from them to look at Uncle Michael. Gus ducked back behind the counter

"And your point would be?" His Daddy didn't sound like laughing anymore.

"My point?" Uncle Michael screeched. It hurt Gus' ears. "You're just going to let him call that twink 'Daddy'? Justin isn't his Dad."

Gus got really mad. Jus'sin was too his Daddy! He walked out in front of his Uncle Michael and stomped his foot. "Daddy Jus'sin is my Daddy!"

Uncle Michael's eyes got really big and his mouth fell open. "Gus! Uh—you—"

Gus stomped his foot again and crossed his arms. "He is my other Daddy."

He saw his Momma and Daddy laughing, and his Mommy was just watching them. And so were Nana, Uncle Ben, Auntie Em, and Uncle Ted.

Uncle Michael still looked like a fish. "Gus, Justin can't be—" his Daddy stopped laughing.

Gus gave the best glare he could and said, "Yes he can be! He is my Daddy! He helped choose my name, like Mommies and Daddies do, and he draws with me, and plays with me, and hangs my pictures up on the fridge'rater like Mommy, and let's me sleep with him and Daddy, and shows me how to tie my shoes, and takes me for ice cream, and kisses my owies when I get hurt, and shows me different colors and shapes, and my Abc's, and he loves me like Mommy and Momma and Daddy love me!" Gus was crying by now.

Everyone was quiet in the diner, and Gus saw that Uncle Michael and Ted looked like fishies. Nana and Auntie Em were glaring at Uncle Michael.

Gus sniffled and wiped his nose. Someone put their hand on his shoulder and asked, "Hey, what's going on here?"

Gus looked up to see his Daddy Jus'sin smiling down at him. Gus hugged his leg, and felt his Jus'sin's fingers run through his hair like every time he was sad or had a bad dream. He snuggled his nose in his knee and saw his jeans were splotchy with dry paint.

He felt hands grab under his arms, and he was lifted onto Jus'sin's hip. Gus laid his head on his shoulder and snuffled.

He saw Uncle Michael squirm in his seat, then look at his Daddy, then Jus'sin.

Uncle Ben cleared his throat and stood up and grabbed his case-thing and jacket. "Well, we best be going. Thanks for breakfast, Deb." He kissed her on the cheek, and Uncle Michael stood up. Nana scrunched her face at him, and they left.

Jus'sin took Uncle Michael's place, and sat next to his Momma, moving so Gus was on his lap, but his head still on his shoulder.

"So." He felt the rumbles in his chest when Daddy Jus'sin talked and giggled. He felt Jus'sin move his chin and kiss him on the top of his head. "I caught the last bit of what Gus here," he tickled his side. Gus giggled more. "said, so I can only guess why a three year old—"

"Almost four!" Gus interrupted.

"—Sorry, almost four year old was yelling at his Uncle in the middle of the Diner." Jus'sin laughed quietly.

No one answered so Gus did. "He said you can't be my Daddy, and was asking why Daddy was letting me call some—" Gus broke off trying to remember the word. "—twink, Daddy." Auntie Em choked on the tea he was drinking.

Jus'sin made a "hmm" noise and nuzzled his nose into Gus' hair. "Don't say that word, Gus." He said softly.

Gus looked at his Mommy. "Is that a bad word too?"

She smiled. "Yes, sweetie. Don't say it again."

"Oh." Gus pouted. Then he grinned and hugged his Daddy Jus'sin tighter. "Uncle Michael has to put three quarters in the money jar then."

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