AN: Footballers Wives was one of my favourite programmes of all time and I like many others was gutted when it ended. I was even more gutted because of all the cliff-hangers at the end of the show so I've decided to write my own version of season 6. Each episode is one chapter and there is going to be 8 chapters/episodes so please review and of course enjoy!

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The doors to the hospital burst open as the paramedics ran inside pushing Shannon who was lying on a gurney. She had not woken up yet and Callum was getting worried, he didn't mean to hit the stupid bitch! She was in the way, she shouldn't have gotten involved! He struggled to keep up but one of the paramedics stopped him

"Sir, you're not allowed back here…" he said pushing him back as the other paramedics and a few doctors pushed Shannon around the corner and out of sight

"But…" Callum objected

"Sir, the doctors are doing all they can please sit down and we'll keep you informed of her condition" He said firmly. Callum grudgingly sat down knowing that he had no other choice. He sat there thinking about how if Shannon didn't wake up, her last memories of him would be him cheating on her and then hitting her, what a prick he had been. He shook his head, Shannon would be fine, and she was only hit once. He just couldn't understand why she hadn't woken up yet, something was wrong. Just as he was about to ask the receptionist to speak to a doctor he was distracted by the doors opening from where they had taken Shannon and Tremaine stepping out. Callum suddenly remembered about Liberty

"Alright Tre mate?" Callum asked walking over to him "How is Liberty?"

"The doctors just looking over her now but we already know there is going to be scarring and that means her career is over" He said before walking over to the seats and sitting down. Callum followed and sat down next to him.

"I'm really sorry mate" Callum said

"Its fine, she'll be fine. How's Shannon?"

"I don't know, she didn't wake up after the accident, so we phoned an ambulance. Now the doctors aren't telling me anything" Callum sighed putting his head in his hands "I fucked up, big time"

"Me and you both mate, me and you both" Tre said putting his hand on his shoulder

Meanwhile across town Tanya Turner sat in Gary Ryan's office in a club. She watched as he snorted a line of cocaine and then looked up sniffing and rubbing his nose. He offered her the note he had just used and she was just about to take it when her phone began ringing.

"Just a sec" she told him before standing up and walking out of the office into the main club. It might be noisier in the club but she wasn't going to let him know any more of her private business than he already did.

"Yeah" she answered the phone

"Tanya this is Callum. I need a favour" She sighed, this was all she needed

"I'm a little busy at the moment Callum can't it wait?"

"No" he said sounding dead serious "Shannon's in hospital"

"What? Why? What happened?" Tanya asked paying attention now. Shannon was a dozy and dumb but she was still Tanya's friend

"I got into a fight with some bloke who was trying it on with her and she tried to get involved and accidently got hit instead"

"You dozy pillock" Tanya scolded him

"Yeah, Yeah I'm a bastard. Anyway I need you to go to our place and get some clothes and stuff for Shannon"

"What did your last slave die of?" Tanya scoffed

"Oh come on Tan, I dunno anything about woman stuff, I'd just end up getting the wrong things. You're the only one I can find, Liberty is in here and Lucy's not answering her phone. Please Tan" He whined.

"Wait a minute Liberty's in the hospital as well" Tanya asked

"Yeah she got glassed by someone. I don't know all the details but please Tan I just need some stuff for her for tonight. She's still unconscious and the doctors are conducting all these tests on her. I don't want to leave her"

"She's still unconscious? Jesus Callum how hard did you hit her?"

"It was an accident!" he snapped

"Fine, Whatever, Yeah I'll do it but can't it wait a few hours? I've got some er business to attend too" She asked thinking longingly of the line of coke back in the office

"Not really Tan in fact the sooner the better" he said.

"I'm on my way" she sighed before hanging up the phone. She trudged back to the office and opened the doors. Just popping her head around them she saw Gary relaxing on a sofa "Something's come up" she told him "I have to go"

"Oh what a pity and here I was hoping that I'd be blessed with the pleasure of your company all night" He smiled sarcastically and Tanya almost shuddered, he was a pig. She plastered on her dazzling smile

"No, not tonight darlin' but another night…soon. I'm not just going to forget that you're murdering scum" She said still keeping her dazzling smile and her calm tone of voice

"Are you sure I can't tempt you?" Gary offered gesturing towards the line of coke that was still there. Tanya shook her head

"No, I have to go" she knew that if Gary saw her take the line of coke and then get into a car he would phone the police and get her arrested for drug driving. She walked back out the office without another word to Garry, getting into her car she drove to Shannon's house. Shannon had always been losing or forgetting her keys so she gave spares to Tanya, Lucy and Liberty which had obviously come in handy.

After packing an overnight bag she drove to the hospital, walking through the main entrance she saw Tre and Callum sat together both looking miserable she walked over to them.

"Hi boys" she said. They both nodded silently to her "What's wrong with you two? I mean they're not going to die are they?" she asked and they shook their heads "So what's the problem?"

"We're assholes and the reason why our ladies are in here" Tre said

"Oh Jesus" Tanya rolled her eyes "So? It's them who should be depressed not you! They are the injured ones. If you want to make it up to them then stop being bloody idiots and show them how much you care about them. Help them and support them. Don't mope about because they won't thank you for it.

"Alright thanks Tanya" Callum nodded taking the bag of her

"Well I'm knackered and I need my beauty sleep so I'm going to set off home but I'll come back tomorrow to check on them" she said leaning forwards and kissing them both on the cheek

"Night Tan" Callum nodded while Tre gave a half-wave

Meanwhile over at the Milligan's house, Lucy and Bruno where snuggled up on the sofa together

"I just can't get over seeing our baby like that on the screen" Bruno said kissing Lucy's head. "It makes it all seem more real somehow doesn't it?"

"Hmmm" Lucy mumbled thoughtfully

"Are you ok?" Bruno asked concerned

"I'm fine sweetheart, it's just been a long day that's all" She reassured him "In fact I might go up to bed now"

"Okay well I'll be up soon" Bruno smiled as Lucy got up and then leaned over and kissed him. As she walked towards the door Bruno called her

"Luce, thank you so much for giving me a second chance. I know I've not always been the best husband and I've made mistakes but I'm going to change. I promise" Bruno vowed

"I know babe. I'm glad we're back together too, I don't know what I would have done without you these past few weeks you've been amazing" Lucy smiled trying to hide the guilt she was feeling. She blew him a kiss and walked out of the room and went upstairs.

She walked slowly into their bedroom and sat on the bed breathing heavily, she had made such a stupid mistake sleeping with Tre and now it was coming back to haunt her. She saw the phone and the phonebook next to each other on the bedside cabinet, she got up and walked over and just as she expected she found Tre's mobile number. With shaky hands she dialled it and waited nervously as it began to ring, after four rings he picked up

"Hello" He said gruffly

"erm Tre it's Lucy" she said nervously

"Oh, Hi Lucy is everything ok?" he asked

"Erm well…you see the thing is…" she began stuttering

"Because I'm at the hospital and Liberty has been hurt so I'm er a little bit busy at the moment" he explained

"Oh er well It doesn't matter, it was nothing important" Lucy reassured him shakily "erm tell Liberty I hope she feels better soon bye" she said quickly before hanging up the phone not giving him any chance to reply. Lucy sighed and put the phone back, next to it was a picture of Lucy, Bruno and Angelica all together. Lucy picked it up and lied down on top of the bed looking at it. If this baby wasn't Bruno's this could tear the family apart and it would be no-ones fault but her own.

Meanwhile back at the club a very angry Garry Ryan paced the floors of the office furious with himself for letting her get away. He had her right there ready to snort the "coke" and then all of his problems would have disappeared. He suddenly had a brilliant idea. Maybe all Tanya needed was a little wake-up call. Something that told her that it would be smart to keep her mouth shut. He sat at the desk and dialled a number

"Hi Johnny, yeah long time no speak, listen I have a favour I need to ask you" He grinned as he explained what he wanted him to do.

Meanwhile back at the hospital Callum was getting agitated. Nobody had come to see him yet and it had been almost 4 hours since they had arrived. Liberty and Tre had gone about half an hour ago so he was just left alone now.

"Mr Watson" a doctor was stood right in front of him. Callum sat up

"Yeah, is everything ok? Is Shannon ok?" Callum asked frantically

"I'm afraid not, We have had to put Shannon in a coma" the doctor said sitting next to him

"A COMA!" Callum shouted

"She has a bleed on the brain" the doctor explained patiently

"A bleed on the brain? What does that mean?"

"It's a brain haemorrhage basically. Shannon has traces of cocaine in her system which on its own can cause brain bleeds but we believe that combined with the blow has caused quite a big bleed on her brain"

"Hang on Hang on a minute, Traces of cocaine? You saying my Shannon is a junkie?"

"Mr Watson I know nothing of your partners private life however I am simply saying there were small traces of cocaine in her system. It wasn't a lot but it was there and it helped contribute to the bleed"

"So what are you going to do? You can fix it right?" Callum asked

"Her condition is most unusual Mr Watson, usually we would carry out a simple procedure called Endovascular detachable-coil treatment, also known as coiling where a detachable plantinum coil device is inserted into the blood vessels via a small cut in the skin and passed up into the brain under x-ray guidance to block off the faulty vessel"

"So why can't you do that then?" Callum sighed impatiently

"Because Mr Watson we are unable to use the x-ray. The amount of radiation being omitted in this procedure is simply too dangerous for someone in Shannon's condition" he explained still in his patient doctor voice.

"What do you mean someone in Shannon's condition?" Callum asked confused

"She's pregnant Mr Watson" The doctor said

AN: Bet you weren't expecting that! I know the brain bleed thing is a little wrong but it is fanfiction lol I did think about killing Tanya off but there is no way I could've done that. Tanya Turner made Footballers Wives what it is today. Keep reading cos there is going to be much more surprises coming up Anyway please please please review.