As Fiona was drying off after her shower, she found that rough patch of skin on her upper left arm; that scar that would never heal. While it was only a surface imperfection it was what the kidnapping and beating had done to her psyche that was most bothersome to her. Irritating because she couldn't admit that she was having issues over what had happened to her, she had no one to confide in at the moment, no one to discuss with what this had really done to her on a core level. Michael was watching her like a hawk nowadays, waiting for the next threat to come along, the next "big bad" that would try to take or kill her to get to him. Fiona thought that Strickler had taken her for other reasons than to get to Michael but convincing him of that was a completely different story and a battle that Fi knew she wasn't going to win anytime soon.

She finished getting ready she had a meeting with Michael and Sam at Carlitos in 20 minutes. She knew she had to get her "game face" on and pretend that nothing was amiss, that she was just typical blow 'em up Fi. Nothing was or ever would bother her. She knew that that's what was expected of her, that Michael depended on her to be that for him. She didn't have issues with anything that happened to her, she was suppose to pick herself up and start all over again as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. As if a psychopathic, low rent killer hadn't kidnapped her a few months ago. As if he wasn't planning to take her back to Ireland and basically sell her to the highest bidder. No, none of that had happened. Nothing was amiss in sunny Miami or in Michael Westen's world.

As she made her way to Carlitos Fi found herself thinking of Michael's scars, of the ones that had been caused by her when the two of them were in the middle of a disagreement or another. There had been this particularly violent time in Dublin when they couldn't really be together but they couldn't stand being apart either. It was a very "combustible" time between the two of them. They had been fighting on an almost daily basis, physically and verbally, well, to be honest the verbal disagreements usually led to the physical disagreements which turned into a bizarre form of foreplay for the two of them. A habit that recently she and Michael had been striving to break, to make their relationship, if not "normal" exactly at least not one full of violence as foreplay. There was this one in particular; that Fiona had a fascination for, it was on Michael's right side, below his ribcage. It was very faint, but in the right light she could see it, and she could, if nothing else, feel it. It was the remains of a bite mark that Fi had been the cause of.

There were of course other scars that didn't appear on the surface but went deep inside both of them down to their core beings. On the drive to Carlitos she reflected on how much she had revealed to Gabriel about what had happened to her sister, Claire, and how the scars caused by that would never, ever be healed no matter who or what she blew up. Michael had his own set of matching scars that went just as deep, caused by years of traumatic abuse by a violent father. This was why Michael strove to play the good guy, the savior, and why he always fell hard and fast for the underdog. Fi understood this about Michael as he understood her craving for violence. They both processed what had happened to them differently, and yet they managed to somehow meet in the middle and make it work for their client to the best of their abilities. Fiona parked the car and checked the mirror before she got out making sure she had her "game face" firmly in place.