A/N: This is set just before the third movie. This movie made both my mum and me cry because we will be going through all this at the end of summer. I will be going off to college and after seeing Toy Story 3 I don't want to get rid of any of my toys. Anyway enjoy.

Chapter One

Wendy sat patiently in the car as she waited at a red light. She had just gotten back from her trip to Japan, visiting a toy museum, and she had to stop by. She baby sat for a little girl who she knew would appreciate a toy she got her. She pulled up to their house and walked up to the door and knocked.

She waited and made sure the toy was completely hidden behind her back when she heard the door open.

"Wendy, so good to see you. Come in. Oh Bonnie!" she exclaimed holding the door open as Wendy walked in. Bonnie came out from the hallway, with a cape tied around her neck, and squealed when she saw Wendy.

"WENDY!" she exclaimed and hugged her. Wendy squatted and accepted the hug with open arms, knowing the force of it would knock her back.

"Hey kid, I got you something," Wendy said. Bonnie looked up and held her hands out excitedly.

"Calm down you," said her mum as she watched her daughter greedily wait for her gift.

"No, she should be excited for her very own," said Wendy, she pulled out the plushie and Bonnie squealed again, "Totoro doll!" Bonnie latched on immediately and began to hug the doll.

"You spoil her," yelled Bonnie's dad from in the kitchen.

"Well whenever she came over she would always steal my Totoro plush so I figured I might as well get her one," said Wendy standing up.

"Well thank you, what do you say Bonnie?" asked her mum.

"Thank you, Wendy," Bonnie said before running off to go play in her room.

"Well I should get home. Lots of unpacking to do and all that… and homework. See you later," said Wendy waving and getting back into her car.

She drove home and noticed that the lights in her house were off. Her parents were supposed to get home before her. She walked up to the door and saw a note on it.

" 'Next door' Fun," said Wendy as she locked her car and walked to the neighbours. They all had been friends since their neighbours first moved in. They were the Davis' and it was a mum and two children: Andy and Molly. Wendy went to school with Andy and they would be graduating high school in a few months and going to the same college.

Wendy had practically grown up with Andy in that house she didn't need to knock or ring the doorbell anymore. She walked into the house and smelled pasta cooking.

"Hello?" she yelled into the house.

"In here!" she heard her mum yell. Wendy walked in and saw her parents in the kitchen talking with Ms. Davis.

"Hey Wendy how was Japan?" asked Ms. Davis hugging her.

"Fun, yet happy to get away from all that sushi," she said. They all chuckled and Ms. Davis went back to cooking.

"Andy should be upstairs in his room if you want to go bug him," she said.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer," said Wendy before going upstairs and barging into Andy's room. He was on his computer and when the door opened he quickly shut the computer.

"Molly I told you not to-" he started then turned around and looked at Wendy in his doorway.

"Is that a way to greet your best friend?" she asked putting her hands on her waist.

"Sorry. Welcome back," he said and got up and hugged her.

"Now what was it you were doing that you didn't want Molly to see?" she asked walking around him and opening up the laptop.

"Please don't!" he yelled trying to grab the laptop but Wendy quickly read the contents of the word document. It was their English project, they were assigned to write a sonnet.

"Well, who knew you could write like that, Shakespeare," she said smirking and standing up.

"Shut up," he said closing his laptop again and sitting in his desk chair. Wendy sighed then flopped down onto his bed.

"Oh I just want to go to sleep after that flight," she said snuggling into Andy's pillow.

"You still have to get through dinner," he said taking a hackie sack and throwing it into the air and catching it.

"I also got you a few things in Japan, but I didn't bring them in with me," she said closing her eyes.

"Well I can get them from you tomorrow," he said throwing the ball again only this time it was out and it landed on Wendy.

"Ow, hey," she said taking it and throwing it back at him.

"Ow, sorry it was an accident," Andy said throwing it back at her. They began to just throw the ball at each other and Wendy used Andy's pillow to block.

"Hey Love Birds, dinner's ready," said Molly with a bored expression on her face. Wendy put the pillow down and Andy threw his hackie sack onto the desk and they walked to the kitchen. They had gotten use to Molly's nick name for them. She had it for them since she had been old enough to talk.

They all sat down at the table and enjoyed each other's conversations. Wendy was telling Andy and Molly about Japan and the parents were discussing the food and how annoying airports can be. Soon dinner finished and Wendy went home with her parents to get the well needed sleep she had been wanting.

"Please!" begged Molly as Andy and Wendy sat in Andy's room playing video games.

"Is this what you did all spring break? Chauffer your sister to the mall?" asked Wendy putting the game on pause.

"Pretty much," he replied and turned to face his sister, "and I'm tired of it."

"Oh come on you could use some new clothes so a stop at the mall couldn't hurt," she said looking at the fade shirt Andy was wearing.

"I planned to spend the rest of my vacation with Wendy," he said trying to get out of it.

"Take her with us then. You two can go on a little date while I hang out with my friends," she said.

"Let's go Andy, you could use some new clothes," she said bumping him with her shoulder.

"Fine," he groaned. Molly cheered and ran into her room. Wendy turned the gaming system off and left with Andy to the car as he grabbed his keys off his desk.

The three soon arrived at the mall and Molly took off to her friends who were waiting for her at the entrance. Andy shook his head and walked off with Wendy.

Their first stop was some random clothing store that had 'SALE' in the window. Wendy picked out a few shirts for Andy and some new jeans and had him try them on. They got them then headed to the book store and found some joke books and read them to each other.

Two hours had gone by and Molly still hadn't called Andy. They headed over to the food court and got smoothies and sat down at an empty table.

"Are you sure I should have gotten those dark jeans?" he asked looking through his bag.

"Yes, they made your ass look particularly nice," said Wendy then laughing at Andy as he raised his eyebrows at her.

"So that was why you were so insistent that I got them," he said smirking.

"Well you needed new jeans and you got a bonus, a nice ass in them," she said taking a sip of her mango smoothie.

"Right, let me have some," he said. They switched smoothies so Wendy now had Andy's raspberry smoothie.

"Mmm your smoothie is good," she said taking her won back.

"That's why I always get it," he replied.

"Oh, I just remembered," said Wendy. She dug into her purse and pulled out a small bag that was taped down at the top, "from Japan." Andy opened it and took out the contents. There were three different pens and a pencil.

"Thanks," he said.

"The Japanese have really cool pens and pencils. That pen there it rubs away with the other end," she explained.

"Oh that's cool, thanks, I could have used these at the beginning of high school but it works," he said putting them back in the small bag and then back into his clothing bag.

"Can we just ditch your sister?" she asked after awhile.

"No, my mum will come down on me like crazy," he said. His phone then vibrated on the table and he picked it up. "Speak of the devil, hey Molly," he said answering the phone. "Okay we're in the food court by McDonald's…see you in a few minutes."

"Finally! One can only stand so much of the mall," said Wendy finishing off her smoothie. Andy nodded and took their empty cups and threw them away. He sat back down and they waited in silence for Molly to appear. Once she did they headed back to the car and drove home.