So far the operation was successful.

Dr. Tachibana was about to remove the last of the malignant tumors in the patient's stomach. But as she went to remove it with the forceps, the stomach lining tore open.

"Dr. Tachibana! The patient is hemorrhaging severely, perform hemostasis immediately!"

She nodded, but just as she was about to stop the bleeding…the patient opened her eyes.

Tomoe called on the anesthesiologist but suddenly she alone in the operating room.

The walls turned to a shade of pale grey and all that was left was the patient, the operating table and Dr. Tachibana.

The patient sat up, grabbed the endoscope and pulled it from within her.

Stomach bleeding, torn from the procedure, left the patient vomiting as she fell from the operating table onto the floor.

Dr. Tachibana felt frozen in the mess. The feeling of helplessness left her only able to stand there and watch her patient bleed out.

Blood pooled around the bottom of her kimono.

Tomoe woke from sleep in a cold sweat, screaming.

Moments later Hanzou was in her bedroom debating weather or not to call an ambulance, or Maria.

"I'm fine, really." She smiled. "Only a night terror, I used to get them all the time when I was a child. "I believe I am still getting over the Rosalia incident and this is my mind's way of healing."

More smiling. She was trying her best to be reassuring.

"But Lady Tomoe, your breathing is faint and you feel quiet feverish…"


"Yes my Lady?"

Tomoe smiled, "Go back to bed."

"If you insist…please call if you need me for any reason my Lady."

As Hanzou was about to leave the room, there was a loud pounding on the front door…


Hanzou reached for his sword.

A visitor at this hour could only mean trouble.

"Lady Tomoe, stay here! I haven't the slighted idea of who would ever come bother you at two in the morning but…"

Hanzou felt a hand on his shoulder.

"No its alright" " I know who this is."

Tomoe carefully unlocked the door and her suspicions were confirmed.

Dr. Cunningham, wearing only boxers. His hair looked even more disheveled than usual and from where Tomoe was standing there appeared to be a piece of hotdog embedded within it.

"Hey baby, ahahaha, have you been drinking tonight, cause I have, WOOOOLALA!"

"Oh no."

"Oh yes. I was just in the neighborhood and figured I would come say hi, I was thinking you could take a look at my endoscope…" he said, grinning wildly, pointing to the front of his boxers, awaiting on Tomoe to get the joke.

"That is not funny Doctor, how dare you come to my home, at this hour."

"Whoa, Whooooooaaaaa, don't get angry, not a good look for you."

Tomoe inhaled sharply. Turning her back on a friend is his "time of need" would not be the path of honor. She should at least get him something non-alcoholic to drink.

"Come in Dr. Cunningham. But only for a moment, and if you fail to behave yourself, well…Hanzou is in the next room."

"Aight, aight, I'll be a good boy" he said, slowing winking at her. "I wouldn't want old Hans to come out and SHANK me hehehehe"

Tomoe showed Gabe to the couch in her living room, and then went to the kitchen to prepare some tea. She could hear Gabe laughing and mumbling to himself while he lay half naked on her couch.

How did it come to this?

"He is out of control…" Tomoe whispered to herself.

The divorce has been hard for him, and his relationship with his son is…well less then perfect. However, Tomoe knew it wasn't her place to say anything regarding his personal life.

Tomoe was pouring the tea when she heard Gabe laugh loudly. Moments after he began to sob. She quickly left her tasks in the kitchen to see what was wrong. Gabe was kneeling on the floor; his hands limp at his sides, tears steaming down his face.

"Doctor Cunningham! What's wrong? Are you in pain?"

No response.

"Doctor Cunningham…Gabriel!"

His eyes stared down into the carpet.

"I was a terrible husband…and an even worse father…my behavior was..."

Gabe collapsed. "Ughhhh, how did it come to this?"

"How can you say that about yourself? You helped save your son's life! And it is never to late to mend your relationship with him. I know you can do it, you're an amazing doctor and a good friend." Tomoe said gently, placing her hand on his shoulder.

Gabe sat up.

"Careful, don't get up to quickly" Tomoe warned.

Without thinking Gabe threw his arms around her. At that moment it was the only thing in the world that made sense to do.

"Oh! Dr. Cunningham…I do not think this is appropriate, could you please…"

"Tomoe" he interrupted her, "I…love you"