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I love you, Harry.

You're so strong. So brave.

The hero who defeated the dark lord.

When I grow up, I want to marry you.

I love your eyes.

I love your hair.

I love your scar.

Especially your scar.

It makes you special, can't you see?

Oh, see me.

Look at me, Harry.

I would never turn on you.

Of course I love you. Don't you believe me?

Harry, something strange is happening to me.

I keep finding blood on my robes.

I keep hearing roosters.

It's okay, though. You'll save me, I know it.

You save everyone.

My savior. Save me.

I knew you'd do it. You're a hero, Harry. My brave hero.

I love you.

Of course I'm telling the truth. How can you doubt me?

I always look at you, Harry.

I know everything about you.

You don't like clingy girls or defenseless girls.

Watch me change, Harry.

Better yet, I'll change by myself and you'll see that you love me too one day.

One day soon.

Harry, I'm funny now, can't you see?

Harry, I can curse Malfoy for you now, aren't you proud?

Harry, look. Aren't I pretty?

My brother's most precious to you right now. That's okay.

I'll become the most precious person in your life soon enough.

Someone like Romilda Vane can use love potions. You're too smart to fall for that.

I'll just use potions on myself. Don't I smell good? Am I beautiful?

You deserve someone beautiful, my Harry.

My potions don't just affect you, though.

It's okay, none of those boys mean anything.

Dean keeps groping me, don't you notice? If you fought him, I'd cheer for you.

I'm sure that you'd win, anyway.

You always do, don't you?

My hero. Even Voldemort would never be able to defeat you.

I'm so happy, Harry. You're mine now.

You're not very good at kissing. Too wet.

But it's you, and I'll be the only one to ever kiss you anyway.

Don't look at Luna, Harry. Don't look at Hermione, either.

She's like a sister to you, right?

Maybe if I taunt Ron enough, he'll finally make a move on her.

Then you won't look at Hermione again.

Oh, Harry. All you need to do is look at me. Just like that.

Kiss me.

Hug me.

Love me.

You're going to fight Voldemort, aren't you?

I'm sure you'll win. You always do.

Then you'll come back to me.

We'll get married, like I've always planned. Then you'll be mine forever, and I'll be yours too.

I love you.

You love me too? I'm so happy.

Say it again.



One more time?

Don't worry about breaking up, I know you'll be back.

Back into my arms.

Because we're in love, of course.

Aren't we?


I can see your body, but you're not dead.

Even if you're not moving.

You're alive. I love you.

Harry, get up!


See, you heard my voice.

Oh, my Harry, don't look at them. Who cares about Ron and Hermione?

Look at me.

You're fighting Voldemort. Again.

It's okay, I guess. You'll get rid of him this final time and we'll be together forever.

I knew you'd win.


Because I love you.

It's over now. Let's stay together forever.

You never have to look at any of them again.

Let's go, Harry.


Because you love me.

That's right.

Love me. Only me. I'll be everything you ever want or need. I'll give you everything.

I've killed for you, you know. Using my own hands instead of my wand.

Won't you kill someone for me, too?

I'd die for you, too. Only you have to promise me that you'd follow me into death.

After all, if you died, then I'd die too.

Oh, that silly question again?

It's because I love you, of course.