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I, Sammy Keyes, have been in a lot of scary situations before. I'm talking about ones where I wasn't even sure if I was going to make it out of there with my body completely intact, you know?

And now that I think about it, those problems were nothing compared to what I was about to face now.

It was none other than my evil red-haired, phony archenemy.

Heather Acosta.

It all started in seventh grade, and as much as I'd like to believe they didn't, things went wayyyy downhill after that.

It got even worse when things just started to click between me and her amazing, wonderful, awesome brother, (sorry, I got a little carried away there) Casey. For some reason, Heather's main goal in life is to make my life suck. She's always trying to make me feel alone and whatever. So, of course, she was completely fuming mad when she realized that I had the possibility of hooking up with her own brother. And, like the predator she is, she saw this as an attack at her and made my life even more miserable than I thought any human being was capable of!

I mean, she spread a rumor that Casey and I slept with each other. If she's not evil, then I don't know what evil is!

But the big trouble started just last night when Casey and I went to the movies. It was a few days after we had sent those two condors we rescued into the wild. We were both bored to death. Billy had gone with his parents on a vacation to Europe or something, Casey had said and Marissa was on a business trip with her parents so she could "learn the industry." (I cracked up when I heard about it.)

So Casey suggested we go watch this action movie he heard about this guy who got these superhuman powers. I had heard about it to, and I was all up for watching it with him, even though I knew it would be a little awkward since it was just the two of us.

The movie ended earlier than I thought it would, so we went to dinner at the local burger joint. Not my idea of a romantic venue, but anywhere that Casey is was good enough for me.

We joked around the whole time, but I could tell he was holding back on something.

"I need to tell you something," he finally said, looking at the floor. He was wringing his hands.

"What is it, Case? Finally agree that I'm a way better skateboarder than you?" I teased.

"No, um, it's something else."

I was taken aback by his reply. Usually when I teased him about something like our skateboarding skills, he's quick to defend and retort.

"Ok," was my simple reply. If he had something serious to say, I didn't want to make it more complicated for him.

"Ok, here it goes." he breathed deeply. He turned to face me. I almost melted in his chocolaty eyes. I had known him for a year and a half already, but I still couldn't get used to the way they always took my breath away. "Sammy, I've liked you ever since the day I met you. Will you be my girlfriend?"

And, like the moron I was, I just sat there, speechless. Be his girlfriend? Of course! His eyes started getting doubtful so, displaying my moronic qualities once more, I sputtered out a yes.

A smile went to his face and his eyes twinkled. He is so cute, I thought.

His face came even closer, and suddenly I knew what was going to happen. He pressed his lips to mine tenderly. My heart was racing out of control, but all I could focus on was the beautiful angel I was kissing right in the middle of that empty, grimy burger joint. Warmth flowed through my body. He broke the kiss and led me out to the street. The city had put up Christmasy lights to celebrate the summer season. He pressed his lips to mine once more, then to my cheek, then back to my lips. I have never been a girly girl. Never. But then I found myself doing the girliest thing ever. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he put his around my neck. Our lips began to move and it was wonderful.

When I walked back home that night, guess who I was sooo lucky to run into? None other than the queen of mean herself and her wannabe followers, Tenille and Monet. Apparently word travels fast around Santa Martina and they already knew about Casey and I.

"Listen, loser, and listen good," was her friendly greeting.

"Nice to see you too, Heather," I growled, sarcasm dripping from my voice. She brought her face closer to mine in a snarl.

"I know what you're trying to do. If you think hooking up with my own brother is a good enough revenge on me, then your wrong. And you will pay for this. Oh, and don't think your so goody-goody now that your with him. Casey's a pathetic loser. You both are."

"Stop breathing my air, Heather. Swine flu is going around and I don't want to take any chances."

With a huff, she pushed me roughly towards the road. I blocked her attempt, grabbed both of her wrists, pressed them down, and threw them to the side. I was done fighting with her. I simply walked away, leaving a fuming Heather.

So that day, two inevitable things happened.

1.) Casey Acosta asked me out.

2.) Heather Acosta was out to ruin my life.

Oh, joy.

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