So, since there aren't many Iri/Niall fanfics, I wrote my own. But be warned, this is as lemon. If you're offended by yaoi (guy/guy) love, don't read. Again, only put your opinions if they're not harmful and mean or about how you hate gays. No time for that, kay? And if you must ask, yes, they're both bisexual. And… they both love Leslie.

The former Dark King had been restless lately- tired, annoyed. These parts of him were evident in small bouts of action- usually by smoking every chance he acquired. Still, even watching the moon from the vicinity of his window- which was becoming quite a hobby for him lately- Irial felt deprived of something- of someone.

Irial thought back to when he and his King ate dinner together in the grand hall, when he'd seen Niall smile- an actual smile- that gave him licentious feelings only an ex-Dark King could feel.

At that moment, Irial was sure that Niall was truly his. It was in the faery's eyes whenever they passed each other throughout the day. But then again, he wasn't. Niall had given Irial right to live in his home, to bond more, but the feeling of true forgiveness was never actually there. Yet, even when Irial wasn't thinking about Leslie, he was thinking about how Niall was adjusting to his new role. It had to take some sort of affect on him.

There was something about Niall made him feel safe, as though his life served a common purpose along side his own. He'd known these things about Niall even before the boy had joined the Dark Court, when he had watched him on dark nights so long ago.

This time, though, Irial was watching Niall for different purpose. Not for advisement or concern. No. He wanted him to truly be his- in ways his fey would never be. In his mind, he couldn't get over how interesting, yet strong the faery was compared to so many other dark court fey. He accepted his new role as Dark King easily, even after acknowledging Irial's betrayal. Instead of judging, he forgave. He is far more kind than I deserve. Niall would never perish or become so dependant on anyone- not even Irial himself.

King or not, he was his own. And Irial took undeniable pleasure in that.

His independence did not compete against his irresistibility, however. Irial would never forget how delectable Niall looked the first day he'd spoken to him- brown hair tousled, his full lips almost hard to resist by any fey. Especially a Dark King. Or at least someone who had once been a Dark King.

Irial turned to look back at his windowsill, cigarette lit at his fingertips, and fingered the steel chain that that clung tightly to his neck. He would never get over Niall's invitation to return to the house- even if they slept in separate rooms. The kindness, the words he'd never expected him to say, were there in the back of his mind so blatantly. Niall does care for me.

All of these years, Irial had known it, but couldn't understand why. The worry was now evident in his face. Idly, Irial was rubbing the cool metal crucifix around his neck against his palm. It was almost made him lose his train of thought to find Niall knocking on his bedroom doors. Irial stared out at the dark night sky, but directed his words toward the door. "Come in", he called. Niall stepped fully into the room, closing both doors soundly behind him.

Irial turned to face him, a light smile on his face. Only Niall could ever make him smile that way. "You've arrived, Gancanagh."

Niall did not respond first- pausing to only take a seat on the bed beside Irial. The action surprised Irial, seeing that Niall never usually sat that close. "I've come because you have requested it. Though as your King, I should be requesting, shouldn't I?" The uncertainty and sarcasm in his tone spoke wonders.

Irial nodded once, taking a drag from the smoke. "You should." His dark eyes were taking Niall in with a simple glance. The Dark faery was just as beautiful as he had always been, the color of his black eyes staring back into Irial's. Irial fought the urge to press their lips together without delay, but that would be inappropriate. And the least he could do would be to show his King respect.

Niall tilted his head after three heartbeats of silence. "Is there something wrong, Irial?" Irial glanced at him again, and this time his eyes lingered. Of course Niall would assume the worst- Irial had invited him in with- what Niall considered- arbitrary intention.

Irial stared back at his window- his lips twitched at the corners from the irony. "No. I'm fine. I enjoy your company, is all."

Irial saw Niall smile in the reflection of the glass, eyes obviously watching Irial. But beneath his enlightenment, he was trying desperately to taste Irial's emotions. The problem was that Irial hid them too efficiently. Years of being the Dark King have ensured it.

But still, that lingering, quiet stare made Irial delicately more attracted to his king. He turned to face Niall, barely able to hide the desire in his eyes.

"As I enjoy your own." Niall, with observant eyes, hesitantly reached out to stroke Irial's face, causing the former Dark King to close his eyes. Irial felt himself shudder at the soft, yet firm touch of Niall's long fingers, pulling his face closer to bask in his scent.

"Iri…" Niall moved his hand away to say something, but Irial's hand trailing along his denim-clad thigh cut him off. Niall couldn't help but gasp at the sensation as Irial's hand moved further up his leg. With much reluctance, he grabbed Irial's hand in his own. "Stop. I've come here because you have asked me to. I assumed it to be a danger of some sort. If you have other intentions-"

Irial did not snatch his hand back from Niall's grip. He stared at him with the same quiet eyes as before and said, "Do you not like my touch, Gancanagh?" Irial was moving closer to Niall's face, his breath touching the other man's lips. "Are you afraid?"

And he wanted him to be.

With a hint of uncertainty, Niall spoke. "I'm not ready for this, Irial… I've forgiven you- am trying to forgive you. This isn't-"

"Then what is?" Irial tilted his head and waited for Niall's response. He refused to meet Irial's eyes. Irial knew what Niall really felt, what he would never dare to admit. Niall paused, confused, torn, as Irial slid his hand out of Niall's grip and ran it along his inner thigh again- this time rising agonizingly higher. Niall's breathing hitched again in his chest, wonderful sensations filling him as Irial's hand journeyed and stopped at the buckle of his belt. Irial was the least bit hesitant of Niall's reaction. He leaned even closer, hand sliding up to Niall's waist so that he could hover over him, pushing him almost completely onto the bed.

Niall looked to protest, but Irial quickly silenced him with a kiss of pure passion and covetousness. They both fell onto the soft silk sheets, and Irial could feel the hot cavern of Niall's wet mouth. Just the thought gave his body involuntary waves of excitement. Niall, who seemed less rewarding before, slid his lips along Irial's throat, tasting the delicate pale skin. Irial, with just as much fervor, brought their lips back together in a tangled mesh, his tongue enjoying Niall's heavenly scent.

A small moan escaped from Niall's mouth as Irial pressed the full weight of his body onto him. Irial wasn't quite pleased with that yet. I want to hear him cry my name. He pressed even closer to Niall, their erections chafing. He felt the overwhelming pleasure brought on by the action and a moment later, so did Niall. The boy let out a soft mewling sound, kissing Irial harder on the mouth. Niall's body involuntarily pressed against his, creating a steady movement that sent their struggled desires into a frenzy.

Irial grasped the back of Niall's neck, holding him steadily in place while Niall held onto the crest of his ass.

Irial stopped kissing Niall then- ignoring the pleading look on his face- sitting up so that he was straddling him. Niall watched quietly as Irial's fingers traced a pattern over his collarbone and then down his chest. He shivered. Then Irial quickly unbuttoned Niall's shirt in a quick burst of primal lust and kissed gently downwards, stopping at his nipple.

Niall's eyes watched his every action- a plea in them. Irial was too selfish to give in to what Niall wanted, though. King or not. He instead moved back to Niall's mouth, licking at his bottom lip. Niall nipped back at him, holding onto Irial's ass even harder than before. Dark Kings took no mercy on lovers. With a movement too fast for Niall to catch, Irial dipped down and took one of his nipples in his mouth. Licking with slow torture that could drive any man- or woman- insane, Irial continued to rub their erections together in a harder, faster movement. Niall let out a struggled moan as Irial's tongue grazed over the spot and then placed it between his teeth.

It was lovely to watch the erotic expression on Niall's face as Irial moved to the other nipple, his Gancanagh's eyes fluttered to black. Irial continued to suck all the way down Niall's chest, stopping at his naval, teasing him with a wicked grin.

Niall looked weary and excited at the same time, which comforted Irial to some extent. But Irial wanted Niall to be satiated with the pleasure he gave him. With a seductive smile, he sat up and used his free hand to slide the rest of the black shirt from Niall's shoulders. Irial couldn't help but marvel at the definition of Niall's body, of his perfectly sculpted stomach. Lust. Irial tasted that emotion- like cinnamon it was to his lips. He kissed Niall with his tongue.

Then Niall stopped kissing Irial. He sat up. "Wait", Niall commanded, panting.

Irial paused, but his eyes were yearning, like Niall's. "What is it?"

"I don't… I don't feel ready to do this right now. It's too sudden."

Irial stared at him without saying a word. Then in a gentle voice, he whispered in his ear, "But it's what you feel, Niall. It's what I feel."

"But it isn't correct. This isn't-"

"If I asked you for something, would you give it to me, Niall?"

"If it didn't harm my court."

"Is this harming your court, Niall?"

The Dark King's eyes were contemplative. "No."

"Then stop making excuses for yourself, Gancanagh. You and I both know what you want. The more you starve that feeling, the worse it becomes. Don't allow that to happen Niall. I care for you too much to allow that to happen."

Niall opened his mouth to protest, but Irial shushed him. "Just let yourself go, Niall. Let go of those emotions. It's healthier for you that way. Just close your eyes."

Niall looked uncertain for a moment, but after watching Irial's weary eyes, he followed.

Irial smiled in appreciation of Niall's acceptance. Then took a moment to marvel at Niall, lying prone in front of him, eyes closed. With great ardor, Irial stopped to remove the fabric of his own shirt over his head- it was in the way. Ever so gently, Irial pressed his lips to Niall's and gave him soft, endearing kisses- a rarity of his nature.

Niall kissed him back slowly, his lips adjusting to the new taste of his former king, and Irial's hands moved to the hem of the Niall's black pants in a silent maneuver. Irial continued to kiss the boy, subduing him, an then with a speed Niall missed, slid his hand into his pants to stroke him gently. Niall, enduring the enchanting feel of Irial's movements, let out a loud gasp, for the first time opening his eyes.

Irial continued to stroke him tenderly, listening to the groans he made, moving his hand faster along the boy's member. Niall's breath came out as a rasp against Irial's mouth. He moaned loudly.

"Don't resist", Irial whispered in a voice even more alluring than the sounds Niall continued to make. He rubbed his hand harder against him.

"I-I…" The feeling was becoming too overwhelming to face. Niall turned his face from Irial's to catch his breath. Then, with one last stroke of Irial's hand, Niall came. "Irial!"

Irial smiled against Niall's lips as the boy cried his name out sharply- unable to take the pleasure and pain of Irial's hands on him. There was a long silence, and Niall looked weary, his eyes staring back at Irial's with a twinge of both love and fear.

The former Dark King removed his hand from Niall's pants and slid one of his fingers into his mouth, tasting the boy's seed. "You taste even more delicious than you look." And he did.

Niall pulled Irial close to him, unable to withstand the faery's sensual gaze, and tasted his lover's lips with fervent compliance. Irial's soft mouth licked along his throat, giving his body chills.

The room was quiet, if not for the sounds of their kisses, and then Irial began to inch down Niall's dark pants agonizingly slowly, the faery watching him through lidded eyes as he did so. After assisting Niall with his pants, Irial removed his own and discarded them in the pile of clothes his shirt lay in. Irial pulled closer to Niall, whose eyes were burning with lust, and kissed him fiercely again.

Irial pressed desperately to his king, bent on assuaging the urge he felt. Niall noticed. As their lips met again, Niall was becoming more of the aggressor, pushing Irial onto his back. Irial just stared back at him- He is stronger than I thought- and then ran a hand along his jaw. Niall smiled at him- a smile endued with wicked intentions. Irial believed that Niall was bending down to kiss him, but was pleasantly surprised when his Gancanagh moved past his naval.

Irial, for the first time, gasped aloud, feeling Niall's warm mouth kiss the inside of one his thighs. The feeling made his eyes roll back. And then, like a force he hadn't expected, Irial felt the tight warmth of Niall's mouth on his member overwhelmingly, moist and demanding. Irial held onto a handful of Niall's hair, trying to control how fast he was going, but was oddly unable to.

Irial writhed beneath him, biting his lip in pain as Niall bit down softly on him. A small moan escaped his lips, followed by a cry as Niall pulled his full length into his mouth. Trying to steady himself for balance, Irial griped the sides of the comforter, fingers ripping through the material. Niall's head continued to bob quickly on him, one of his hands trailing along Irial's chest. Irial shuddered, the pain and pleasure too vast to consume. "Niall", he muttered weakly. Niall bit down harder, drawing blood.

Irial cried out again, arching his back more and more as Niall's mouth consumed him. The pain, it hurt, but not nearly as much as the satisfaction he was receiving. With a struggled pant, Irial found his voice. "Enough", he hissed.

Niall stopped then, pulling his head up to look at Irial contentedly. Then his lips traced up his Irial's long body, past his stomach, his chest, and moved on to his throat. Irial's breath was beginning to slow, even as Niall's lips brushed just below his ear.

"I didn't resist", he whispered in a voice only loud enough for Irial to hear.

The simple sentiment was enough to set Irial on fire. The primal lust returned to his eyes, and in an instant, he had Niall flipped onto his back. Niall was caught off guard, but accepted Irial's strong lips on his as a sign of agreement- he chose not to protest. Irial could barely contain the pent-up instinct as his lips found Niall's again, tasting himself on the faery's mouth. Irial never took his mouth away from Niall's, even as he moaned. He gripped his shoulders and steadied himself over the boy, pausing at Niall's entrance.

Mine, was all Irial could comprehend as he stared at Niall's hard body and moonlit skin. His shadow boy, his. Then, without a moment's despair, Irial let go of his urges and plunged into Niall, emitting a cry from them both. Niall groaned loudly as Irial positioned himself further into his body, pushing deeper than before. Irial- too- felt the reflexive burn he received from Niall's tightness, and moved his hands from the boy's shoulders to his thighs, pulling him painstakingly closer.

Niall's body involuntarily shuddered as Irial shoved into him hard, causing him to cry out. Irial did not care, though, showing no signs of wanting to comfort. He was claiming him once and for all.

With a now steady rhythm, Irial moved in and out of Niall's hot center, occasionally pulling Niall's hips- which were on either side of him- even closer. "Irial", Niall murmured, wincing as his former king proceeded to move faster into his body. Irial could feel the heat rising into his stomach as his body moved more fervently, as Niall cried out again, as he continued to fuck his gancanagh without thought. The steel pendant around his neck grew hotter with his skin, hitting his chest with each thrust.

Niall let out a gasp, grinding his hips into Irial's, trying his best to ignore the searing pain. Irial, noticing Niall's predicament, chose to offer the only form of comfort he was able- a kiss on the lips. The kiss was broken as Irial took another thrust into Niall, causing the faery to cry out again, his body shuddering.

At first, Irial was frightened that he may have truly hurt him, ready to comfort if needed. But then Niall gave him a lingering kiss on the lips- one that told Irial that he did not mind the pain being inflicted on him- and Irial continued to pleasure them, grabbing Niall's member in one hand as he held the boy's thigh in the other.

Nothing could compare to the erotic expressions that graced Niall's handsome features as he held Irial's hands firmly to his waist. "I-Iri…" Irial could see the sexual pain on Niall's face as he overburdened him with satisfaction. I want his body to suffer for me.

Niall's back arched as he felt the hot feeling in his stomach curl up. "I-I… ahh." Irial continued to thrust- faster each time, harder- until Niall's body could no longer bear the pain and pleasure involved. Neither could Irial. As much as he tried to hide it, he was losing himself in the sexual gratification that was Niall. With one last satisfying thrust, Irial freed the pent-up desire in his gut and released himself into Niall's warm center. Both faeries climaxed simultaneously.

With a fulfilling gasp, they both collapsed, Irial's hair sticking to his face. There was a long silence, and then Niall's strained voice could be heard above the quiet. "Are your feelings for me out of care or desire?" Irial had almost forgotten how deep his voice could be.

Irial was too tired to answer the question and assumed that Niall was simply delirious from their night together. "I see no reason to answer that", he murmured, lying on Niall's shoulder.

When Irial caught a glance at Niall's eyes, however, he realized that he was serious. "Of course I care for you, Niall. Why else would I try so hard to seduce you?" The same wicked smile returned to Irial's lips as his hand traced along Niall's arm.

Niall rolled his eyes- too proud to show his submission. But after a moment, smiled too, leaning in to kiss his ex-King one last time before he fell asleep.

Irial was almost asleep as well when he heard two loud knocks at the door. He sat up, looking once at the window and then at Niall, who was asleep in the crook of his arm. With an annoyed sigh, Irial directed his frustration toward the door. "Who is it?"

"Me, Irial." Gabriel's menacing voice sounded confused, uncertain. "I… I heard screaming, yelling. Are you all right?"

Irial fought to control the laughter he wanted to set free and shook his head, running a hand through it. "Yes, Gabe. I'm fine."

Gabriel's voice still came out uncertain, with an edge that wanted to protect his former king from harm. "If there is anything I can do to help you, I would be glad to."

Irial rolled his eyes. "Yes, Gabe. I understand. Your loyalty is what behooves me. Now return to bed." It was as much of a scolding as much as it was a command.

There was a long silence on the other end of the door. "I'm not bound to take orders from you anymore, Irial. And besides, there's a message for Niall. I would've given it to him myself, but I can't find him anywhere."

Irial sighed. Couldn't Gabriel text it? Send it by phone or instant messenger? What was the point of having technology if it was abandoned? "Written?"


"Would it kill you to slide it under the door? I'll give it to him" The agitation was evident as he tried to keep his voice calm and collected. If Gabriel discovered that Niall was bared and asleep in Irial's bedroom, the reaction wouldn't be a good one.

Gabriel blew a breath. "I could, but that would belittle the message. It's from Jenny Greenteeth and her kin. She sends her regard."

Irial turned to face Niall, who looked serene lying next to him, and scowled. Why can I never have him to myself? He hesitantly shook Niall, and glanced at the door. The faery's dark eyes opened, confused, as they met Irial's.

"What is i-" Irial shushed him with his finger and pointed towards the double doors, toward Gabriel's continuous chatter. The gesture was enough.

Niall nodded ruefully with understanding and hurried to gather his things from the marble floor. He started to move towards the two doors, but in a swift motion, Irial shooed him into the closet and closed it soundly behind him.

Then with visible indifference, Irial went back to the bed, alone, and tried to replace the clothes he'd shed. Once done, he called out to Gabriel. "Come in Gabe, and hope that your disturbance is important."

The hound walked in quietly, greeting Irial with a single nod. In his hand he held an envelope, marked by Jenny's cursive signature. "Here." He handed the letter to Irial, who all but snatched it from his hand. After a quick read and a less than endearing glance, Irial returned the letter to the hound.

Gabriel bristled and stared at the letter. "Iri, I can't accept Niall's letter."

"Why sure you can. Tell Jenny that Niall and I shall be attending her gala tonight- on behalf of the Dark Court."

"But Iri-"

Irial's hands waved suggestively toward the door. "Goodbye Gabriel."

Gabe's eyes glared at him then, but only for the slightest moment. With irritation in his step, Gabriel left the room with the doors behind him.

Irial ran to the closet then, grabbing Niall by the arm and throwing him toward the direction of the lattice. The Dark King stared back at him with unspoken eyes. There was a disappointment in his voice. "Why did you hide me, Irial?"

Irial closed the closet door and paced back toward the bed. "It displeases me to know that Gabriel has his suspicions." It is quite precise of Gabriel's nature to observe.

Niall sat down on the bed's edge and watched Irial pace. "I'm sure that he knows. It seems only obvious that he would."

Irial stopped walking and faced him. "That may be true, but you don't know Gabriel like I do. Seeing me in bed with you would not have entertained him."

Niall ran his fingers through his hair and held his clothes to him. Irial sat next to him, thinking only about how sudden Gabriel's intrusion was. He wanted only to return to Niall's arms. Then Niall interrupted his train of thought, voice quiet as he spoke. "I find it prudent to return to my own chambers for tonight, Irial."

"Niall, that is foolish. To leave now would be a sin-"

"As your king, I won't be questioned, Irial. You of all people should understand that." To make ends to Irial's offer, he said, "I'm more tired than you know. And I would like to bathe, if you don't mind."

Irial stared at Niall's eyes, sensing that a piece of him were gone now. With a sigh, Irial paused but nodded regrettably. "I understand."

Niall offered him a weary smile then, but Irial could not find it in himself to smile. Niall noticed and tried to ignore the evident pain on the his beloved's face, getting dressed with haste. Once done, he stopped at the doorframe and gave Irial a full bow, courtesy of the night they spent together, and his eyes warmed.

"I'll see you at the festivities, Irial." Then, in a deft motion reserved only for Dark Kings, Niall had gone.

Irial, feeling somewhat rejected, lit a cigarette and yawned. The last thing he wanted to remember was Niall's wispy frame as he left to pursue the duties of the Dark Court.