Toys Epilogue

Living with Bonnie had been the best thing ever since they last had been played with by Andy. Bonnie loved her toys and took good care of them even when she played with them, which usually involved food. Each of Andy's old toys fell into place and found their own spots in Bonnie's heart.

Buzz was there to help fix Bonnie's spaceship needed to escape the evil witch, Dolly, but there was one problem. He was always interrupted by his 'Spanish mode'. Jessie knew about it, and loved making it come out.

As the weather turned cold, the toys knew Christmas was fast approaching and were worried about what new toys were to come.

"Too bad we don't have Sarg. here to help, he's at Sunnyside," said Slinky as Woody was trying to think of a way to see what new toys she got.

"Why don't we just wait till they show up?" asked Trixie.

"Yeah, I mean, there is nothing we can do about it," said Buttercup confused as to why Woody was so worried.

"Yea, Bonnie took you in," said the first pea.

"And still kept us," said the second.

"And now she plays with us all," said the third.

"But look at how many toys she has, there must be a limit!" exclaimed Woody as he spread his hands out to everyone gather around. The other toys looked around except for Mr Pricklepants.

"Bonnie would never stop playing with us as long as we play along," he said dramatically, since that is the only way Mr Pricklepants know how to say anything.

"We'll just have to wait and see," said Mr Potatohead.

It was Christmas day and there was rumour going around through the toys that Andy and Wendy were coming over for a Christmas party. Everyone was excited, but still unsure if it was true. But when they saw Andy and Wendy get out of the car in front, all the doubts went away and each toy got excited.

"They have a gift, and it is probably for Bonnie," said Hamm.

"Look how big Andy's has gotten," said Woody.

"Woody, it's been three and half months, he looks the same," said Buzz.

"Well he looks more mature," said Woody in defence before jumping off the windowsill and joining the other toys on the ground.

All the toys waited eagerly for Bonnie to come rushing through the bedroom door with her gift and it was two hours before that very thing happened, along with Andy and Wendy behind.

"Go on and open it already," instructed Wendy as they sat on Bonnie's bed.

"Yes," jumped Bonnie and she tore the wrapping paper off and opened the cardboard box and there inside was something Andy recognized.

"Where did you find this?" he asked as Bonnie pulled it out and looked it over.

"Garage sale. Bonnie look under the foot," said Wendy. Bonnie flipped it over and there was 'Molly' written on it. Molly had written it there once she realized Andy liked to take it from her bedside lamp and use it as his damsel in distress.

"Is this your sister?" asked Bonnie looking up at Andy.

"It is, this use to be hers, and sort of mine, and now it is yours," said Andy.

"Dessert!" yelled Bonnie's mum and Bonnie took Andy and Wendy's hand and dragged them out.

"Hey Woody," said Buzz.

"What?" asked Woody about to turn around and face the new toy when a large hook grabbed him around the neck and pulled him towards the new toy.

"Hey Cowboy," she said smiling. Woody got that love sick face and smiled.

"Hey Bo," he said happily.

"Aw," said Jessie leaning on Buzz's shoulder.

"Young love," said Mrs Potatohead leaning towards her husband who just nudged away.

"We're not young," said Mr Potatoead who ended up getting his with his wife's purse.

"Miss me?" asked Bo.

"Like infinity and beyond," said Woody.


A/n: okay now it is the official end. I had to make an ending for the toys since they were in the story. And I am writing to you from on my new couch in my dorm, and yes all my toys are sitting on my bed right now. Thank you everyone who read and no there will not be a sequel, if you want to read more, just read it again…and review.

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