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Chapter 3 – Callum's POV

Callum trudged through the doors of the hospital ignoring the sympathetic looks of the doctors and nurses who he now knew by name. Shannon had been in hospital now for seven months and was no better. She was now eight months pregnant and the doctors planned to keep her in the induced coma for another week to let the baby develop as much as possible before delivering him or her. Callum walked into the room and sat down in his usual spot besides Shannon's bed and held her hand

"Hey Shan, guess what? Jordan's getting divorced again! She split up with that cage fighter Alex Reid last week" He always got all the celebrity magazines and told her all the latest celebrity news. He knew she enjoyed reading them. "I was benched again on Saturday. Gary says he's losing patience with me and if I don't buckle up then he'll kick me out but how can I concentrate on football when you're in here. He just doesn't understand" Callum sighed; he knew he was close to being kicked off the squad. He had missed numerous practices and when he did turn up his eye wasn't on the ball.

Meanwhile over at the Sparks Football Club Training Grounds Gary and Bruno were having yet another argument about Callum.

"He's a liability" Gary said sitting down at his desk and pouring himself a brandy "He needs to be cut"

"He is a good football player" Bruno pointed out

"Yeah, when he can be bothered to bloody turn up!" Gary shouted gesturing outside the players who were training. Callum was not one of them "Look at you. Your wife is at home ready to pop. Nine months pregnant and yet you're here. You're working hard and not whining and complaining like Callum"

"Earls Park kicks player off squad after his pregnant girlfriend gets put in a coma" Bruno said "Doesn't look good does it?"

"Ah I don't care" Gary scoffed "Look at David Beckham world cup 1998 and Cristiano Ronaldo world cup 2006. They always forgive and forget. This country is famous for it. We'd soon have them eating out of our hands"

"What about until then? With all due respect Gary I don't think you're thinking this through properly" Bruno said

"With all due respect Mr Milligan I don't think you know who I am! I OWN THIS FUCKING CLUB!" Gary shouted.

"Fine have it your way but don't come crying to me when the shit hits the fan" Bruno snarled before flouncing out the door, slamming it behind him. Gary rolled his eyes at Bruno's overdramatic exit and poured himself another brandy. Tanya Turner then walked in

"Tanya!" Gary said falsely warm as if he was greeting an old friend "What can I do for you today?"

"Well my little murdering scumbag" Tanya said equally falsely "I had a promise from you months ago that I was going to get some money and so far I've not seen a penny from you"

"Patience my dear is a virtue" Gary laughed

"Well I'll have you know that I'm anything but virtuous and I'll also have you know that I still have many many copies of a little recording of you murdering Roger Webb. We agreed Gary, I want my £2 million by tomorrow or else I'm going to the police" Tanya said

"Tanya, sit down and relax. Have a drink! I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement" Gary smiled

"No! The time for talking is over, I want my money tomorrow." Tanya said walking over to the door opening it and turning back around "and just so you know, I'm not stupid. I've told my lawyers that if anything happens to me then they have to go straight to the police with that tape so don't try to pull a fast one Gary" She smiled at the look of horror on his face "bye sweetheart" She walked out of the door and Gary snarled all pretence of friendliness gone from his face. He threw the glass against the door growling in anger. No-one got one over on him, no-one!

"I'm sorry have I come at a bad time?" Gary turned around to see Lucy Milligan stood at the door; she had one hand on her enormous bump and was looking nervously at him. Gary arranged his face into a friendly smile "Of course not sweetheart come on in" He offered "What can I do for you?"

"Well I was just looking for Bruno" She said meekly clutching her bump "It's only early stages but the baby's coming and he's not answering his phone and this is on the way to the hospital so I was going to get him but..." She babbled on only stopping to cringe, breathing deeply and clutching her stomach.

"Oh well, I don't know where he is but don't worry we'll find him. Sit down for a minute" he offered watching her waddle over to the leather couch "I'll get someone to find him" He headed to the door but was shocked to see the handle had been knocked off. "For fucks sake" he groaned. It must have been knocked off when he threw the glass against it. "Pathetic cheap thing" He grumbled.

Walking over to grab his mobile he dialled Bruno's number trying to ignore Lucy's pants and gasps. Suddenly his phone went dead "you have got to be kidding me" he threw the phone across the room.

"Is there anything else you want to throw at me god?" He shouted at the ceiling.

"ARRRGHH" Lucy screamed. "Oh my god! My waters have broke"

"I was only kidding!" Gary sighed in exaperation. He walked over to Lucy who had slid down from the couch to the floor breathing loudly and screaming every once in a while. "Right love you're going to have to help me a bit here. You've had a baby before right?" she nodded "Well then isn't there any way you can hold it in?"

"OF COURSE NOT YOU STUPID IDIOT!" she panted clutching her bump "OWWWWWWW!"

"Well then what on earth am I supposed to do?" He frowned

"You're going to have to deliver it" She gasped clutching Gary's jacket

"WHAT? no no way!" Gary recoiled in horror

"You're first choice of midwife" She panted "but...we're stuck!" As she was saying this she was pulling her tights and knickers down. Gary looked away

"Is the head crowning yet?" Lucy asked him while trying to lie down

"What does crowning mean?" Gary asked still not looking

"OH FOR GODS SAKES GARY JUST LOOK AND TELL ME IF YOU CAN SEE THE HEAD!" Lucy shouted at him gasping for breath.

He cautiously looked "Erm...ok this is disgusting yes I can see the head" He nodded "Right Lucy come on quicker you do this quicker I don't have too! So come on push!" He ordered

"ARRRGGGH!" She screamed pushing as hard as she could

"Come on your nearly there darling!" He shouting out encouraging her.

"I can't" she said crying "It's too hard!" she sobbed

"You can do this and you're going to for your baby!" He ordered "Now come on, one last push and we're there"

"ARRRRRRRRRGH!" She screamed and pushed hard until Gary said "He's here!" and she stopped exhausted breathing deeply hearing the cries of the baby. Gary was knelt down his back to her so she couldn't see the baby.

"Oh my god!" Gary gasped

"Oh no! What?" an exhausted Lucy mumbled "Is it black? Is the baby Tre's?" Lucy panicked. All her worst fears had come true.

"What?" Gary gasped "I was going to say he's amazing! You have a little beautiful baby boy Lucy and he's white" He passed the baby who had been wrapped up in Gary's jacket to Lucy who was sobbing softly. This was everything she had hoped for! The baby was Brunos! With blonde hair he definitely wasn't Tre's.

"You slept with Tremaine?" asked Gary with a raised eyebrow. Lucy was about to deny everything when the door burst open and their stood Bruno

"Oh my god!" He stood in shock looking at the scene before him. Gary noted it must have been weird. His sobbing wife with no pants or knickers on holding a crying newborn baby and his boss standing there having just delivered it.

"This isn't over" whispered Gary to Lucy

"It's my baby" Bruno gasped

"Congratulations! A little boy" Gary smiled "I'll go and phone an ambulance now that we can actually get out of the office!" He joked patting Bruno on the back as he walked past him.

"My boy" Bruno grinned looking at his wife and son in awe and despite his best efforts not to he began to cry. He sat down next to Lucy "I love you so much Lucy, Thank you" He sobbed kissing his son and wrapping an arm around his wife. Bruno Milligan could never be happier.

Tremaine POV -

"Right that is it!" Tre announced "It's been seven months Liberty and you still won't leave the house!" He sighed "If you don't leave by your own free will I'm going to have to make you" He was saddened to have to resort to this but there was no other option. Liberty had tried going out a few times in the past few months but had never made it further than the garden. It broke his heart that the woman he loved had changed into this empty shell.

"How are you going to do that?" she mumbled. He stopped in his tracks, How was he going to do that? He had tried nearly everything, begging, pleading even blackmail but it was all to no avail. He suddenly came up with a genius plan.

"I'm not going to feed you" He announced grinning at his plan.

"What?" She frowned confused

"I am going to see to it that no food comes into this house. I will get us blacklisted from every takeaway within a 10 mile radius so you won't be able to get any deliveries" He knew it was harsh but maybe this is what she needed.

"You can't do that!" she gasped horrified.

"It's for your own good sweetheart!" He smiled kissing her cheek "I want you to get better"

Calvin POV -

"Right c'mon guys let's pick up the pace!" Fernando ordered as the Earls Park footballers all ran around the field doing exercises

"Who put him in charge?" Calvin grumbled

"Bruno did" Tremaine turned to him "Apparently some sort of emergency with Lucy" He continued running. No Calvin, wasn't accepting that. He wasn't taking orders from this guy. He turned around and began walking away from the team.

"Hey!" Fernando shouted after him. He ignored him and carried on walking. He ran up to Calvin and pulled him back.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Calvin burst out shouting at him, pushing him away.

"You need to get back to the pitch" He ordered

"And you need to back the fuck off!" He snarled "Or even better go back to your own country scum!" Calvin snarled at him

"What did you say to me?" He stepped up to me so both men were both squaring up to each other nose to nose.

"Okay boys come on now! Cool it!" Tremaine said stepping between them.

"Do you want to settle this now? Or are you scared?" He challenged Fernando.

"I don't fight girls" He sneered. Calvin lunged at him and Tre dragged Calvin away.

"That's enough! Calm down!" He ordered "Go home, calm down, chill out and don't come back until you can act properly" He stood in front of Calvin, His face showed me he wasn't messing

"You're taking his side!" He accused him furious at his betrayal

"He's not the one causing fights!" He retorted "Go home Calvin!" He said before walking back to the pitch. Fuming Calvin stormed into the changing rooms and got changed. How dare he act like he was in charge? He wasn't even the skipper! He was still angry as he walked into the car park and noticed Libby standing at his car waiting for him, god she annoyed him. He just hoped he wouldn't have to put up with her antics, not today.

"Hi babe!" She greeted him eagerly wrapping her arms around him and kissing him passionately. "I've missed you" He just grunted pushing her away and getting in the car. He set off driving while Libby began talking about her most recent shopping trip. Spending his money - again. He silently fumed, his finger clutching the steering wheel so hard his knuckles went white. He suddenly stopped the car

"Get out!" He said breathing deeply.

"What?" A unsuspecting Libby said "Cal, we're in the middle of nowhere!"

"GET OUT!" He shouted

"No!" Libby retorted, she was sick and tired of putting up with his mood swings which seemed to be getting worse since they moved here. Calvin got out of the car and walked over to Libby's side.

"I'm going to give you one more chance" He warned. A furious Libby ignored him

"Right" He said putting his fist through the car window were Libby sat. Glass shattered all over her. He lunged through the window and dragged a now sobbing Libby out by her hair.

"CAL!" She screamed. Once he got her out he pushed her on the ground and got back into his car leaving her crying on the floor.

Fernando POV -

Fernando fumed as he drove down the road after practise. He was furious with Calvin. Who did he think he was? Fernando never wanted to cause any trouble or make any enemies when he came to Earls Park but it seemed he already had a built in one in the form of Calvin Colburn. He did not know what that guys problem was! He slowed down as he came to a woman walking down the road alone. She looked dishevelled and it was clear she had been crying. He noticed her as Calvin's girlfriend. He considered driving off and leaving her but she seemed genuinely upset so he slowed down.

"Excuse me Miss are you ok" He asked her concerned, She nodded slowly wiping the tears from her eyes

"I'm fine" she tried to smile. He sighed why did it have to be Calvin Colburn's girlfriend of all people? His mother and father had teased him for being such a do-gooder and here he was except this time by doing good he was also playing with fire.

"You don't have to tell me what happened, just let me give you a lift, Please" He asked her, smiling up at her trying to seem friendly.

"Well, I have no other way to get home so I guess I have no choice" She smiled back at him grateful he had come to her rescue

"I'm Fernando" He held out his hand

"I'm Libby" She smiled taking his hand and shaking it, both of them sat there staring into each others eyes and for just a few seconds their own lives and problems and issues were forgetten, It was just them two in that car, together

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