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Chapter 1

The village was dark, an ominous red tinge to the sky above. Hiccup stood in the center of Berk, looking out over the ocean. There was a dark feeling in the air, like something bad was going to happen. He didn't like it, not in the slightest.

Suddenly, an explosion came from behind him, knocking him forward and onto his stomach and sending debris flying everywhere. He covered his head to protect himself from the falling wood and stones from nearby buildings, screaming in fear all the while. People were running, screaming like madmen away from the cause of the explosion. A dragon flew into the sky, its great wings spread out as far as they could go. The dragon's body cast an ominous shadow against the ground just before Hiccup.

Hiccup stood to run, trying to follow the crowd as best he could with his prosthetic leg. It was hard, and he found it difficult to keep up.

A voice called his name and he looked up. Astrid flew above him on the back of her dragon, reaching down toward him frantically. She wanted to help him, he could tell. She wanted to get him out of there.

Another explosion sent him reeling, and the dragon was knocked from the sky, Astrid hitting the ground hard and rolling. Hiccup called out to her and ran to her, hoping and praying to the gods that she was okay. As he got to her and took her up into his arms, she hugged him tightly, refusing to let go.

"I love you, Hiccup. I'll always love you."

The words seemed to echo around inside his head as she said them. There was something terrifying about those words. He knew she meant them. Way down deep inside, he knew. But why was she telling him this now, when they were under attack? When they were supposed to be running away?

He helped her to her feet and they began to run away from the fire, which was ripping its way through the village at an ever-growing pace. It was beginning to feel like they'd never get away. They had to get away, though, or they would die.

A scream broke right into Hiccup's thoughts, sending chills down to his very soul. He turned to see who it was, but a sudden flash of a metal blade and Astrid's body suddenly falling limp into his side kept him from seeing what was happening. He caught the blonde Viking with a grunt, suddenly crying out when he saw the blood that stained her tunic. Her blue eyes were wide with fear and pain as she looked at Hiccup, clutching at her stomach.

"Hiccup, I—"

She suddenly found herself unable to talk, the wound to her person too severe to even allow her the ability to catch a good breath. Hiccup could hear himself pleading with the gods and anyone else that would listen for this not to be true. It couldn't be true.

Astrid couldn't be dying.

The blonde girl reached up to slowly, tentatively, touch her bloodied fingers to Hiccup's face as Hiccup enclosed his own hand around her wound. He was holding her tightly, tears forming in his eyes and running down his cheeks as her eyes slowly lost their light.

They slowly lost their life.

She exhaled deeply and went limp, her hand falling from his face and leaving a small trail of blood where she had touched him. His own hand was covered in the blood from her wound, which he was trying his best to quell. It hadn't worked.

"You did this!" a voice echoed in his head. It wasn't Astrid's voice, but it was there, "You caused this!"

He had caused this.

And now he couldn't stop it.

The nudging from Toothless was what awoke the Viking from the dream. He sat up quickly, panting heavily and sweating hard. It took him a while to find the lamp next to his bed and light it, and as the flame glowed and reached the farthest corners of his room, he found himself looking at his hand as if expecting to see it still drenched with Astrid's blood.

Luckily, there was nothing there.

Hiccup heaved a great sigh and rubbed his face, only now realizing that he had been crying in his sleep. It was those tears that caused Toothless to nudge his human awake. He was worried about the fact that Hiccup was crying and he didn't know why. Hiccup quickly wiped the remnants of the tears from his face and looked at Toothless, who had his massive head resting on the side of the bed, eyes wide with curiosity and concern.

"I'm okay, buddy," Hiccup said as he reached out to pat Toothless's nose, "It was just a bad dream."

A bad dream he hoped he would never have, ever again.

It had been two months since that last battle with the huge dragon, which had resulted in a final, albeit a bit tentative, alliance between the dragons and Vikings. Two months since Hiccup had lost his leg in that battle and had been forced to use a prosthetic just to get across the room. Two months since he had first kissed Astrid. Or since she had kissed him. Whatever.

Ever since that first kiss when he emerged from his room to the general welcoming cheers of the villagers, Hiccup and Astrid had been in an all around awkward relationship. They shared a few short kisses now and then, maybe a look, a gentle caress. But neither one of them really knew how to proceed forward with the relationship.

All Hiccup really knew for sure was that he did love her. A lot.

So to see her die like that, so brutally and without question – even if it was just a dream – had shocked him in a horrible way.

And to know that it had somehow been his fault didn't help the situation.

Toothless nuzzled his nose against Hiccup's knee with a small growl. He was tired and wanted to be petted, but he also wanted sleep and the lamp wasn't helping matters. Hiccup chuckled and scratched his dragon's head with a smile. Even without trying to, Toothless had a way of comforting Hiccup. It was nice really, to have a friend who knew exactly when he was needed and just how to help. He had a feeling that it wouldn't matter how close he got to anyone, Toothless would always be the only being in the world capable of knowing all of that.

"All right, buddy," Hiccup said, leaning over to put the flame out, "let's get some sleep." He pulled nuzzled back down into his covers and patted Toothless's snout one last time before rolling over and closing his eyes to sleep. Toothless huffed, which sounded almost relieved at being able to go back to bed, and curled up in his spot by the fireplace, hiding his face behind his tail as he so often liked to do.

But while Toothless seemed to fall asleep quickly, Hiccup found himself staring at the far wall of his bedroom with wide eyes. He was afraid to close his eyes and see Astrid dying all over again. It was a vision he just couldn't handle for a second time. He could barely handle it once.

Her wide eyes, so full of fear, her face contorted in pain…

The gods were evil creatures, to send him a dream like that.

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